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    News Blog The New Hawaii Gambling Bill

The New Hawaii Gambling Bill

Throughout the history of Hawaii there has been many attempts to get gambling legalized, but none of those attempts have ever prevailed. There was never enough support in the government for any of the gambling laws to be passed. Now another attempt is being made in the form of bill SB 768. This bill is trying to get the government of Hawaii to start a private Government corporation to oversee gambling in the state.
The corporation would be responsible for interviewing any online internet gambling sites who want to be the provider for Hawaii. They would choose the best organization out of the options that they have and that group would work closely with the government foundation in order to provide a legal form of gambling to the citizens of Hawaii.
The gambling laws would allow anyone over the age of 18 to participate in the gambling, and they also leave room for other states to partner with Hawaii with online gambling in the future.
Support for the Bill
There are plenty of reasons that the bill should be supported in the state. For instance several different programs in Hawaii that are in need of funding would be able to get additional money through gambling.
Public schools would receive more funding that they could use for a better education, medical students could get additional support to pay back their loans, and gambling addicts could get additional help to sort out their problems.
There is also the point that many other states are also considering to legalize online gambling. Some states nearby to Hawaii would end up receiving gambling money that Hawaii could be tapping into instead. Hawaii will be losing out on money that other states are able to benefit from.
Breakdown of Funding
The bill doesn’t make it clear how much of the profits the government is going to receive, but they do layout exactly what the government is going to be able to do with those profits that they do hold onto.
Eighty percent of that money that the government keeps in a fund is going towards education of some sort. 35 percent of the money goes to public education. 10 percent of the money is going to medical students who are willing to work within the state for at least 10 years. They have a hard time paying back loans and the money would help with that issue. Another 10 percent of the money is going towards a residency program for medical students so that they can complete their residency at a low cost to them, and the remaining 25 percent of the school funding will go to University of Hawaii for capital improvements to the system.
The remaining 20 percent of the funding is broken down into three different parts. 10 percent of that money is to protect Hawaii from watershed issues that they are constantly dealing with. Five percent of it is to help reduce problems with gambling addiction, and the remaining five percent covers administration costs of maintaining that fund.
Out of the many gambling bills that have denied before making it into law, this one has a good shot at actually passing, only time will tell whether or not online gambling is legalized in Hawaii.


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