Using Vertcoin for an Online Casino

19 April 2018

vertcoin casino

What is Vertcoin?

Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency that can serve as an alternative payment method for your online casino. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are already on the market, and players have shown increasing interest for online casinos which allow cryptocurrency transactions. Vertcoin is a concept which aims to improve some of the downsides of Bitcoin.

One of the most promising features of Vertcoin is the VertVersa tool, which allows you to use Vertcoin, while paying the merchant in Bitcoin.

A Vertcoin casino is very similar to a Bitcoin casino, but it does come with certain differences. Even so, this digital currency has been developed with a peer-to-peer structure, with blockchains, sharing foundations with Bitcoin.

Vertcoin comes with a few extra features which make it more efficient than Bitcoin when it comes to privacy and mining power. Bitcoin, despite being promoted as a fully-private cryptocoin, requires entering an address into the public ledger. This way, players’ transactions can be searched by using that address. On the other hand, Vertcoin creates anonymous, stealth addresses, which can’t be traced back to a wallet. People who invest in cryptocurrencies are always looking for that privacy factor, with fewer safety risks.

Vertcoin also uses the Lighting Network, which allows faster transactions. Despite remaining the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin transactions can still take a few days to be completed. The Lightning Network allows moving the bulk of transactions off the blockchain for quicker processing.

Vertcoin also comes with a better-controlled mining process. The system has the power to mine more than one Vertcoin at a time, while the mining power still remains decentralized.

The unique feature that a Vertcoin casino would benefit from is the VertVersa feature. It has been developed as an instant-exchange feature, which allows you to use the Vertcoin wallet as a Bitcoin wallet. VertVersa basically allows you to send Vertcoins and receive Bitcoins at the same spot value. Like so, players can easily go straight to Bitcoin, without having to pass through multiple merchants.

How to start a Vertcoin casino?

Since our team at CasinoWebScripts offers operators the possibility to integrate any cryptocurrency using our API, you can easily open a gaming website using Vertcoin. Our casino software platform provides all the necessary tools to keep your Vertcoin casino safe for both you and the players.

When it comes to casino games, all the games from our collection can be easily modified to be compatible with Vertcoin. You can choose any of the games from our portfolio: slots, card games, dice, roulette, arcade, and many more. All of our games come with provably fair technology. Our software and games have been tested by iTech Labs and BMM Labs, which means that they meet the latest international gaming standards.

If you’re looking to open a Vertcoin casino on a budget, you can open a basic casino with just one or two provably fair games. Some of the most successful cryptocurrency casinos of this kind use games such as Roulette, Video Poker or Blackjack. All of these games are provably fair.

The interesting option that you can choose is to create an online casino which allows payments with various cryptocurrencies. This way, players can still use the renowned Bitcoin or Litecoin, while those who know more about Vertcoin can choose to make transactions using this cryptocoin.

Is it worth starting a Vertcoin casino?

Vertcoin is a fairly new cryptocurrency on the market. Using a new cryptocurrency can sometimes make people hesitate, due to the lack of knowledge about its security and advantages. There are hundreds, probably thousands of cryptocurrencies developed with each day that passes, and it’s difficult to know which one will survive.

However, Vertcoin comes with interesting features that might catch the attention of online casino players. One of its biggest advantages is the VertVersa system, which allows players to make transactions without having to go through an exchange.

Another big plus to consider is the fact that the Vertcoin system uses ‘stealth addresses’ that are displayed on the public ledger, instead of more personal details.

All in all, Vertcoin is an interesting alternative to Bitcoin for an online casino. The cryptocoin has recently seen a rise in price, one of the main factors including the possibility of cross-chain atomic swaps between Bitcoin and Vertcoin. This process implies being able to swap these coins directly, without having to resort to a third party.

19 April 2018

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