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Why START an online casino website using our turnkey casino software

Reason No.1 It's easy to maintain (you don't have to pay rent or construct your casino, or pay dealers and chip exchangers because the casino software does everything that a casino employee could do).

Reason No.2 The casino software can deal with a larger amount of customers. In real casinos, if all your tables are occupied, then people will have to wait for their turn. By using our casino software you can allow every visitor to play their chance at your casino.

Reason No.3 People prefer playing casino games on a website rather than going to a real casino. Most of them visit online casinos after they come home from work and are too tired to go to a real casino, so they try online casinos for entertainment. Some people don't like to be seen in real casinos, so they prefer to wager from home and stay away instead of going in a public casino.

We can give you thousands of arguments why an online casino is better than a real casino.

Cart Why buy CasinoWebScripts casino software and casino games

Reason No.1 We ask no royalties, no extra fees and no hidden costs. We don't ask for any monthly shares from your winnings. You get to keep 100% of your profit! Other casino software providers ask for shares between 5% and 20%. We ask 0%!

Reason No.2 We have the tools to modify and recalculate the RTP (Return to Player value, also known as game payout) of a game that uses a paytable (video poker, slots, racing games). This is done by adjusting the paytable values and reel distributions (for the slot games only) and then we can recalculate and certify the maths of the game once again with the help of our testing labs company, iTechLabs, in order to ensure maximum precision and credibility from the players.

Reason No.3 We have the lowest prices on the market. Our competitors ask monthly shares with a minimum of 5 000 EUR for less than 60 games. In 1 year you get to pay them over 60 000 EUR, and you will own nothing after the contract ends. With CasinoWebScripts, each product that you buy from us can be used for the next 100 years, without having to pay any extra costs and lifetime support is included with all our products. You will also host the games and software files independently on your server, meaning that nobody can view or interfere with your transactions data.
Cheap doesn't mean low quality. It just means that we like to be fair and we prefer to collaborate with multiple customers with medium budget that are interested in a turnkey casino solution. Click here to read more about CasinoWebScripts games vs other games.

Reason No.4 Our casino software and casino games are turnkey gambling solutions. This means that our products have been already verified and bug-tested, before being made available for sale.
Every piece of code is secured against every existing web threat. Our software uses a common web language (PHP and MYSQL) , so you won't need any sophisticated server to run our software.
Being a turnkey solution it also means that we can ensure 24 hour delivery, after we receive the payment.

Reason No.5 The products that we sell have been tested and certified by iTech Labs to ensure total fairness for all the players and that the product which we sell to you is a high quality one.

Reason No.6 We offer custom development. We can develop any games you might be interested in. We can implement any design into your casino and we can even redesign any casino game so that your casino will have unique content and games. We are a flexible team of casino software providers and our goal is to help our clients as much as possible to reach their goals.

Reason No.7 Our casino software and casino games are fully compatible with any worldwide currency (real money currency, crypto-currency or in-game currency) and are delivered in less than 24 hours.
This means that you can start a Bitcoin casino at any moment using our turnkey gambling solution, without the requirement of a gambling license. Our bitcoin casino script comes with lifetime support and you can upgrade to a real money casino in the future by paying only for the payment method integration (300 EUR), if you obtain a gambling license.

Reason No.8 We offer both INSTANT PLAY (NO download - using browser FLASH) and DOWNLOADABLE DESKTOP CLIENT casino software solutions. (DESKTOP CLIENT SOLUTIONS can be purchased as an add-on ).

Reason No.9 Our casino software is 100% customizable. This means that after you buy it, you can edit the layout, design, fonts, develop new features, and make changes without our intervention.

Reason No.10 Our online casino software developers are creating challenging and high quality games every month.
Over 140 games to choose from so far! We plan to have in our collection around 200 games by the summer of 2016!

Downloadable Downloadable client vs. Instant play (our software)

Reason No.1 Back when flash wasn't as half as evolved as now, the only way to get high quality graphics and animations was using desktop software. Games were developed using thousands of lines of code written in C/C++, and players required to go through many steps in order to install the casino software on their PC to be able to play.
Now thanks to Adobe Flash technology and popularity, we can create top quality games that can be played directly on your website, without the users having to download anything. Many people avoid downloading unknown programs from the internet, and most online casinos offer their games only as downloadable package.

Reason No.2 Some people say that flash is not secure. The logic and result output of our games is calculated inside the web server, a technique which is 100% secure, even more secure than downloadable clients. We use flash only for interactivity, animations and graphics. Everything else is carefully calculated on the server and the content is securely delivered to the flash application, using our turnkey software.

Reason No.3 Most online users are afraid of downloading additional files in order to play at the casino (like the downloadable client) so this is why instant play would be better.

Reason No.4 Because flash is available on all Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac ), the games from your casino will be able to be played on any computer. Currently most of the online casinos require a client to be downloaded to PC, which is compatible only with Windows, this way reducing the diversity of users. With our casino software, players can enjoy the games at your casino no matter what operating system they use! By the end of 2014, we plan to release mobile versions for our software and games!


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