What You Need to Know about Custom Casino Games Development

27 October 2017

custom casino games development

If you’re looking to start your online casino, custom casino games development might be an interesting option for your new business. Many online casino operators purchase games from the same providers with the idea of having a business that appeals to everyone. The online casino scene is currently oversaturated with the same casino games from the same providers, while players are continuously looking for innovative ways of entertainment.

This is how a custom casino games development option could be of interest for online casino operators who are looking to put their ideas into practice and offer new products for the online gaming industry. Have you ever thought of an online casino game that you couldn’t find anywhere? We’re sure that there are a lot of great ideas which haven’t been put into practice, since it is much easier for casino software providers to simply sell a set of products, without actually customizing them according to operators’ suggestions.

CasinoWebScripts’ casino software developers currently offer custom casino development options which include platform customizations and game development. Customers can choose to have certain backend/frontend features modified or have new features developed uniquely for them. These features include special bonuses, special promotions, marketing tools, statistical tools and many other options.

With a custom casino games development option, your casino will outshine any other online gaming site by offering a unique product that can be played only at your casino.

It is true that custom casino games development can come with higher costs than just purchasing pre-made casino games, but if you have some great ideas, our casino games developers can help you create your ideal casino website. Here are some of the most frequent questions that people ask when it comes to custom casino games development.

1. How long does it take to create a custom-made casino game?

Our casino software developers explained that developing a new casino game can take from a week to a month, or even more, depending on the complexity of the game that you’re willing to create. If you want us to develop a game from scratch, a game with new rules, entirely new graphics and sound effects, and different mathematics, an estimated delivery time will be communicated after you give us all the details.

On the other hand, you have the option to request, for example, a new slot game with different graphics and a different set of reels (which means different RTP and hit frequency), then this would take around two weeks. You can have an original game without having to think of new rules and mathematics, just give us some hints about what you’d like, and we’ll make it happen.

2. What kind of games can you provide with custom casino games development?

One of the most popular requests from operators is developing new slot games with unique themes that only their casino would have. Operators who are looking for custom casino games development also ask us to create popular local games which do not have an online version. These are mostly card games, but if you know a game which is popular in your region or country, suitable for online gaming, you can explain to us the rules and the design of this game, and we’ll transform it into the ideal game for your online casino.

3. What are the costs for custom casino games development?

The costs to develop a custom slot game depend on the complexity of the game (graphics specifications, RTP requirements, and more) and if exclusivity is requested or not. If we can sell the game to other customers, then the price would start at 2000 EUR. If the game would be developed exclusively for you, then the price would start at 6000 EUR. Developing other games, like card games, starts at 3000 EUR for games that are played by the player vs the casino house.

4. Can you create a custom Bitcoin game?

Cryptocurrencies are continuously growing, and we know that the online casino world has embraced this trend ever since its beginnings. Custom casino games development for a cryptocurrency website can range from modifying our current games and platform to be optimized for cryptocurrency solutions, or creating a completely new set of games that are suitable for this type of business.

For cryptocurrencies, operators seem to prefer creating a dedicated website with 1-3 games that have simple rules and where players can bet using Bitcoins or other virtual coins. Some of the most popular solutions requested by operators have been the one-game sites, similar to the ultra-popular Satoshi Dice. It’s not necessary to create a dice game – easy-to-play card games, or even mini roulette games have also been chosen for one-game Bitcoin gaming sites.

27 October 2017

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