Casino Marketing Guide

23 April 2013

One of the most important break-points in a successful business is having a well-organized marketing campaign. How much profit a casino can make and how soon it will reach its highest potential depends on the number of players it will be able to attract. A series of successful marketing strategies are required to become popular and get visitors to make a deposit and play.
CasinoWebScripts specializes only in developing products for online casinos. We do not offer marketing services, neither casino licensing.
Please find below a list with the most effective casino marketing strategies which you should use with your casino.

1. Player loyalty programs

Casino VIP Loyalty ProgramNew players are important, but also making current players stay at your casino and deposit more money is crucial. Players that come back are players that enjoy the games from your website, and will surely help expand the popularity of your casino.
Everybody likes to be rewarded for being loyal. Repaying players that come back to your casino should be one of the first marketing methods you should put in practice. Such program should include sending email newsletters monthly with bonus coupons or even with free prepaid coupons. The VIP program that our casino management software has, should always be enabled so that players that wager a lot of money will be rewarded with VP (Vip Points) which can later be converted to money.

2. PPC (BidVertiser, Yandex)

Google AdWords Casino MarketingEverybody must have heard about PPC(Pay Per Click). If not, then you should know that it is the most popular marketing program with a very good ROI (Return Of Investment).
How does this work?
You create an account with BidVertiser, Yandex or any other website that offers PPC, then you create an advertisement with a title and 2 more lines describing the contents of your website, like a promotional offer and the number of games, and then you decide the budget for displaying the ad. This is the maximum amount that will be deducted from your account when someone clicks on your ad. Some other PPC websites charge you per 1000 impressions, meaning that the money will be deducted from your account only if 1000 visitors will see your ad.

Each of the PPC advertising websites offer you many options for customizations. You can target only players from a certain area of the globe or only players between certain ages (EG: Target only adults between 18 and 40). This way you can reach the exact audience that you prefer. Many other customizable features are available along with many detailed statistics to help you make the right changes in improving the effectiveness of each marketing campaign that you run. The costs of PPC have always been a good investment, according to statistics. One out of 10 visitors register at the casinos that they have found on the PPC network, and wager at least 100$. That would mean a profit of at least 30$, considering the investment in the PPC campaign and the casino payout rate. This should generate profits of at least a couple of hundred dollars every day, if you have more than 100 visitors daily, which would mean a profit of around 10,000$ monthly. Our complete casino solution sells for less than 140,000$, which represents the profit you would make in 1 year and just a few months. From there, everything will be pure profit.
Of course you can invest more in such programs, increasing the outcome you will receive.
Please note that starting year 2014, Google AdWords is no longer compatible with casino content websites.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO marketing is a dominant technique which is used by every online business that respects itself. Getting clients from the search engines might even represent the main source for many online businesses.
Boosting your casino to the top of the search engine results is the best reward you can get. Such achievement can attract profits of thousands of dollars every day, because almost everybody uses a search engine when they start their online internet adventure. Having your website appear first for keywords such as "casino" or "play casino games", or having it appear at least on Google page 1 of search results can prove to be an online gold mine.
Considered to be the hardest marketing strategy, due to the large amount of online casinos, and due to the heavy competition, many people believe that this is not such a good idea, considering that there is no certainty regarding when your results are going to appear. Depending on your casino name, on the domain name you have chosen, and on the budget for marketing, SEO can prove to be an effective and a rewarding move. However the risks are high if you do not have patience. SEO marketing campaigns results need more than a few months to become noticed.
Before opening a casino, you should first think about a name and check about its uniqueness and make sure that there is no other business with that name. Then you should buy a domain name with your casino name inside, and then start a SEO campaign that will extend on at least 5-6 months.

4. Deposit Bonus Codes and Email Marketing

Getting lists with thousands of casino players, and emailing them with promotions and bonus deposit codes, is a marketing strategy that involves almost no cost at all. It is currently one of the most used techniques by all the casinos, due to its good ROI (return on investment). You invest a very low amount of money in collaborating with a marketing company that has many email lists, and the results can be very profitable.

5. Social Marketing

Social Media Casino MarketingSocial Marketing involves promoting your casino on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, MySpace, Twitter, and others. Having an increased popularity since Facebook has launched its Application Center, this marketing technique is used not only for online casinos, but for every successful business online. We consider this to be a must-do, in the year 2013, because today the marketing is focused mostly on reaching targeted visitors on Social Media, reaching the accounts that people visit and update daily and making sure your casino promotional offer catches their eyes. This marketing strategy can be effectively combined with creating an application of your online casino and adding it to the Facebook Application Center and investing in promoting it. This way, the application, which would be like a shortcut to your online casino, will reach thousands of users daily. Our software is already compatible with this type of implementation.

6. Press Releases and News Releases

Press releases and news releases are some of the most easy-to-use and effective marketing tools available on the internet today. Many entrepreneurs have trouble reaching their customers directly. The traditional marketing tools, like television and newspaper ads, might not work in the online casino industry. This is why it is important to invest in news that can easily be seen online by the persons you are trying to reach.
Press releases are used when you want to announce something important, like introducing a new set of games to your casino. Press releases are designed to land on major publications, and you usually need a news wire agency to post a press release for you. On the other hand, news releases can be posted all the time, not only when big news is happening. Offering promotions and bonuses, adding a new product feature, or having a customer who won the jackpot at your casino, are all subjects that can be used for releasing some interesting news.
Online sites like Yahoo! News, Google News, or more local publications host news releases of all kinds. In order to reach buyers easily, you can contact a professional service agency, like www.businesswire.com, www.prnewswire.com, www.submitmypressrelease.com, and many others. Marketing specialists also recommend placing links in the news release or press release that redirect the user to your site. For example, post a link to a video description of the game that is on your website. This way, your site can easily be found by potential clients, and its ranking on search engines will increase considerably. You can also include offers in your news releases, in order to compel customers to respond faster.
In addition, marketing specialists say that it is important to post the news or press release (or very similar content) on your site, in order to allow customers to access it for a long time after it was published. This technique is preferred because major trade publications keep the news on their site for just a few weeks, and, after that, no one will see it. If you also post it on your own site, internet users will find it immediately. Many marketing insiders believe that it is better not to post a perfect copy of the news release. Instead, you should modify it so that search engines will not consider it copied content once it is available on online news sites.

7. External banners and affiliate marketing

Placing banners with promotions on other websites that host gambling content, will surely drive you some visitors and players.
However, make sure you do some research about the websites on which you will place your banners, as they might not have too many visitors and they might not be effective.

You could pay the webmaster to display your ad for a few months or you can invite him to take part in your affiliate program. Thanks to our newest feature, the player affiliate system, people can become affiliates, place your banner on their website and then refer players to your casino. The affiliates will then start gaining a share revenue from the losses of the players that they brought to your casino.

23 April 2013

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