Opening an Internet Sweepstakes Business with HTML5 Software

5 May 2015

HTML5 internet casino sweepstakes are some of the most interesting gambling solutions for operators, and in the past few years, thousands of internet sweepstakes businesses have appeared in several parts around the world, especially in the United States of America. A sweepstakes business can be started in a café or parlor, where the operator allows the player to win prizes with the purchase of a specific product, such as a telephone card or internet time.

The idea of sweepstakes is that after the customer purchases a card, a number of “bonus” entries to play casino-style games will be awarded. Those entries are similar to the credit that players use while playing real casino games. Once the customers finish playing, they can return the cards and receive cash for the balance they have on the card.

The legal status of HTML5 internet casino sweepstakes

People have talked about the legal status of casino sweepstakes, especially in the US, but it is important to know that this kind of business model has been used for 15 years now, and well-known brands such as McDonald’s have used it to attract more customers. The method that McDonald’s used was to sell food and give away free entries. Customers who bought food from McDonald’s and received those entries could win cash and prizes of up to $300 million. This can definitely be seen as a game of chance, which is very similar to the internet sweepstakes idea of business. Besides McDonald’s, Coca-Cola has also used sweepstakes games with slot-style revealers to promote their business.

Like so, internet sweepstakes are allowed in a large number of jurisdictions, but several countries have talked about the illegality of such businesses, or about the fact that they fall in a “gray area”. It is important to find out if sweepstakes are allowed in the jurisdiction where you want to open your business.

Do I need a gambling license for a sweepstakes business?

No, you do not have to obtain any license for your sweepstakes business. Even though customers will play casino-style games, it does not mean that they are actually gambling. The definition of gambling is playing games of chance by wagering real money. The sweepstakes system implies that customers play games of chance, redeem prizes, but they do not actually gamble real money to earn these prizes. Instead, they buy products like phone cards or internet access, and then receive entries as a bonus for buying these items.

Differences between HTML5 internet casino sweepstakes games and traditional casino games

HTML5 internet casino sweepstakes games are very similar to the traditional casino-style games. The difference between these two is that casino gaming developers have to make certain modifications to these games, in order to make them fit for the sweepstakes business. These modifications can be applied to any of our casino games, so that players will be able to redeem their winnings at your sweepstakes parlor.

In sweepstakes games, the “credit” feature is replaced with the “entries” feature, and a “redeem winnings” button is also added. Also, each game must have a predefined pool of prizes from which the prizes are given to the players. This is the main difference between sweepstakes casino games and real-money casino games, but it is of major importance for starting a sweepstakes business.

Opening an internet café sweepstakes business

As we said before, internet sweepstakes cafés operate by selling customers internet time or phone cards, which come with a set of points, also named “entries”. These entries can be consumed to play casino-style games in a location provided by the operator. For starting a sweepstakes business, you have to run your business in a location where you can start your internet café and purchase an on-site server on which the HTML5 sweepstakes software will run.

At the internet café, you can set up several computers that allow customers to play casino games without actually gambling. They are simply spending the entries that they received upon purchasing the phone cards or internet time that you will sell at a point of sale. You can choose any casino-style or arcade games. Some of the most popular titles include slot games and card games like Baccarat. Once the customers finish playing, they will go to the point of sale and receive cash for the prizes that they won in their account. This solution is also called a client-server business, and it is commonly used in several countries around the world.

Starting a sweepstakes business that players can also access from home

If you are not looking to open an internet sweepstakes café, or you simply want to offer customers the chance to play from their own home, you can open a business with HTML5 internet casino sweepstakes software.
You can offer the alternative of mobile play to your customers allowing them to take their entries with them and play them from their phones or tablets. Once they win something, they can come back to the point of sale and redeem their winnings.
The idea behind such a business is that you do not necessarily have to run your business in a gaming parlor with computers, but instead you offer players the opportunity to use your products wherever they want, because they will play on their mobile phones or tablets.

A great advantage that a web-based business offers is that you can still own a store with computers, but you also allow customers to play at home. If your store gets overcrowded and there are no computers left, you can still sell phone cards or internet time that players can use at their own convenience, by simply having a stable internet connection in any location they want. More than that, players will have the opportunity to use your products even when the store is closed during holidays or during the night. They can play their entries while they are travelling or when they want to relax at home.

Opening a fully web-based sweepstakes business

The web-based sweepstakes solution usually proves to be less expensive than the land-based system, mainly because you do not have to run a gaming parlor. By opening a business that can solely be accessed by internet, you will cut almost all costs related to staff and maintenance. The web-based HTML5 casino sweepstakes software business solution is much easier to maintain than the land-based business, because it is ran online, all by itself.

For a web-based solution, you will simply have to purchase a management platform, the HTML5 games that you desire and open an online point of sale, where customers can buy products with entries for sweepstakes games. After playing, they will be able to redeem the remaining entries online.

Choosing HTML5 games and software for your sweepstakes business

HTML5 technology is starting to become increasingly popular in the online gaming scene. The advantages of using this technology has made HTML5 a favorite among online casino operators and gaming developers. HTML5 internet casino sweepstakes games have attractive animations and effects, and are compatible with a large number of devices: from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets. The most important feature that this technology offers is that it allows users to play from any device, no matter if its a mobile or desktop device.

If you decide to open a sweepstakes business, the HTML5 version of casino-style games will allow you to offer your products to customers who want to play at your gaming parlor, or from anywhere there is a stable internet connection. Other technologies used for game development, such as FLASH, are not compatible with mobile devices that use iOS or Android operating systems. This is why it is important to decide which kind of sweepstakes business you would like to run, whether you prefer a land-based solution or a web-based and mobile solution.

5 May 2015

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