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How casino slot games are developed

In less than 3 years of existence, we have developed over 130 top quality casino games. From these, half of them are slots. Every month our company releases a new slot game, recently focusing more on quality rather than quantity, allowing ourselves to create a good amount of state-of-the-art products.

Have you ever wondered how a game is brought to life and how much effort is put into everything?

Here at CasinoWebScripts.com, our casino games developers follow a high quality pattern very strictly. Everyday work is the main premise for quality products. We must also ensure that each new game that we release will be better or at least at same level as our previous titles. For that, each game must have a lot of features, from tiny to big ones. Have you noticed the camp-fire from “ Indian Charm ”? Or the birds from “ Treasure of the Wild Bears ”? Or the scarecrow that bends when a new SPIN is initiated in “ Country Cash ”? Those are the tiny details that we believe to contribute essentially at the quality of each game.

Before our casino games developers start creating a game, we must analyze what new games we need and then decide on the theme and the features that the game will have. This is the most difficult part. Each game that we develop must have unique features, whether they are simple animations or gameplay features. “ Year II ” game has a particular way of spinning the reels during free spins mode, with the symbols breaking into rocks and then the new symbols falling from the top. “ Arabian Sands ” has another special animation during free spins, with the symbols fading into stars and then the new symbols being nicely revealed.
Inside “ Treasure of the Wild Bears ” you will find a one-of-a-kind bonus game, the family treasure bonus, where each player must select one of the 3 family bears and he will be rewarded differently by the selected member.
Inside “ Country Cash ”, the Carrot Bonus will surely bring joy to many players. The farmer’s field is filled with many rewards, but the diligent rabbit is there to protect its food and his appearance will make the bonus game end.

The costs for the games that we develop are a lot higher than the price for which we sell our games.
Our profit starts to turn positive only if we have at least 2-3 customers for each of our games.
The policy that we practice makes us work harder every day to be able to provide only the best quality available online.


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