5 Online Casino Customer Retention Strategies

25 January 2023

casino crmAn effective online casino marketing strategy is essential for anyone who wants to run a successful gambling business. Casinos have bounced back since the pandemic, and experts are estimating that the market will reach a whopping $674 billion by 2025.

Gaming technology is constantly evolving – virtual reality, meta casinos, live dealer games, an abundance of features. Resources are endless nowadays, and casino players are always looking for the next best thing.

When you decide to start an online casino business, you need to bring together various resources, business skills, and the passion for online gaming. Any expert in the online casino industry knows that a casino with a fantastic design and stunning games won’t produce the right results if it's not sustained by a solid player retention strategy.

If you’re not sure where to begin creating your customer retention strategy, here are some of our top tips:

customer retention#1 - Know and Understand Your Customer

Providing tailor-made experiences to engage players in accessing your website is an essential part of a good online casino marketing strategy. There is an entire list of aspects that you need to consider, including:

  • Player’s habits
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Level of education
  • Income
  • Amount of money they deposit
  • Amount of money they lose
  • Devices they use
  • Time spent on your website

A top-quality online casino software platform should do most of this work for you. The casino platform created by CasinoWebScripts provides detailed information about players and their habits, with reports that make it easy to check the activity, preferences, location and demands of online casino players.

Putting this information together helps with providing custom experiences that will boost players’ interest to continue playing your games.

#2 – Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Despite the popularity of social media, email marketing remains one of the best tools to increase client loyalty and retention. A whopping 99% of consumers who have email accounts check their email daily.

It’s easy to manage and you can customize emails through segmentation. Highly customized campaigns will provide better results.

Through email marketing statistics, you can easily which see players opened, read or unsubscribed from your emails. Using this information, you can improve your casino marketing content and see what works best for your players, individually or in groups of contacts.

Offering incentives to players via email is an important point that you should consider to create a good marketing strategy.

As an example, think about emailing a customer who played for a certain period and then left your casino mid-game session. An email with a “Still here? Come-back to our website and receive 10$ in credits” is usually one of the best ways to keep your customers coming back.

#3 – Provide Excellent Customer Service

Handling customer communication successfully results in higher customer satisfaction.

To increase customer lifetime value, casino operators take into consideration the following attributes of an excellent customer service:

  • Prompt and friendly representative responses
  • 24/7 service
  • Personalized treatment for each customer

To identify all points that need to be checked for good interaction with your customers, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • How often do players contact you?
  • Which channels do they choose to reach you?
  • Which are their main requests?
  • How soon after accessing your website for the first time do they contact you?

Analyzing the main issues that arise while communicating with customers helps with creating a better experience for them, improving your products and services and establishing a good client-company relationship.

The team that is in charge of providing customer service should have the necessary skills to individually solve any customers’ complaints or requests while being great listeners, negotiators and problem-solvers. No one likes to be passed from one representative to another.

Establishing an omnichannel is also an important part of casino customer service strategy. It usually includes the following channels:

  • Live chat
  • Phone support
  • Email

All the data from the customer service interactions should be centralized. Like so, the team can easily access each players’ requests if the previous member who interacted with a specific player is out of office.

Remember to always collect feedback from customers regarding customer service and implement changes based on it.

#4 – Constant Bonuses and Promotions

Players who have been loyal to your online casino are delighted to receive incentives. A reward system which includes loyalty programs, personalized offers, special bonuses and other promotions helps with creating a customer database that is here to stay.

As an online casino operator, you can use the functionalities of your online casino software to independently manage bonuses and add them to your online casino.

A multi-level reward system, with a variety of bonuses and promotions for active players, makes your customers feel valued and appreciated. Creating a solid relationship between the player and the casinos is a key step towards having a successful online gaming business.

A loyalty program can be implemented for each player as soon as they create an account, but the bonuses and promotions get bigger and more valuable depending on the amount of time/the amount of money they deposit.

At a certain point, the most active players can get VIP benefits such as personal gifts, cash bonuses, access to invitation-only tournaments, and many more.

Users who decided to stop visiting your casino can be brought back with reload bonuses, invitations to special events or new game releases. The main idea is to ensure that players feel like they will be in a good mood while playing at your casino, so make sure you cater to their specific needs.

#5 – Build a Solid Social Media Strategy

social media casino Social media presence can make or break your online casino business. In a world where people are using their smartphones nearly five hours a day on average, getting noticed on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok is essential.

You can easily advertise your casino business on these platforms. Posting promotions and offering exclusive incentives to players via social media is a great way to keep them coming back.

On social media platforms, advertising can be done depending on certain criteria: demographics, gender, personal preferences and more. Using this data, you can take advantage of advertising to target customers based on their personal needs.

Let’s say we take the “age” criteria into consideration. Studies have shown that online gambling is the most popular with millennials (born from 1981 to 1996), who grew up with video games and are seasoned enough to use any desktop/mobile device.

More than that, it has been revealed by a study at the University of Lethbridge that 70% of active users are aged between eighteen and thirty-nine. On the other hand, Gen X (1965 to 1980), prefers to gamble at land-based casinos. Using this info, you can create targeted ads on social media platforms and offer the right kind of content to customers.

Social media posts should always be catchy and useful to players. The best posts are about contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, and bonuses. Users respond to something they can actually use or be entertained by. A new game, a new event, the chance to win a huge jackpot, will encourage players to come back to your online casino.


The strategies that we discussed in this article are the essential steps towards maintaining a good relationship with your customers. In the era of consumerism, it’s easy for players to jump from one casino to another.

To keep your customers happy, make sure you offer each and one of them incentives tailored to their needs and wants, you are always present and active on social media, and you constantly improve their gameplay experience. More than that, take advantage of software that provides behavioral analysis and understand how important it is to unify data and design a top-quality experience for casino users.

25 January 2023

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