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Agent-Based Model Casino

Agent-Based Model Casino Software

Starting an online casino in a location where people have difficulties with making online transactions, can prove to be challenging. This is just one of the reasons why operators have found a solution that is currently popular in emerging markets such as countries situated in Asia, Africa or Latin America, called agent-based model casino.

Agent based model casino software

What is an agent-based model casino?

An agent-based model casino is a gambling establishment (an online gaming site) where the casino business owner and his agents manage player deposits in cash. This way, players do not make any online transactions, but instead they pay the agent/cashier which grants them virtual credits at the gaming site.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this system is for the business owner to work with agents from several gaming locations. For example, a business owner can name an agent per city, and players can contact that agent and pay for casino credits. Players can access the games online, from any location with an internet connection and from home. In order to redeem cash or buy more credits, they can contact the agent at any time. The agents usually buy a certain amount of credits from the business owner and receive a certain percentage of winnings. Several access levels can be created this way, with a hierarchy of agents, subagents, etc.

Another way to start an agent-based model casino is to open an internet café, where customers will purchase credits that they can use at the computers provided by the business owner in that location. This way, customers who do not enjoy playing casino games from home will get the opportunity to play gambling games in a location where they can socialize with other players.  

Another common agent-based model casinos implies that the casino business owner opens a gambling establishment where players can purchase credits from a cashier to play casino games. When players want to cash out, they go to the cashier and receive money for the remaining points. This way, the cashier, which is an employee rather than an agent, will not receive a percentage of the winnings.

Why use this system?

  • It is ideal if you have players who do not own credit cards and can only make cash transactions;
  • It is ideal if you have players who do not have bank accounts;
  • Transactions are more discreet, since no credits cards or bank accounts are involved. The players’ gaming activities will be untraceable and will not appear on bank statements;
  • It is ideal for locations where there are no payment providers that can ensure secure online transactions, which means that relying on cash is one of the main options for those countries’ residents;
  • It is ideal for players who prefer to play gambling games in a location such as an internet café where they can socialize with other people;

No monthly fees to our company

Operators who want to start an agent-based casino can purchase our software with an integrated solution created especially for this business model.  

We do not ask for any monthly fees from your casino revenue. Once you start your agent-based model casino, you will have full access to the products that you purchased from us and you will keep your revenue without having to pay a percentage of your winnings to our company.

We offer a wide variety of games, suitable for players from all around the world, with different themes and skill levels, targeted to the specific local audience.

The price and features of our software can be viewed here.

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