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    News Blog US Gaming Enthusiasts Waiting for Online Casino Legalisation

US Gaming Enthusiasts Waiting for Online Casino Legalisation

Gaming enthusiasts who are anxious to see more casinos in several American states, like Florida, could soon start placing bets online instead of traveling to land-based gambling establishments. Rumors have it that the Congress could made it possible for American citizens to finally be able to gamble at American online casinos, even starting next year. Up to now, no less than three gambling bills have been brought forward to the Congress in 2013. Even if none of them has been passed yet, regulators are starting to become interested in how the legalization of internet gambling could influence the US economy in a positive manner.

Despite the fact that we are not expecting to see politicians pass a bill this year, entrepreneurs who want to open online casinos should start preparing for the development of the US online gaming industry in the years to come. Geoff Freeman, head of the American Gaming Association, explained in an interview that an internet gaming bill in America will be passed someday, due to the fact the demand of this type of services is increasing each year, and the desire of consumers cannot be changed. American citizens are already gambling at offshore online casinos, no less than $3 billion being wagered at such companies in 2012.

Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, the first three states that legalized online gambling, served as an example to at least eight American states that pushed for internet gaming legalization in 2013. But such a variety of laws could be replaced by a federal law that would set national standards, which would be a more lucrative solution for gamblers, operators who open online casinos and the government. One way or another, more gambling is to be seen in the future.

For operators interested in opening online casinos, CasinoWebScripts has put together a complete solution that includes a top management software used in many online casinos and over 130 casino games from all genres. Until further bills will be passed, operators have the option of opening a Bitcoin casino, which can later be converted to a normal casino, with absolutely no extra costs.


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