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HTML5 Mobile Casino Games

The HTML5 mobile casino games that we have developed are compatible with all the existing media devices, including desktop computers, laptops, mobile smartphones, blackberry devices, smart TVs and tablets. The games will automatically resize in order to cover the full screen of the device, providing the best gaming experience.
The users will be able to play these games from any device that they own, by simply accessing the casino website in their browsers and opening the game. No extra programs must be downloaded to play the games.
For mobile gaming, we recommend Safari, Chrome or Firefox mobile browsers. For Desktop gaming, we recommend Chrome and Firefox.
If you need Android downloadable app or iOS downloadable app, we can provide you with that, allowing the users to open this app and access your casino, instead of using their mobile web browsers.

A permanent internet connection is required to permit the games to communicate with the webserver, because the source code is located on the webserver, where all the important calculations take place, for security reasons.

The games are also compatible with our provably fair system.

All of our games represent more than just graphics. They use smart algorithms to generate profit, they are compatible with our achievements feature, with our bonus programs, they log all the data in the backend to be replayed easily. Click here to read more.

IMPORTANT: All the code will be installed on your server. The PHP code will be partially encrypted and locked to 1 web domain of your choosing, to prevent unauthorized redistribution. The HTML5 code will be encrypted (cannot be edited), unless you buy the HTML5 "Source Code" version. Contact us for HTML5 "Source Codes" prices!

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What is HTML5?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and this technology has been around for over 20 years. With HTML we are able to create websites, embed animations, video clips and other multimedia content.
On October 2014, it reached its most recent version, HTML5, which allows the delivery of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) such as games with attractive animations and effects.
HTML5 also supports multimedia content and provides features for allowing the scriptable rendering of 2D shapes.

One of the key advantages is that since HTML5 is capable of rendering multimedia content without the necessity of installing a plugin or a player application, this technology aims at replacing other rich internet application (RIA) platforms, such as Adobe Flash and Unity. The HTML5 source code is capable of running on any computer as well as on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices, iPad, tablets and smartphones, some of which cannot run Flash.

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HTML5 is supported on all modern browsers. All the smart TVs, tablets, phones and computers manufactured in the last 5 years support HTML5.

Loading time

The filesize of the source code of an HTML5 game that we developed is on average ~20mb, which is a very small cost for the quality provided. This represents the bandwidth that will be consumed by a user, to enjoy the game. All the assets of our games are grouped in a smart way in order to reduce the number of HTTP requests and finish loading each game faster. The assets of each game are cached by the web browser, allowing the game to be opened much faster after the 2nd loading.

Flash games vs HTML5 games

Advantages of HTML5 games compared to Flash:
-Cross-browser support: HTML5 is a language supported by almost all media devices, which means that once the game is uploaded to the casino server, it can be played from any device connected to the internet that has a web browser which supports HTML5;
-There is no need for any further configurations or files installations so that the game can be played on Android or iOS devices;
-Better overall performance. HTML5 uses less CPU power, which is why it works best for mobile devices, as it will drain the battery life much slower;

FLASH was never supported on iOS devices. Since 2012, FLASH is no longer supported on Android devices, which is why HTML5 became so important, as it is the only web language that allows us to create attractive effects and games for mobile devices, that are playable directly from the web browser. Even if it doesn't offer as many things as FLASH does, it is the main option for mobile gaming. Starting 2020, FLASH will no longer be supported by default inside many web browsers and it can be run only if it is manually installed.


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