Hi-lo Adventure Casino Games

24 January 2017

Hi-lo games The game called hi-lo, also widely known as high-low, is one of the simplest casino games that you will find both online and offline. In land-based casinos, you usually play hi-lo against the dealer. The rules are as easy as they get. The player makes a wager and receives a card. After that, the player guesses if the next card will be higher or lower in value than the one already dealt. If the prediction is right, the player wins.

In online casinos, you will find this game in a variety of themes and colors. Some online casino developers choose to create this game so that it looks like the real deal from brick-and-mortar casinos. Other developers choose to create online hi-lo games which are more original.

Our gaming designers have created versions of the hi-lo games which do not have the classic look of the original game, but instead come with themes inspired by the adventures of the glorious knights and the feared Vikings. Since the rules of this game type are so easy, the stories behind these games add a little something extra, which will keep players interested in discovering what's next.

Quest for the Holy Grail Hi-Lo

Quest for the Holy Grail The Quest for the Holy Grail Hi-Lo game has been designed by our online casino developers with a theme which reminds us of the legends of the knights who needed to save the kingdom from evil creatures.

This hi-lo game is not presented like the traditional game from land-based casinos, but instead it reveals a deck of 28 cards, which look like bricks of a castle's wall. The castle is guarded by a vicious, fire-spitting dragon, which burns the knight every time he guesses wrong.

The game starts from the bottom left part of the screen. Numbers range from 1 to 48, and the first number is automatically revealed after the player makes the wager. Then, the player must guess if the number revealed under the next brick is higher or lower than the last one. If the player guesses all the numbers on the first row correctly, he can choose to keep the first prize. Even so, if the player wants the grand prize, the holy grail, the knight must pass through three more rows.

Well, now let's see what happens if the player does not guess correctly. If the player makes a mistake, the dragon will spit fire, but it won't reach the knight completely, meaning that he will still have a chance to finish that row.  The second mistake will make the dragon spit some more fire, the knight will get burnt, and the game will end.

Quest for the Holy Grail has been created for desktop devices - it works on any computer or laptop, but not on mobile phones or laptops.  

Quest for Valhalla Hi-Lo

Quest for Valhalla This arcade-style casino game has been created by our online casino developers, inspired by the stories of the Vikings, who believed that after death by combat, they will reach Valhalla and feast at the same tables with the gods.

The game reveals a Viking which must go on a journey towards Valhalla. In order to reach it, he must fight his way through the blocks of ice and prove that he can win eternal glory. The purpose of the game is to guess if the next number on the blocks is higher or lower than the precedent number.

The high-quality graphics and the engaging background transform this simple hi-lo game into a real adventure. Quest for Valhalla starts with a bet, which will reveal the first number on the blocks. The player must guess correctly whether the next number is higher or lower. If the Viking makes a mistake, a sharp block of ice will crack his helmet and throw him to the ground. One more chance is given to the Viking, but if he makes a mistake twice on a single row, all winnings are lost.

The game reveals 4 rows with 7 seven blocks of ice. At the end of each row, the player can choose to collect winnings or bet more on the next row. If the Viking manages to reach the last number on the 4 th row, he will enter Valhalla and get the big prize.

Quest for Valhalla hi-lo game, created by our online casino developers, allows compatibility with any desktop or mobile device, including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. Players can enjoy it in any location with a stable internet connection.

24 January 2017

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