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Top 3-reel Slot Games by CasinoWebScripts

Slot games remain the most popular choice among players who bet money at online or mobile casinos. If you want to open an online casino, you’ll probably think about adding a few slot games to your website.

Any games that you add to your online casino must be supported by a casino management platform, but once you have access to one, you can purchase any games you want and easily integrate them with your gaming site.

Here at CasinoWebScripts, we’ve seen that operators tend to choose a variety of slots, depending on their location and what they expect their clients to like. Like so, 3-reel slots are usually a great choice for players who are just starting to learn about casino slots rules, since it’s easier to get the hang of a slot game with only a few lines.

The fact that these slots only have 3 reels does not mean that they come with fewer features. Like so, you will find 3-reel slots which offer freespins, gamble, or even exciting bonuses.

Some of the most requested slots themes include pirates, classics – including fruits or 777 slots, animals or gangsters.

CasinoWebScripts develops both Flash and HTML5 slot games. Depending on your preferences, you can choose games developed in Flash, which are compatible with desktop computers or laptops, with beautiful, high-quality graphics, or HTML5 games, which are compatible with any kind of device, including smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops and even smart TVs, with the same great-quality graphics.

Here are some of our most popular 3-reel slots, which you can integrate with your online casino.

Classic Fruit Slot

classic fruit slot

The name of this game perfectly describes its theme – it’s a slot game that you could find in casinos in the old days, when the majority of slots were called fruit machines. Fruit symbols are some of the most popular ones among gaming enthusiasts, classics which will always be popular. The retro vibe of the game and the colorful graphics are accompanied by a classic slots tune.

Classic Fruit Slot can be played by gaming enthusiasts with or without experience in casino gaming. Even so, players will discover that this game has been developed with animated graphics and a few features that take it out of the ordinary.

Players can get the chance to enter bonus mode when they receive at least 3 lemon bonus symbols. The bonus created by CasinoWebScripts for this Classic Fruit Slot reveals a retro mini game. The game starts automatically when bonus mode is triggered, and 3 symbols of the same kind must pop up on the screen to win. Players can also get the chance to randomly win one of the three jackpots, when star symbols appear on all reels.

Hot Reels Racers

hot reels racers

Hot Reels Racers is an action-packed slot game, with one of the most popular themes that you can find in video games – car races. The symbols are all elements of a real-life car race, with red, fast cars, wheels, race flags, and even the champion’s cup.

The background of the game reveals an engine on fire, and the buttons, including spin, auto, info and more, are all part of a car’s board. All the symbols of the game are animated each time they form a winning line, and the background tune reminds us of the car races that we watched on TV during the 90’s.

Players can get the chance to enter bonus mode, where they’ll get to bet on which car will win the race. The bonus mode reveals the race track, and the player gets one chance to pick the right car. When it comes to jackpot mode, players can get a mini, major or mega jackpot, randomly.

Reel Cuisine

reel cuisine

This game is perfect for gaming enthusiasts who love food – all sorts of delicious courses and ingredients are revealed on the reels. The mix of flavors, including pizza, pasta, cheeses, tomatoes, croissants and cappuccinos, are all part of this colorful, appetizing 3-reel slot.

The game buttons are all comprised of fruits, and the master chef sits in the left part of the screen with a plate ready to reveal the bonus.

Despite being a 3-reel slot, this game comes with beautiful animations and a wide variety of features. In our live demo version of the game, you can test the bonus, which reveals the secret course presented by the chef. More than that, during the jackpot bonus, the player is invited to spin the Cuisine reel of fortune, and see what goodies can be won – multipliers, freespins, or even one of the three jackpots.

Rich Pirates

rich pirates

Pirate-themed slots have become some of the most requested casino games in the past years. The sneaky pirates who are always looking to conquer more and more treasures are perfect for a casino slot game.

In Rich Pirates’ version of the Caribbean malicious sailors’ story, you’ll get to encounter symbols that reveal their riches and their cruelty – skulls, grandiose ships, black flags and talking parrots complete the picture of this action-packed game. The background, which reveals ships sailing on the stormy sea, and the sound effects will get players right inside the story.

One of the most exciting parts of the game is the bonus – players get to sail the sea along with the pirate ship, and choose which ships they want to rob. It’s also possible for players to win the jackpot, when pirate’s monkey symbols appear on all reel stops.



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