Nevada Thinking About Going outside its State with New Gambling Laws

7 February 2013

For whatever reason Nevada set up their new online gambling law so that they basically can’t work with other states. The law itself says that they are able to make agreements as far as online gambling is concerned with other states when the federal government says that that form of gambling is okay in the country. If they don’t like it, there won’t be an agreement for it.
If Nevada was not interested in working with any other state then this would not make much of a difference. They could have state companies develop a casino and quit worrying about what any of the other states are doing. Unfortunately most gambling ventures seem to pay off more if more than one state is involved with the matter.
This proved to be true with the lottery and that is why there is the Powerball that 42 different states are involved in. People are more excited about the chance to win millions of dollars than they are at the chance to win thousands, even if the odds of them winning drops down dramatically.
When an online developer decides that they want to go online, and they purchase a set of casino games from someone like “Casinowebscripts” they might be disappointed to realize that not as many people participate in the gambling as they would have expected. The low numbers of people keep other people from sticking around or coming back, and since people aren’t staying the numbers don’t have a chance to increase as much which is why partnerships are necessary, or at least beneficial.

7 February 2013

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