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1 October 2018

Our GLI-19 certified online casino software can be adjusted to comply with all the requirements of a land based network of casinos

Our solution will allow you to create an unlimited number of internet cafes, assign cashiers to each of them to add/remove funds from the computers, monitor income generated by each internet cafe and more. All the transactions will be hosted on your web server and they will be held private. All the cashin and cashout operations will be handled by Cashiers located in each of your internet cafes and they will have access to the administrator panel, with limited privileges, to perform the operations that they require and investigate any transaction or gameplay.

We propose to you our Casino Software LITE version with the following features (no games are included and they can be purchased separately from our games page):

  • option for ADMIN to create unlimited INTERNET CAFE from backend;
  • option for INTERNET CAFE owner to create unlimited CASHIERS for each INTERNET CAFE;
  • option for INTERNET CAFE owner to see statistics about his CASHIERS and their transactions, using datetime filter;
  • option for INTERNET CAFE owner to see his revenue statistics using datetime filter;
  • option for INTERNET CAFE owner to see statistics only for the players belonging to that INTERNET CAFE;
  • option for CASHIERS to add/remove funds from any player/PC that belong to his INTERNET CAFE;
  • option for CASHIERS to create unlimited players (these will be PCs);
  • the players will not need to register accounts. The CASHIER will register accounts for each PC, then he will go to each PC to login and then he can open INTERNET CAFE website URL and login as the player that he created;
  • we will disable registration for players; this way only the CASHIER staff can register accounts as described above;
  • we will disable the log-out buttons, to prevent accidental log out by players;
  • private login landing page - we will disable access to the website casino games without an account;
  • we will disable id verification for newly created accounts and auto-requirement to change password every 60 days;
  • we will redirect the browser to your main casino page if there is no activity inside a game for 30 minutes, so that new players can start their gaming session directly from the main page, if a previous player left a game opened;

Additionally, each INTERNET CAFE can have the following settings (available only if requested):

  • global jackpot value that can be won through any game, but only by PCs from internet cafe. Games played in that INTERNET CAFE will affect ONLY jackpots from that INTERNET CAFE. EG: INTERNET CAFE 22 will have total jackpot 55,000$. INTERNET CAFE 8 will have total jackpot 13,000$. The jackpot of INTERNET CAFE 22 worth 55,000$ can be won only by players who play inside INTERNET CAFE 22, through any game. This way the JACKPOTS will be isolated between INTERNET CAFEs. All the games will share the same jackpot pool. The MINI Jackpot will represent 10% of the pool. The MAJOR jackpot will represent 33% of the pool. The MEGA jackpot will represent 100% of the pool - Price: 2500 EURO;
  • 3 predefined paytable values values for each slot game giving you the possibility to switch the paytable values and instantly adjust the payout of any game to be different for each INTERNET CAFE. When the paytable values will change, the payout will also change and all the users will be logged out so that the new values can be loaded. The option will consist of only 3 values:~65%, ~75%, ~90%. EG: The master ADMIN can set game CLEOPATRA from INTERNET CAFE #22 to have payout 75% and game CLEOPATRA from INTERNET CAFE #11 to have payout 90%;
    IMPORTANT: This will work only for slot games. Price: 2000 EURO + 500 EURO per game
  • possibility for the MASTER ADMIN to see statistics of TOTAL BET, TOTAL WIN, PROFIT for each INTERNET CAFE, based on datetime filter - included in casino software;
  • possibility for the INTERNET CAFE to see statistics of TOTAL BET, TOTAL WIN, PROFIT from admin panel, based on datetime filter - included in casino software;
  • CASHIERS can add/remove funds only from PCs from their INTERNET CAFE - included in casino software;

Other features:

  • you will have the option to set global payout value from the 3 predefined values for 1 INTERNET CAFE with a single click; this will affect all slot games from that INTERNET CAFE - 1000 EURO (this feature requires the "3 predefined payout values for each slot game" add-on);
  • possibility for CASHIER to create player/PC account by entering only username+password - 100 EURO;
  • the cashier can see virtual room of their internet cafe in backend with the PCs placed in the same place as in reality. This will allow the cashier to easily add funds to the correct machine and do it very fast by simply clicking on the PC from the admin panel - 1000 EURO;

More features, such as PDF/XLS reports or the VIP Points shop can be found in the following link and can be ordered at any time: https://www.casinowebscripts.com/casino-php-script-add-on.html

Depending on your gaming jurisdiction, more options are available in terms of games configuration, payout values and profitability.

1 October 2018

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