Evolution of Online Gambling

26 November 2012

What is Online Gambling?

The definition of gambling in general can simply be stated as, “an enterprise undertaken or attempted with a risk of loss and a chance of profit or success”. Traditionally, this sort of risk has legally taken place in land casinos, and it often can be found to take place illegally in other places as well. To be able to place a bet on a game of their choice, players would have to travel to a land casino and sit in a busy environment with an abundance of bright lights and loud sounds. However, due to a revolution in technology, this no longer has to be the case for many players across the globe. Today, people have the ability to gamble from the comfort of their own home. They can simply do this by logging onto their favorite gambling website, over a secure internet connection, and choosing their game of preference.

History and Origins

Online gambling has a relatively short history compared to other additions to modern day technology. In 1994 the evolution of the online gaming industry took its first footstep into a revolutionized world. It was in this year that the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act was passed in the Caribbean islands. This act allowed software engineers to create virtual casino networks and to send downloadable software to millions of people across the globe.
Shortly after this, Microgaming introduced the world’s first internet casino. A couple of years later, in 1996, Intercasino launched an online casino of their own, this one seemed to be a bit more modernized and easy to use. Companies continued to develop and compete for customers for the following decades, and this is still the case today. Many countries are attempting to pass legislation to ban their citizens from participating in these risks. However, the online industry is still just as popular as ever and continues to thrive and profit.

Technology Evolution

If a player today could log onto one of the first gambling website, they would be amazed at how vastly different it is from today. Since 1994, the gambling industry and software developers have continuously come out with new improvements and additions to improve the world of online gaming in a big way.
In the very beginning of online casino development, players were only able to gamble online if the received physical CD-ROMS from the gambling company to download onto their computer’s hard drive. From there, they would have to wait a rather long time to use the internet because of the sloth-like movement of dial-up connections. These online games were a new and exciting way to gamble, but the process was very time consuming. Another difference to note, was that this technology only offered limited quality graphics, and audio was rarely found on the downloads. This type of downloadable gambling software is still manufactured and sold today, although it is not a very popular method for gamblers in this day and age.
The first big improvement made for online casinos was the introduction of flash technology. With this, players are able to gamble online without the hassle of downloading physical software onto their computer. However, there were still necessary internet plug-ins and other forms required for this system to work. A major benefit to including flash technology in an online casino was the fact that it upgraded the graphics, sound, and speed of the games and of the website as a whole.
The next innovation creating for internet gambling sites is the technology that is still most commonly used today. The Java platform also allows players to skip the hassle of a physical software download to play the games online. However, unlike flash technology, the Java platform does not require any further installation for players. The process is quite simple, all a person has to do is connect to the internet, log into the online casino website, and play their favorite game! Java brought amazing audio and graphics to the industry that had never been seen before. A relatively recent addition to this platform’s fame has been its creation of the ability to take games on the go. Players can now play on any laptop or desktop computer, and can even play their favorite online casino game on their mobile phone.

Online Casino Games

When online casinos first emerged, players only had the ability to participate in a very limited number of games. Mainly, games like poker, basic slot machines, and Blackjack were found in a few variations on the sites. The games did not have sound, the graphics were dulled and grainy, and they loaded extremely slowly. Over the past few decades, this has changed drastically. Online casinos began to gradually add more game types and variations to their websites, with the help of brilliant software developers. Today, the world of online gaming is a very different place than it was in the 1990’s. Players now can virtually find any casino game that they want to play, and in countless variations. The game selection in modern day internet gambling has truly evolved. Also, these countless games come loaded with incredible clear and bright graphics, friendly sounds, and high loading and processing speeds. CasinoWebScripts has carefully implemented such features in their casino games, to deliver a great gaming experience to all their players.


The necessity of a player to travel great distances and be located in loud, crowded rooms in order to be able to legally gamble, is a thing of the past. Although millions of people still frequent land casinos, online gambling continues to grow in popularity each and every day. Technology has drastically evolved and has come to enable players to gamble online, from the comfort of their own home. These people can enjoy their favorite casino games, with outstanding audio and graphics, from a location of their choice. The internet gaming industry will continue to develop and grow, many people are very excited to see what innovation it will produce next.

26 November 2012

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