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(4 Jul 2018)




  • Release date: 23 Mar 2011
    Last update: 4 Jul 2018
  • Loading time: 10-20sec READ MORE
  • Default Language: English
  • Provably Fair : NO
  • Client Requirements: FLASH PLAYER READ MORE
  • Server Requirements: PHP+MySQL READ MORE
  • Game rules READ MORE
  • CHIP/COIN SIZE: 0.01-10000.00


We can convert this game from FLASH to HTML5, after you purchase it, with no additional costs for the conversion, if you also buy at least 10 other HTML5 games from our website.

This game can be purchased only through one of our existing packages listed under our PRICES page. Click here to see the available packages.
If you already have a casino software and you want to buy just games from us (or if you are already our customer), please contact us for the list with the prices of each game, describing your requirement and budget.

NOTE: Our games include more than just the graphics and client-side HTML5 code with animations and buttons. These are the most important other features:

-GLI-19 certified RNG and algorithms that guarantee a profitable RTP (payout) on long term, implemented using PHP code for security. The theoretical RTP (payout) of every game is calculated and displayed on our website;

-all operations take place on the server-side allowing the bet to be deducted safely from the player account balance, if he has enough funds. The winnings are also added automatically to the player account balance and recorded to the database;

-gameplay history tracking and gameplay replay option allowing players/staff to understand how a previous game progressed and how it ended;

-possibility for the player to resume the gameplay round if he disconnected and if he was in the middle of a freespin round, bonus round or cards were dealt on the table (blackjack, video poker, etc.);

-our company name (Powered by CWS/CasinoWebScripts.com) text will be removed from inside the games;

-compatibility with our casino software, allowing you to open a real money/cryptocurrency or virtual funds casino at any time;

-compatibility with our RGS - Remote Gaming Server software add-on, allowing you to offer the games to other operators via API, monitor their revenue and charge them a percentage from their revenue;

-compatibility with any other software by using our Self-Hosted API (you do not need to buy our software if you buy this API, but you must pay for each game that you want);

-compatibility with our bonus code system, achievements rewards and leaderboard features ;

-possibility to send in-game messages/bonus codes through the backend panel to any player;

-possibility to add bonus funds (with our without rollover requirement), bonus freespins (with win limit and rollover - only for slot games) through the backend panel to any player;

-all the source code will be hosted on your webserver, without any dependency towards our company and our servers;

-option to upgrade to full HTML5 source code + documentation, for an extra price at any time (mentioned as SOURCE CODE PRICE throughout our website), allowing you to edit the game logo, graphics, sounds, animations, features, etc.;

IMPORTANT: The PHP code will be partially encrypted and locked to 1 web domain of your choosing. The HTML5 code will be obsfucated (cannot be edited), unless you buy the source code version. Contact us for HTML5 Source Codes prices!

The purpose of the source codes version is to:
-grant you access to edit the game's paytable (but not the whole PHP algorithms);
-let you customize the game (replace graphics, replace sounds, add your own brand, add logos, advertisement, create new animations, add new events, etc.);
The purpose of the source codes is not to edit 1 game and create unlimited games from our game. If you buy 1 game with source codes, you will receive 1 game license and you will not be able to copy the files and create more games from it and neither resell the code. If this is your intention, please contact us for a different pricing.


Get your own groovy farm and see if you can handle it while playing Barnyard Party MultiSpin Slots. This is a joyful and colorful 1 REEL, 1 payline slot game, which will immediately brighten your day, and it will also help your establish your farming skills. What is more, it has a lovely song theme and it presents interesting symbols too, such as chicken, sheep, horses and hens. The best part is that they’re all animated.
The shades and the detailing of this game are great, and you will never become bored with it. Also, it has never been easier to win the jackpot. You just have to get as many horses or hens at once, and your bet will immediately go up. Likewise, the sheep is the joker, and it will multiply your gains, so hopefully you will get it often. Barnyard Party MultiSpin Slots are a fun and relaxing way to have a good time making some money.


Click here to enable the scrollbar for the rules section.
To start playing SLOTS, start the game, choose your bet value and press SPIN.
Total bet is equal to bet * coins. Total bet will be deducted from your balance upon pressing SPIN.
Total win will be added to your credit balance after all the animations are completed and/or after the COLLECT button is pressed.

-Auto(Autoplay): will automatically SPIN and collect using the current number of lines and betperline, until your credit balance will not allow another SPIN, or until STOP button is pressed.
-Bet: the amount you will wager for each active payline;
-Bet One: will adjust the selected number of coins.
-Bet Max: will set the selected number of coins to the maximum possible value (value 5);
-Exit: will exit the game and redirect to main casino page;
-Credits: your current balance, in credits;
-Win: represents the amount you have currently won from the active paylines;

If the symbols form a winning combination as per the paytable, you win!
Payline winnings vary according to the amount of total bet and the combination of symbols achieved. The winnings for each set of symbols are listed on the paytable, inside the game, on the top area.
Only the highest winning combination is paid.
If 3 identical symbols are found on the reels, displayed anywhere, you win the paytable value for 3 of a kind for the matching symbol.


The game has two WILD symbols, which also act as win moltipliers.
Symbol 9 will act as WILD symbol and will also moltiply the total win by x2.
Symbol 10 will act as WILD symbol and will also moltiply the total win by x6.
Only the highest win moltiplier is applied.

The WILD symbols act as substitute for any paying symbol, but only once.
EG: WILDx2 DYNAMITE SHERIFF STAR WILDx6 will trigger a win only for the SHERIFF STAR symbol which will then be moltiplied by x6.

4x WILD symbols on an active payline will pay nothing.

  1. If you have 4 wilds (which pay nothing): re-spin only reel 3;
  2. If you have 3 wilds: hold them, and re-spin the other unless:
    1. If the non-wild is a S3, hold it and don’t re-spin;
  3. If you have 2 wilds: hold them, and re-spin the others unless:
    1. If you have a pair of S3, S4, S5 or S6 hold them (re-spin lower pairs),
    2. If you have a single S3, S4, or S5 hold it (re-spin lower singles);
  4. If you have only 1 wild: hold it, and re-spin the others unless:
    1. If you have a triple, hold it (no re-spin),
    2. If you have a pair of S3, S4, S5, S6, or S7 hold them,
    3. If you have a pair of S8 and a S3, hold only the S3. With no S3 you should hold the S8.
    4. If you have a pair of S9 on reels 1 and 2, keep them (but not on other reels),
    5. If you have a single S3, S4, or S5, keep it,
  5. If you have no wilds: re-spin all unless:
    1. If you have 4 of a kind, keep it (no re-spin),
    2. If you have a triple, hold it (re-spin the other reel),
    3. If you have a pair of S3, S4, S5, S6, or S7, keep it and re-spin the others,
    4. If you have a pair of S8, S9, or S1 0 on reels 1 and 2 only, then keep them and re-spin reels 3 and 4;
  6. If you have no wilds, no doubles, and haven’t held anything yet, hold a single reel if:
    1. reel 1 has a S3, S4, S5, or S6, hold reel 1, or if
    2. reel 2 has a S3, S4, S5, S6, or S7, hold reel 2, or if
    3. reel 3 has a S3, S4, S8, S9, or S1 0, hold reel 3, or if
    4. reel 4 has a S3, S4, S8, S9, or S1 0, hold reel 4;
  7. Otherwise hold nothing (re-spin all).

1.Game Client crashes that happen during the second spin will resolt in a completed gameplay and the win shall be credited to the player account(if there was a win). The resolts of the gameplay can be viewed in the gameplay logs.
2.Game Client crashes that happen during the first spin will resolt in an incompleted gameplay and bet loss.

The payouts for any symbol can be viewed on the top area of the game, or below:


We can perform the following changes to this game, in order to make it unique (charges apply):

  • Translate the game to your native language - 300€
  • Add your company logo inside the game - 200€
  • Change game background - contact us for details
  • Change the game logo, background, sounds - contact us for details
  • Change game name and logo only - this way your game will be an unique product - 500 €
  • Adjust paytable values and recalculate RTP - 300€ (FREE one time per slot game)
  • Adjust reels configuration and recalculate RTP and HIT frequency - 1,000€

If you buy this game with source codes, then you will have the possibility to do most of the changes listed above, by yourself.



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