Improving your Online Casino's Reputation

1 April 2016

It is a known fact that online gaming enthusiasts tend to place bets at online casinos which have a good reputation. It is important for players to know that you are offering reliable services of great quality and which do not intend to cheat.

Like so, operators who want to buy casino games should pay attention to a few aspects which could improve or deteriorate their reputation.

Casino reviewsCasino reviews

The most important factor for players who select online casinos refers to the casino’s reviews, based on other players’ experience with that online gaming site.

Players usually pay a lot more attention to what other people have to say about your website than the information you provide through advertising. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that maintaining a good marketing campaign will not help you in any way, reputation-wise.

Positive reviews are always welcomed, and it is important to encourage players to post reviews about their experiences at your online casino.

What to do if you get negative reviews

Operators who buy casino games and run an online casino should always pay attention to all negative reviews towards their products and services.

The bad news is that negative comments and reviews could lead to a decrease in search engine rankings for your online casino. If your gaming site has a bad reputation and a low rank, it will be more difficult for people to find it.

Even so, it is almost impossible to get only positive reviews. People have different opinions and tastes, so you probably won’t be able to please 100% of your costumers. Even if your games run smoothly and you offer 24/7 support, people could post bad reviews about anything that doesn’t seem right to them.

It’s all about personal opinions, and you will see that people might start to complain about things that you might not even think about. Some might not be pleased about certain aspects regarding your perfectly-running games, other might not like the way your support team speaks or acts. Like so, dishonest criticism will always be present on the internet, where people can say whatever they want without having to face you.

Operators who buy casino games should not treat this kind of reviewers negatively. Remember that it is better not to respond with a defensive attitude, even when players give you awful reviews which are not supported by any evidence. It is a good idea to contact players who were displeased and redirect them to a member of your team which could help them with their issues regarding your casino. 

Sometimes, honest criticism from players who unfortunately encountered certain problems could also arise. If any issue with your website or games appear and people complain about it, try to solve it as quickly as possible and inform players that the problems have been solved, so that they can continue playing at your online casino.

Five star review

Is paying for positive reviews a good idea?

Since the internet can offer anything you can think of, you can also get paid reviews from people who simply claim to have played at your online casino and give great ratings for their fictive experience.

Operators who want to buy casino games and maintain a good reputation for their online casino should know that paying for positive reviews might prove to be a bad idea, which will have negative consequences in the long run.

The problem is that if you decide to buy positive reviews, search engines such as Google will detect if these reviews come suddenly and in an unusually high number. For example, if your online casino receives 5 reviews per month and you purchase 10, Google’s bots will disregard these reviews due to unusual activity.

Like so, if Google detects such practices, it could penalize your gaming website, which will result in a significant decrease in your casino’s ranking.

Improving your reputation

The best way to make sure that your clients are satisfied is to provide good-quality products and a solid support system that will be available to players 24/7, in case any issues arise.

Maintaining a positive attitude towards all kinds of players who give you negative or positive reviews is essential for your casino’s reputation. A bad attitude towards people who give you negative reviews will only result in conflicts which will affect your casino even more. Like so, maintaining a positive and professional attitude will offer you great satisfactions in the long term.  

You should always try to pay attention to customers’ opinions by visiting dedicated casino reviews websites. Always try to see what players don’t like about your online casino, and if the same issues are presented by players over and over again, maybe it’s time to make small changes that will please your customers.

1 April 2016

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