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4 Jul 2018


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27,027,027 spins)


  • Release date: 1 Aug 2014
    Last update: 4 Jul 2018
  • Loading time: 10-20sec READ MORE
  • Default Language: English
  • Provably Fair : YES
  • Client Requirements: FLASH PLAYER READ MORE
  • Server Requirements: PHP+MySQL READ MORE


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Price: 1900€


Scatter Beach Party is a 5 reel video slot designed in the relaxing Hawaiian style featuring a calming atmosphere. In the course of the game players have a chance to bet on up to 25 paylines, win up to 15 free spins with three or more Scatters on the reels and challenge their luck in obtaining a RESPIN or even the grand Jackpot.


Click here to enable the scrollbar for the rules section.
To start playing SLOTS, start the game, choose your betperline value, the number of paylines you want to play and press SPIN.
Total bet is equal to betperline * lines(active paylines). Total bet will be deducted from your balance upon pressing SPIN.
Total win is calculated based on the sum of the wins from each active payline. Total win will be added to your credit balance after all win line animations are completed and/or after the COLLECT button is pressed.

-Auto(Autoplay): will automatically SPIN and collect using the current number of lines and betperline, until your credit balance will not allow another SPIN, or until STOP button is pressed.
The number of autoplays may not exceed 25 in one batch.
Gamble is not available in Autoplay.
If RESPIN is triggered, Autoplay will automatically STOP;
If Freespins Mode is triggered, Autoplay will automatically STOP;
-Fast Play: will enable you to play very fast spins, where the duration of spinning each reel will be reduced to half. Compatible with Autoplay;
-Paytable: will open the paytable and game info page;
-Bet per line: the amount you will wager for each active payline;
-Lines: the number of paylines on which you will wager the betperline;
-Exit: will exit the game and redirect to main casino page;
-Max Bet: will set the betperline to maximum possible value and active paylines to maximum number of lines;
-Credits: your current balance, in credits;
-Win: represents the amount you have currently won from the active paylines;

If the symbols form a winning combination as per the paytable, on one of the active paylines, you win!
Payline winnings vary according to the amount of betperline and the combination of symbols achieved. The winnings for each set of symbols are listed on the paytable, inside the game.
Only the highest winning combination on each selected payline is paid.
Simultaneous wins on different selected paylines are all added to the credit balance.
Payline wins are multiplied by the amount bet per line.
All winning combinations pay only from left to right, except SCATTERS (see FREESPIN MODE section and RESPIN section).

Gamble your win after each gameplay, to gain double or nothing!
Upon entering gamble mode, you can GAMBLE by clicking on RED or BLACK. Your previous win will be deducted from your balance. If you win, your reward will become 2x previous win, and will be added to your balance upon clicking COLLECT. If you lose, your winnings will be lost and gamble mode will exit.
If you click COLLECT, the previous win will be added to your balance and gamble mode will be closed.
If the color of the revealed card will match the color you have selected (BLACK or RED), then you win, otherwise you lose.
Maximum 5 gambles in a row are allowed. After the 5th gamble, the wins will be automatically collected and added to your balance and gamble mode will be closed.
You cannot gamble wins from FREESPIN mode or Progressive Jackpot.

The Jackpot can be won randomly by spinning the reels, during normal play or freespin mode, then SCATTER symbols will appear on all reel stops. No Freespins will be awarded when the Jackpot will be won.
The total Jackpot pool increases by 5% from total bet, everytime a bet is placed.
The JACKPOT is equal to 100% of the Jackpot Pool.
When the jackpot is won, the won amount is deducted from the jackpot pool, and the jackpot values are recalculated.
No simultaneous wins of same JACKPOT value are possible.EG: two players cannot win both the JACKPOT worth 500 CREDIT, at the same time. The first player will get a win of 500 CREDIT, and then the JACKPOT is recalculated and the second player gets a different amount.
The chances of winning the Progressive Jackpot increase based on the value of your total bet.
The Jackpot Pool is not affected by any bets or wins, when the game is played in FUN MODE.

If a player wins the Jackpot, then the pool is reset.
A re-seed pool(not visible) increases by 0.5% from total bet, each time a bet is placed. When the Jackpot is won, the re-seed pool is transferred to the jackpot pool, and the re-seed pool becomes 0.

Progressive limit
MEGA JACKPOT limit is equal to 50,000 CREDITS (can be modified from backend)
The jackpot pool will not exceed this value..


2x or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger a RESPIN.
Respins cannot be re-triggered.
3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger 15 and a RESPIN.If during the RESPIN, the jackpot is won, then the 15 are not triggered anymore.
If 15 were given with the spin that triggered the RESPIN, then the RESPIN will not reward another 15.
One or more scatter symbols on each reel will trigger the JACKPOT, but no RESPIN. This will not trigger 15 either.
During the RESPIN, the reels that have SCATTER on them will not spin (they will remain static), while the other reels will spin.
No credit is deducted from the player balance during the RESPIN.
When the RESPIN is triggered, the reels with scatters are held in position while the other reels spin again.  Line pays are calculated and paid both before and after the re-spin.  If one or more new scatters appear after the reels are re-spun, then free spins are won as usual, unless freespins have been won with the spin that triggered the RESPIN.  Re-spins are triggered both in the base game and in free spins.


Freespins can be gained when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen, during base game or freespin mode, except when winning the Progressive Jackpot (when you win randomly the Progressive Jackpot, Scatter symbols will appear all over the screen). Freespins are not activated then.
Freespins mode is started after the RESPIN round ends.
Freespins can be retriggered during Freespin Mode.
The value of betperline in Freespin mode is equal to the value of the betperline that you used before entering any RESPIN or triggering the freespins.
The number of paylines in Freespin mode is equal to the number of paylines that you used before entering any respin or triggering the freespins.
When 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere in the screen, you are rewarded with 15.
When Freespin mode will complete, a popup displaying your total win in the Freespin mode will be revealed.
If one or more scatter symbols will appear on each reel, then the Jackpot will be won, but no freespins will be rewarded, as well as no RESPIN.
All the wins obtained during Freespin mode will be multiplied by xIn Freespin mode all wins are multiplied by x2.


The WILD symbol acts as substitute for any paying symbol, except SCATTER.
5x WILD symbols on an active payline will pay nothing.
The WILD symbol does not contribute to triggering FREESPINS or RESPIN; however it will contribute to the payout of the symbols that it will replace.
EG: WILD SCATTER SCATTER symbols on an active payline, will not trigger RESPIN and will not pay any amount. WILD S5 WILD will reward the paying amount for S5 symbol.{EXPANDING_WILD}DISCONNECTIONS:
1.Respins that were stopped and were disrupted due to client or internet connection issues, cannot be restored.
2.Freespins that got cancelled and were disrupted due to client or internet connection issues, can be restored upon restarting the game.
3.Game Client crashes that happen during the reel spin will result in a completed gameplay and the win shall be credited to the player account(if there was a win). The results of the gameplay can be viewed in the gameplay logs.
4.Game Client crashes that happen during the Progressive Jackpot reward will result in a completed gameplay and the Jackpot reward shall be credited to the player account. The results of the gameplay can be viewed in the gameplay logs.
5.Game Client crashes that happen during Gamble will result in a completed gameplay and the win shall be credited to the player account(if there was a win). The results of the gameplay can be viewed in the gameplay logs.

The available paylines for this game are:

The payouts for any symbol can be viewed by clicking on the symbol from the game screen.
The paytable can be found by clicking on the PAYTABLE button from inside the game, or it can be viewed by clicking here.



We can perform the following changes to this game, in order to make it unique (extra costs apply):

  • Translate the game to your preferred language - 500€
  • Add your company name (just text) inside the game - 150€
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  • Change game name and logo of the game only - this way your game will be an unique product (only available for slots and a few other games) - 400 €
  • Change game background - contact us for details
  • Change the game logo, background, sounds - contact us for details
  • Adjust paytable values and recalculate RTP - 300€ (FREE one time per slot game)
  • Adjust reels configuration and recalculate RTP and HIT frequency - 1000€
  • Change the jackpot settings of the game so that all the games will have 1 global jackpot or 1 jackpot per agent location - contact us for details

If you buy this game with source codes, then you will have the possibility to do most of the changes listed above, by yourself.


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