Egyptian-Themed Games by CasinoWebScripts

20 April 2016

Egypt-themed games have managed to attract players from all around the world, thanks to their mysterious appearance and exciting bonus rounds.

Operators who want to buy online casino software should consider including at least one Egypt-themed game in their online casinos, since Egyptian slots have become classics which gain more and more popularity with each year that passes.

Egypt themed games

Up to now, CasinoWebScripts has developed several slot games dedicated to the impressive Egyptian culture and to the history of Egypt with its mysterious symbols, majestic gods and fierce rulers.

Like so, operators who are looking to purchase online casino software will encounter well-known symbols, such as the grandiose pyramids, the Eye of Horus, the beautiful Cleopatra, and many more.

Among our Egypt-themed games, you will find slots which are compatible with desktop devices, such as personal computers, and slots which can work on both desktop devices and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

In order to use our games, it is advised that you purchase our casino management software, which will help you run your casino in an efficient manner, while providing all the information regarding users and games.

Here are the top 5 Egyptian-themed games developed by CasinoWebScripts:

Mystic Books HMTL5 mobile slot

Mystic Books Mystic Books has been created by our online casino software team to be compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. Like so, operators who want to start an online casino can use this game for any gaming business solution, from real-money casinos which operate on personal computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets, to Bitcoin casinos or sweepstakes businesses.

Mystic Books is one of CasinoWebScripts’ Egyptian-themed games that appeal to all players, both beginners and experts, thanks to its nicely-designed graphics, vivid colors and rapid gameplay. The symbols of this game include all elements that should be part of a captivating Egypt-themed slot: pyramids, the Sphinx, Egyptian deities and the famous explorer always in search for the real stories of the land along the Nile.

Operators who want to purchase online casino software and games will discover that Mystic Books has been designed with several originally-designed features, including a scarab expanding wild, freespins, and a mystic jackpot win.

Cleopatra’s Ancient Treasure

Cleopatra's Ancient TreasureThe most interesting and notable stories of the land of the Nile have been related to Cleopatra, the empress which held power over all Egypt. Cleopatra’s Ancient Treasure is a 5-reel slot game, compatible with all desktop devices, including personal computers and laptops.

This game must be integrated with our online casino software, and operators can use it for real-money casinos or Bitcoin casinos. It can also be used for sweepstakes businesses.

Cleopatra’s Ancient Treasure has been designed with an animated background, which unveils the great pyramids and boats sailing on the Nile. The reels have been decorated with Egyptian symbols, which include Egyptian gods, pyramids, mummies and the beautiful Cleopatra.

During this game, players will discover a multitude of features, which will keep them interested and looking to discover all the surprises that this game has to offer. Like so, Cleopatra’s Ancient Treasure will offer players up to 5 freespins when at least 3 Cleopatra scatter symbols appear on the reels. Gaming enthusiasts who try this game will also discover the expanding wild, or even the jackpot.

Cleopatra’s Ancient Treasure is a favorite among players who have already tried it, thanks to its surprising bonus modes. Operators who want to buy online casino software will discover that this game offers several bonuses.

The PICK-ME feature invites players to pick a sarcophagus and discover its treasures. The pyramid BONUS will ask players to unveil winnings by picking pyramid stones. The JACKPOT BONUS gets players inside the pyramid and asks them to spin a wheel of fortune, which can reward them with anything from freespins to the major jackpot.  

Secrets of Ra

Secrets of RaSecrets of Ra is an online casino slot game developed for desktop devices. This game offers a multitude of additional features, a classic Egypt theme and cartoon-like symbols which complete the mysterious look of this enchanting game.

The background of Secrets of Ra has been created to resemble the interior of a pyramid, and the background music accompanies players during their journey towards discovering valuable winnings. 

Operators can test Secrets of Ra and discover all of its features with our live demo. The EXPANDING WILD unveils the secret book, and the pyramid BONUS transports the player to the inside of the pyramid, where he must guess which of the treasures are the most valuable.

Secrets of Ra also offers a RESPIN feature, triggered by 2 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Players will also get the chance to receive freespins, during which all wins are multiplied by 3.

Players who are lucky enough to receive scatter symbols on all reel stops will receive the JACKPOT, which increases progressively during the game. 

Legendary Pharaoh Mobile Slot

Legendary Pharaoh Legendary Pharaoh is a 3-reel slot game developed with HTML5 technology, which makes it suitable for both mobile and desktop devices. Operators can use this game for both mobile and online casinos by integrating it with our online casino software.

This game has been designed with Egyptian elements, and the background, the colors and the sounds of this game will offer players who are looking for a classic Egypt-themed game an authentic experience.

Legendary Pharaoh offers players the chance to win great prizes while taking advantage of the additional features that it has to offer. The gamble feature invites players to try to double their winnings won during normal play mode. During gamble mode, players have to guess whether the next card dealt will be black or red. Players can also win the JACKPOT, which increases progressively during the game, depending on the bets placed.

Pyramid Riches

Pyramid RichesPyramid Riches is a 9-reel slot with 14 paylines which comprises a multitude of elements related to Ancient Egypt into one single game. This game has been designed by the developers from CasinoWebScripts with animated symbols, a background which contains hieroglyphs and mesmerizing background music.

Operators can purchase our online casino software in order to run this 9-reel slot game with a real-money online casino or a Bitcoin casino. This game is packed with additional features, which include expanding wild, bonuses, gamble feature, jackpot and more.

When a payline is formed, all symbols on that payline will animate. Some of the most eye-catching symbols of this game include Queen Nefertiti, the Sphinx, Tutankhamun’s golden sarcophagus, scarab beetles and serpents.

Pyramid Riches features a progressive JACKPOT, which can be randomly won when scatter symbols appear on all reel stops. The jackpot increases by 5% from the total bet, every time a bet is placed.

The wild symbol, represented by Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus, expands into an EXPANDING WILD when 2 wild symbols appear on the same reel.

Freespins will be triggered by at least 3 scarab beetle scatter symbols. Depending on the number of scatter symbols that appeared on the reels, players can win up to 5 freespins.

The BONUS feature of Pyramid Riches will ask players to pick certain treasures until the ‘collect’ message is revealed.

Operators can test Pyramid Riches with our live demo.

20 April 2016

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