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Casino Software Updates 2018

We would like to inform you that for the year 2018 we have prepared a series of important new features for the Casino Infinitum Gaming Software.
The backend has received several new pages allowing a better analysis of the casino activity. One important addition is related to the games statistics in the backend (under the Statistics tab), which allows any operator to check which games have been played by most unique players and which games convinced players to switch from fun mode (where they only experiment to see if they like the game) to real mode (where they make a real money deposit to play the game). Through these statistics, each operator will be able to determine which games have the best deposit conversion rate.

Below you can find a list of the most important features available now as optional features for our casino software.

Automatic promotions listing

The promotions page uses dynamically generated banner images along with a DETAILS button, to present to the user all the information related to each promotion.


Operators can add bonus rewards, freespins and other items that users can claim using their VIP Points (VIPP). The user can win 1VIPP for every 100 CREDITS that he will wager at the casino.

ID Verification CMS

A CMS that allows players to upload their ID documents for the ID verification process has been added. Also, the staff can now review the ID of any player and they can approve or deny the ID verification submission.

Lottery addons

A raffle pick with flexible time intervals for the draw, as well as a number pick lottery has been added.

Other features

Users are now able to cancel any submitted withdrawals, that are in pending status.
Users can save a bonus code and use it with all their future deposits automatically (if the bonus code is still valid and eligible).
Users can invite their friends to join the casino and they will automatically affiliate them./> Users can remove an affiliated player from their affiliate revenue, but only if that player did not generate a negative revenue to the affiliate.

For customers looking for some entertaining options with guaranteed profit, we recommend our SLOT TOURNAMENTS feature, which allows any slot game to be transformed into a tournament with a ticket-based entry fee and a prize pool calculated from the total amount of tickets purchased. Alongside with this, we recommend the Raffle and Pick3/Pick4 lottery addons. Both of these are optional features and they can be found in the casino software addons page.

A complete casino software package to include some of the most used optional features, has been created and can be found inside our casino software page.



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