Unique Casino Games vs. Popular Casino Games

30 March 2014


The premise of this article is based on a survey which was taken among gamblers to find out how important the graphics of the games that they play are. The survey was taken on a large scale of over 100,000 casino players, from all over the world.
Over 80% of the poll takers responded that when they see a new game released at a casino that they visit often, they make an extra deposit just to test the new titles and see how they pay. If they get a win, they surely come back to the same game anytime in the future when they feel lucky and want to see how favorable the odds are towards them.

What do the players want?

Most casino players like new content, new promotions and especially new games with unique graphics.
Eventually players get bored of playing same games over and over again, so to increase their fun, new titles need to be offered to them. A solution for this would be to contact a casino game developer and have unique games developed.

Competition and its standards

In the gambling industry, there are over 1,000 licensed online casinos, most of them having the exact same games from giants like PlayTech or MicroGaming that have been in this industry for decades and offered perfect casino products.

The top 10 casinos (with the most active players) in the world offer games from these giants. The only difference between the top 10 casinos that use these games and a casino that uses the same games, but is located lower on the podium, is made by the total investment of its owners in marketing.
If you were to start a casino using the products of these giants, you would be competing with same products against a casino that offers same products as you, but it is more popular than you. So how can you beat that? You can’t, unless you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing and beat their marketing investment score.
That means that the competition is not between the products that each casino offers (since they are the same), but between the promotions offered and the money they invest in marketing and into building a reputation for their casino, since all of them offer the same games that might be considered boring by a player that gambled a lot of money recently and probably experienced the best looking titles of each casino, or easier said, the best looking titles of each casino developer.

How to succeed?

Now imagine if in the equation above you bring something else. You bring new games, with new graphics, new sounds, new payouts and of course some promotions along. You will be a winner already and there will be many players that will make a deposit at your casino at least to try out the unique games that you offer. Once attracted by uniqueness, they will surely enjoy their stay and come back, because the games we develop are not just unique, but also addictive. The main focus when we build a game is on quality and features. We like to put ourselves in the skin of the player and think from their perspective and not from a developer’s perspective, because it’s the player that brings the money at your casino.

New games

Every month, we do our job and release new challenging and attractive titles. We do not release games just to have a new unique title. We build quality as well. So far we have created over 200 casino games, and we have kept the best 130 in our online catalogue.
Our products are also certified by iTechLabs to prove the fairness of each casino operation to the players.

Custom development

Besides this, we also offer custom development. This means that every game available on our website can be customized to meet your requirements and have its graphics, layout or language modified.


We have decided to use one of the most popular and secure web-server languages, PHP, which is used by Wikipedia, Facebook and Wordpress, so that every client that will purchase our products for the purpose of integrating them with an existing casino, to be able to do so without experiencing any difficulties. We also offer support and a detailed documentation that comes in hand when integration with an existing product is needed.

Our software - an unique solution

In all our efforts to bring something new and better to the casino industry, we did not develop just games, but we also developed a reliable casino software with a lot of built-in security, scalability and marketing features. The software we have created comes with many statistics and features that can only be found in some of the best management systems. You can read more here.

Support and delivery

All our products come with lifetime support, no setup fees and with no monthly fees. The products you buy from us can be used for the next 100 years without paying anything else to us than the initial purchase price.
The estimated time required to launch a casino using our products is less than 1 week.
After receiving the payment for our products, the installation is made within 24 hours.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

30 March 2014

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