Responsible Online Gaming

23 March 2016

Responsible gaming is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider when you learn how to open an online casino. The principles of responsible gaming refer to protecting vulnerable players, while also providing fair and safe gambling services. There is a large number of rogue casinos on the internet, and you need to inform and assure your customers about the fact that your casino is legitimate.

Responsible gamingEven so, responsible gaming does not only refer to the online casino operators’ capability of demonstrating that their services are fair. Players also need to make sure that they are not exceeding certain limits, and that they are not affected by compulsive gambling.

Proving that your casino is safe

When it comes to putting their money at stake at an online casino, people wonder if their information will be kept private and if they will be able to make secure transactions. Like so, players will always look for any signs that can prove them that your casino is legit. Casino reviews from other players will always be a source of information for your potential casino customers.

Operators who want to know how to open an online casino that attracts players will find out that offering certified software and games, plus a really good customer support, will always bring good reviews in the long run.

Here are the top aspects that you should consider to prove that your casino is safe to use:

  • Secure payment processing systems
  • Random number generator system which proves that the software you use does not cheat
  • Security of player information

Our casino games and software use a random number generator system which assures that the games are fair. Our random number generator system has been certified by iTech Labs.

Obtaining a Gambling License

Another way to demonstrate that your casino is legitimate is by obtaining a gambling license from a gaming authority. Usually, if you want to start an online casino which offers direct real-money transactions, you have to get your casino licensed in a jurisdiction.

When you learn how to open an online casino, you will find out that obtaining a gambling license will imply additional costs, but if you will have your casino overseen and approved by a reputable gaming authority, you will then take advantage of having proof that your casino is 100% safe.

Offer help for problem gambling

Responsible gaming also refers to informing players about the fact that they could suffer from gambling addiction. Problem gambing can seriously affect the lifestyle and health of players, and operators should take a few measures that would at least decrease the risks of excessive gambling.

This issue should be taken seriously, by monitoring players’ behavior while playing at your online casino.

Warning messages that inform your customers that they have been playing for too long should always be available on your website.

More than that, you might want to consider offering players the possibility of self-exclusion for a limited or permanent period of time.

It is also the operator’s responsibility to make sure that the players who gamble online are not under age. The legal age differs from country to country, and it is very important to be aware of the required age limit when players create accounts at your casino.

Using our casino software for responsible gambling

Our casino management software has been designed to offer you all the tools that will help you protect players against problem gambling and comply with all the guidelines required by regulated jurisdictions.

Some of the prevention tools included in our casino management platform include:

  • Problem gambling prevention - operators can monitor player activity and identify compulsive gambling patterns
  • Deposit limits – our software allows players to set deposit amount limits
  • Bet limits – players have the possibility to set certain limits on the amount that they can wager
  • Self-exclusion – if players are faced with compulsive gambling, they have the possibility to block their accounts for certain periods of time
  • Age verification tools – new players need to provide accurate information about their age in order to play games at your online casino


Operators who want to know how to open an online casino will discover that taking action against problem gambling will bring multiple benefits to the casino in the long run.

Offering players the feeling of safety and the possibility to stop when compulsive gambling occurs, will ensure them that you provide a transparent and fair gaming solution.

23 March 2016

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