Opening a Bitcoin Casino in 2020 FAQ

27 August 2020

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Bitcoin casinos have had immense success with regular gamblers as soon as the industry started accepting this new trend, back when the bitcoin boom took place, in early 2017. In 2020, even with all the unfortunate events caused by the pandemic, bitcoin stood tall and, suprisingly, managed to become a better and bigger deal than before.

We’ve seen that in the past few months, a switch towards online gambling occurred. Avid gamblers are now turning to online, while remote gambling services of all kinds are appearing daily. So, what’s there to know when you decide to switch to bitcoin casino software or start your first gaming business using crypto casino software in 2020?

What games does a bitcoin casino offer?

With a bitcoin casino, you can basically offer any kind of casino game that you would usually see at any leading online casino platform. Slots, roulette, poker, sports based betting, blackjack, baccarat are just some of the games worth mentioning.

Bitcoin casinos also offer thematic games, such as Bitcoin Billion, a bitcoin-themed slot developed by our team. These games aren’t usually found in classic casinos.

The gaming industry has embraced the potential of cryptocurrencies, while players are taking advantage of the benefits. Now, they can play the same games, but using a greater variety of payment options. Gaming seems even more appealing already, doesn’t it?

What are the top advantages of using bitcoin casino software to start an online casino?

  • Anonymity-based business
  • Large number of players from around the world
  • Low or close-to-zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited daily transactions
  • Almost global accessibility

What kind of cryptocurrency should I use?

The new wave of crypto casinos now accepts not only leading cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum, but also emerging cryptocurrencies.

If you have created a new cryptocurrency with great potential, you can start an online casino to promote your ICO in a unique and profitable way. You could even boost the value of a cryptocurrency ICO using our no monthly fee casino solution. More information can be found in our ICO article.

Do I need a dedicated bitcoin casino software?

If you decide to go with our team, we have put together one of the most complex, feature-packed bitcoin casino software platforms out there.

Yes, you will need a bitcoin casino software to run your website in perfect conditions. Your casino can be configured to accept over 100 altcoins of your choice.

Are bitcoin casino games as fair as classic casino games?

Bitcoin casinos come with an essential feature that has emerged once bitcoin casinos went live. Most of the players wouldn’t risk their money by playing at any online casino that doesn’t prove its fairness – whether it’s a crypto casino or not.

The bitcoin casino games provided by our company are always going to be provably fair. The player never doubts the casino’s fairness and your business will always have a great reputation.

Do I need a license to start a bitcoin casino?

There is no unique regulatory frame related to bitcoin around the world. Some casino operators have chosen to obtain a license for their bitcoin casino, while others opened their crypto gaming business in countries where it is not mandatory to have a gambling license for such operations.

Some players might see unlicensed casinos as untrustworthy, while others prefer to access bitcoin gaming sites which allow them to remain anonymous. Apart from that, the fact that a gaming operator provides provably fair games is a more than sufficient condition to convince them to create a player account.

Many players who want to gamble are looking to do it anonymously by using bitcoin as a payment method, and unlicensed casinos offer them this option.

Make sure you have solid information when it comes to whether a bitcoin casino should be regulated or not by a certain jurisdiction of your choice before investing in bitcoin casino software. A casino license for operating with digital currencies is mandatory in some countries.


With its multitude of advantages, a bitcoin casino is set to become a successful business for operators who use top-quality bitcoin casino software, creative games and a strong marketing strategy. CasinoWebScripts offers bitcoin casino packages at set prices or customizable solutions. You can find our bitcoin casino software solutions here.

27 August 2020

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