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New Mobile Casino Games Released

As of this summer, we are getting closer to providing a complete solution for operators who are looking to buy mobile casino games. Like so, our team at CasinoWebScripts has developed 5 new mobile games with themes that are meant to attract customers from various parts of the world. These games are suitable for both desktop and mobile devices, developed in HTML5 technology.

Mobile casino games

Big or Small 2

Big or Small 2 is one of those games perfect for players who are new to online casino gaming, but also for players who are more experienced, due to the simplicity of the rules and fast gameplay. We have already developed a similar game for desktop devices, entitled Big or Small 3D, and thanks to its success, we have decided to create a new version of Big or Small for mobile use.

Operators who want to buy mobile casino games will find out that Big or Small 2 comes with nicely-designed graphics, interesting background inspired from the Asian culture, and relaxing sound effects. During this game, players simply have to guess if the rolled dice will form a sum that is between 10 and 17, or 4 and 9. This is where the name of this game comes from: Big stands for the outcome between 10 and 17, and Small is the sum of dice between 4 and 9. After placing the bet, the dice will roll and the sum will be revealed, the game announcing players if they have guessed correctly.

Future Keno 80, King Treasure Keno 80 and Dragon Keno 80

Despite the fact that it originates in China, Keno is a game that gained popularity among casino players from different parts around the world. Operators looking to buy mobile casino games can now choose from 3 versions of mobile keno developed by our company, with three different themes suitable for all player types.

Future Keno 80, King Treasure Keno 80 and Dragon Keno 80 are all suitable for both beginners and high rollers, thanks to the attractive designs and incredibly easy game rules. Similar to lottery games, Keno involves picking several numbers from a pool of up to 80, from which 10 numbers will be drawn as winners. Prizes are based on how many matching numbers players have selected, but at least 2 numbers should be matched in order to win.

Oktoberfest Beer Bash

Oktoberfest Beer Bash is a 5-reel mobile slot game inspired by one of the most important and entertaining festivals which take place in Germany each year. Entrepreneurs who buy online casino games will discover all the symbols that are specific for this well-known event, including pints and barrels of beer, Bavarian food, lovely girls wearing traditional dresses and cheerful music players.

Besides the vivid graphics and lively sound effects, players might receive the Beer Bash bonus, where they can choose their favorite beer barrels and take a chance at filling enough beer pints to win significant prizes. With a multitude of additional features, such as an expanding wild, free spins and a progressive jackpot, players won’t get enough of this game.


All of the games presented above are suitable for desktop and mobile devices, and they can be a great choice for online casinos, mobile casinos and even Facebook gaming apps. More than that, if you are looking to start a Bitcoin casino, you can choose any of our games and we will integrate them with our Bitcoin API that allows Bitcoin payments to be made through your gaming site. We can also integrate ant other cryptocurrency of your choice. If you are looking to buy mobile casino games, you can take a look at our mobile games collection.


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