Casino Racing Games for Your Gaming Business

29 September 2015

People have enjoyed placing bets on racing games since hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Racing activities were held at sporting events in ancient Greece, ancient Rome and a wide variety of cultures before traditional gambling games were invented. Horse races were, and remain until today, some of the most prestigious racing competitions. Later on, car races took over and an entire industry was developed for the construction of sports cars. Casino racing games

Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, racing games of all types can be played from any computer, tablet or smartphone, with the simple click of a button. CasinoWebScripts has developed a series of casino racing games, developed in Flash technology, which are suitable for traditional online casinos, Facebook casinos, Bitcoin casinos and even land-based gambling venues.

Lucky Horse Derby

Lucky Derby Horse RaceLucky Horse Derby is one of those casino racing games that can attract any player who enjoys the real thrill of a traditional horse race. When you enter the game, you will discover a board that allows placing a multitude of bets, including combined bets with amazing odds. Players have the possibility to place bets on which horse will be the runner up and the horse that will finish on the 3 rd place.

When the race starts, players will view the 6 horses that compete against each other on a horse race venue with a cheering audience. In the left corner of the screen, you can also see a mini depiction of the racing venue, which reveals the running rhythm of the horses. The sports commentator will talk about all significant events that take place during the race. Some horses might even get the chance to win the horseshoe multiplier, which will multiply the winning if that horse gets in the top three to the finish line. With sharp graphics and interesting sound effects, this game vividly recreates traditional horse races.

Our team has also developed a multiplayer version of this casino racing game, with a countdown timer that allows players to place their bets simultaneously. The table seats are unlimited, and the horse races take place every two minutes. In this version of the game, we have introduced a Jackpot animation, and multiplier rewards that come as an element of surprise during the race.

The single player and multiplayer versions of Lucky Horse Derby are compatible with any web browser or desktop client, and can be integrated with Bitcoin casinos, Facebook gaming apps or even land-based gaming café computers.

Ultimate Greyhound Racing

Ultimate Greyhound In this thrilling greyhound casino racing game, player can wager on the outcome of dog races, which are popular in many parts around the world, but especially in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United Stated.  When the game starts, players can place bets on which greyhounds will win the 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd places.

The race is presented in a special greyhound racing venue, where six greyhounds compete for the grand prize. Some of the dogs will get the chance to bump into the bone multiplier, which increases winnings for the three dogs that get the 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd place in the race. The 1-km race is full of surprises, and you can also see a mini version of the racing venue in the lower center of the screen, in order to get a better look of which greyhounds are ahead. When the race ends, three pictures of the winning greyhounds will be shown on the screen, and players will be announced if they have won anything. Players can also keep the bets for the next round or place new bets on their favorite greyhounds.

Ultimate Greyhound Racing can be viewed with a low, medium or high resolution, which allows players to get full advantage of this colorful, vivid game. The game can be played for virtual credits or real money, and even for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Suitable for desktop clients or web browsers, this game can also be integrated in a Facebook app. The multiplayer version of this game offers unlimited table seats, while races take places every 2 minutes.

Speed Racers

Speed RacersOur casino racing games collection wouldn’t have been complete without the adrenaline-raising Speed Racers, the ultimate car racing game. Even though the majority of online casinos offer slots or table games, a complete online casino solution would not be at its best without a car race game. Speed Racers invites players to place bets on any of the six sports cars. Players can place simple bets or combined bets using our bets panel, in order to get more chances at winning fabulous prizes.

The race takes place on a race track in a location surrounded by mountains. Players can view the cars from 6 different angles using the 6 cameras, in order to view their preferred cars betters. The race is full of surprises, including the fact that some of the cars can suffer malfunctions, while some of them can even catch fire and stop. The three remaining cars that make it to the finish line will be the winners of the race.

This game has been especially designed for players who enjoy a little adrenaline, with elements that make it a flawless replica of a real car race. The casino racing game Speed Racers is perfect for any online casino solution, but especially for a Facebook gaming app or a land-based gaming café, where you can install computers to offer players a real gambling experience, whether you prefer the single or multiplayer version.

Thunder Monkeys

Thunder MonkeysThunder Monkeys is a casino racing game inspired from the Asian story of the Thunderbolt Monkeys. Even though it is not popular all around the world, this game is fun and full of exciting features that will catch the attention of gaming enthusiasts. The interesting story, nicely-designed graphics and great sound effects will reveal the legend of the thunder monkeys during an intense race. The main idea of this game is that the monkeys need to climb to the sky in order to be proclaimed the Thunderbolt King.

The 6 monkeys climb towards victory, and they can encounter good or bad surprises along their way. Some of them might find a bag of gold coins which acts as a multiplier, while other might fall off the ropes or even be pushed down by a fierce eagle. From time to time, the Jackpot Warrior appears to offer monkeys grand prizes and help them get to the top. Thunder Monkeys is also available in a multiplayer version.  

29 September 2015

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