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16 May 2017

Fairness check

Online casino fairness is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider when you start your online casino business. It’s easy for people to stay connected via internet, and even easier to make payments, share information, or even play their favorite games, but everyone expects to enjoy an online gaming experience without any potential risks.

When it comes to online casinos, players don’t just access a random game on the internet and play without any risks. When players create user accounts, they reveal personal information, their locations, and, most importantly, financial information, which includes bank accounts.

Keeping players safe and making them know that your online casino website can be trusted is one of the best things that you can do to run a successful online gaming business. Even though you can never protect people 100% from internet threats, it is vital to do everything necessary to keep players safe and risk free.

Every reputable online casino operator takes casino security and fairness seriously. Players are looking to access secure online casinos, which can prove that their games are fair, and all of their system is protected against the majority of internet threats. More than that, users who like to play at online casinos are always looking for privacy - no one wants their personal information revealed.

Here are some measures that you can take to help players understand that your online casino business is secure, reliable and trustworthy.

Casino license and tested casino games

In the online gaming industry, operators who want to start an online casino which allows transactions with real money must own an online casino license, issued by a licensing authority. Starting an online casino business means that you will have to comply with the legislation of the country where your online casino operates.

Indeed, there are several places around the world where you don’t need an online casino license to run your business. An example would be Costa Rica, which does not have any regulatory system regarding the online gaming industry.

When players decide to place bets with real money at your online casino, they will most probably look for information about why your casino is reliable. Owning an online gaming license is the first and most important sign that you run a legit business, which is not going to disappear overnight with players’ money or information.

More than that, when you apply for a gaming license, the licensing authority will run a few tests to prove that your games are fair. These tests will easily show that all your software and gaming products are trustworthy.

As an online gaming operator, your only duty would be to choose an online casino provider which can prove that their games are fair. Up to now, the games and software developed by our company have been tested by two major testing labs – iTech Labs and BMM Testlabs, our games and software passing the GLI-19 certification, accepted by the majority of jurisdictions.

Provably fair games for Bitcoin casinos

Starting a Bitcoin casino is one of the easiest and cost-friendly solution that you can choose when you want to start a gaming business. The cryptocurrency industry is thriving, and people are starting to gain more and more trust into investing in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin casinos are still a great alternative to real-money casinos, due to the fact that, in several jurisdictions, you are not compelled to own an online casino license for cryptocurrency transactions, since Bitcoin is still not recognized as real money in different jurisdictions around the world.

Even so, starting an online casino business with Bitcoin without an online casino license will represent an additional risk for players who will target your online gaming site, since you won’t run a casino licensed by a gaming authority.

To show players that your Bitcoin casino is trustworthy, it is important to choose a gaming provider which can offer you provably fair games. Provably fair is a concept created for the online cryptocurrency gaming industry, due to the lack of a licensing jurisdiction that would control and monitor the activity of cryptocurrency gaming sites, including Bitcoin casinos.

The concept of provably fair games and software involves offering players a way to verify that the odds and the games’ outcome are not manipulated in any way by the online casino server. There are many Bitcoin casinos that offer provably fair games, but some of them do it wrong. That’s why it is important to understand the real process behind provable fairness. You can read more about provably fair games and software here.

RNG – random number generator

Another factor that you should consider when you start an online casino business would be the randomness of the casino games. You always hear people saying that online gambling is legit because all the games are random – this is only partially true, because the games are usually supported by a random number generator (RNG).

The general idea behind the RNG system is that the games of an online casino are utterly and completely fair, with an equal chance of winning for all players. A reputable gaming provider will always be able to offer games that are random.

In order to prove that the games are fair, online casino providers must once again be audited by test labs which can prove that the games are not trying to cheat. iTech Labs, the company who has tested CasinoWebScripts’ games, is a reputable testing lab which has confirmed that our RNG system is valid.

If you are wondering how the random number generator system works, you should think about taking a starting number (called ‘seed number’), and then use a complex algorithm to calculate a new, random number based on it. This new number becomes the new seed, and the same algorithm is used to generate a new number. This process is repeated, and it is not possible to predict the next number unless you know what the original seed number was.

Like so, the RNG is as fair as the companies that are operating them. Once again, the one guarantee that players can have when it comes to online casino games is to play with the top sites that have passed third-party testing.

16 May 2017

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