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Things That You Did Not Know About CasinoWebScripts

Here are some things that maybe you did not know about CasinoWebScritps:

1.Our company has developed over 200 casino games, but only 130 are available in our catalogue, because we removed the older titles that did not meet our quality standards any longer.

2.We charge no monthly fees or royalties. This means that you will get to keep 100% of your profit and you will have no monthly expenses with us.

3.Our company has released some games that represent a new concept, such as "Speed Racers" drag race game and "Penalty Challenge". 4.You can vote for new games to help us decide which projects to prioritize and deliver first. You can cast your vote here.

5.We have many discounts and special offers available for our products. You can view all the discounts available here.

6.Our games have been certified by iTechLabs. This means that functionality of the games has been tested and approved and that the payout of the games has been verified to meet profitable standards. At this moment, most of our games return a 98% from total bets, to the player.

7.We offer lifetime support for all of our products, which means that we will fix and investigate any issues that will appear with the products.

8.We can modify or develop any feature for our software. If you require an unique template to be designer, we can do that. If you require certain statistics, we can do that. If you require adjustments to the current software, we can do that. The sky is the limit! 9.We offer customisations to any of our games. That means that we can modify the graphics, sounds or add extra functionality to the game that you want to purchase, if you don't like what we are currently offering.

10.We can create any game that you require. Just give us the details and we can give you a quote. If the game is a popular one, the price will be lower.

11.Every trimester, we create new discounted packages of games that are on sale with larger discounts of 20-25%. You can check the page with our promotional packages here.

12.Our team releases new games every month. We usually release 2-3 games, but there have been months when we released 7-8 or even more games.

13.We have developed many addons for our casino software, such as affiliate programs, slot tournaments feature, facebook login integration, and many more. You can check all of them here.

14.The delivery time for our products is less than 24 hours. This means that after we receive the payment and your server is ready, you should expect your casino to be running in just one day!

15.Our products can be used not only for real money or bitcoin casinos, but also for facebook social casinos or sweepstakes casino gaming, of course, with some adjustments that would be managed by our team.



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