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Last update: 20 Apr 2015
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The online casino software that we have created (also known as the Casino Management Platform) was built to provide all the required tools for any person that wants to create and manage an online casino.

The first thing we had in mind when developing our product was security and scalability (we wanted our casino software to handle the growing amount of users and gameplays at any online casino that uses our platform). By doing a fast search on Google, you will find that PHP is used by more than 80% of the online websites today (including FaceBook, WikiPedia and Yahoo), a very important detail which convinced us to use it for our platform. Along with MySQL, one of the best database scripting languages, we managed to put together a system which is not only secure and scalable, but it is also very easy to use and offers many features for managing an online casino. We are working on our online casino software ever since was launched, in 2009. We have made many improvements to the platform by periodically optimizing its source code, implementing new features and making sure its functionality and security are flawless, so that today we can call it a complete casino software solution. Even so, the platform is still improved and monitored daily, in order to compete with the best casinos.

Our online casino software comes with a fully detailed documentation file, which will guide the casino owner to install the platform, configure it and easily manage it. The documentation also offers details for further development using the source code which will be provided upon purchase.

You will find out that our platform is not just a complete casino software solution, but it is also a very profitable management option. It can be used to track the payout of the games in real-time, the revenue of agents and to monitor all the profit generated by the casino. We do not ask for any monthly shares from the profit you will gain by using our management platform. If you buy our casino software, you will have full control over your casino (control your profit by adjusting the symbol distribution and paytable values and the payout percentage), as well as full privacy.
All our products come with lifetime support included for free.

Main features of our casino software
(web interface + backend administrator panel for online casino)

CasinoWebScripts Casino Software General Features

  • We ask 0% monthly fees/royalties from your revenue;
  • The casino database will be privately hosted on your server (upon purchase you will receive MySQL database schema and db entries);
  • Free mobile responsive template included similar to the one from our demo site;
  • Multi-templating system (change the current website template using the backend administrator panel). More templates to choose from are available here. Custom design services are also available;
  • Ajax frontend and backend, optimized for search engines, with back/forward functionality;
  • Lifetime technical support included for the online casino software and for the casino games that you will buy;
  • Installation wizard included, which will help you install the casino script in less than a few minutes;
  • 1 web domain license (contact us for multiple domain licenses);
  • Lifetime license included (this means that you can use our products as long as you wish, for more than 100 years);
  • Multi-language backend administrator panel (english ONLY by default. Over 24 other languages available for extra costs. You can see our rates here.);
  • Multi-language website (english ONLY by default. Over 24 other languages available for extra costs. You can see our rates here.);
  • Advanced search filter for generating reports in the administrator panel;
  • Games : NO GAMES INCLUDED free with the software - you must buy games from our games collection here. Each game has unique price.
  • Payment Methods : NO PAYMENT MERCHANT INTEGRATION BY DEFAULT (any payment option can be integrated with your casino. You can see our rates here.);
  • Internet cafe compatible casino software. Our software can also be used as an Internet Cafe product, where an operator can assemble a local casino operation using standard PCs;
  • Anti-Bankruptcy RTP. The complex payout logic of our games has been implemented to prevent casino bankruptcy and to guarantee profit on long-term business activity;
  • Can be used for sweepstakes business;
  • Can be used for any land based casino or gaming business;
  • Server monitoring tools included to monitor memory and CPU usage of your casino's server;
  • Detailed technical documentation for the online casino software;
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) compatibility;
  • Scalable software to handle over 5000 (five thousand) gameplays per second, which equals to more than 1 million active users per month. You can read more details here;

CasinoWebScripts Casino Software Flexibility Features

  • Most of our games are provably fair, while the others are just fair and certified by iTech Labs. Our casino platform allows any player to verify the fairness of his gameplays and to see the hashed string and all the seeds used, if the provably fair mode is enabled;
  • Before launching your casino, we can reconfigure the payout percentage of some of our games, to fit your requirements much better. Contact us for more details!
  • You can change the maximum bet and the coin sizes allowed for each game, this way reducing the maximum amount of money that you should have reserved for payouts to the winners.

CasinoWebScripts Casino Software Security Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication for administrator panel available;
  • Anti brute-force hacking attempts;
  • Anti Bucket-Brigade hacking attempts;
  • Built-in Risk Management features which will help the casino operator to prevent exposure to high risk factors. This is done through the following features:
    -bet limitations for each game (set min/max bet from the backoffice administrator panel);
    -self-imposed exclusions; user can close his account for X days;
    -self-imposed limitations; user can set his own deposit, wagering, loss and session duration limits;
    -system-imposed exclusions; admin can close any user account for X days;
    -system-imposed limitations, admin can set deposit and withdrawal limits;
    -responsible gambling messages are showed every 1 hour;
    -fraud and anti-money-laundering verifications are automatically performed and alerts are showed when these are detected;
  • Deny access to any IP or IP range, from accessing the website or the backoffice administrator panel (this feature can be managed from the backend backoffice administrator panel);
  • Automatically block an IP after too many failed login attempts, to prevent brute-force hacking, using the backend backoffice administrator panel;
  • Automatically restrict an user from registering more than than 2 accounts (this limit can be easily increased upon request);
  • Possibility to block users from using bonus codes. This can be done through the administrator panel;
  • Possibility to blacklist any IP, Credit Card, Email or Email domain. The blacklisted entries will show a warning to remember you that the user broke the casino terms and take measures in the future like banning the user from using bonus codes or banning his account for a limited time or not allowing him to make deposits through the blacklisted Credit Cards;
  • Our casino software uses a built-in RNG (Random Number Generator using PHP library, certified by iTech Labs) to prevent players from predicting the casino odds;
  • Our casino software is certified and secured against all known web and server vulnerabilities;
  • All passwords are securely stored in the database, protected using a highly secured one-way cryptographic algorithm;
  • Latest PHP coding techniques, improving the efficiency and optimization of the entire system;
  • Built-in functionality to prevent multiple users to login from same account;
  • Multi-account detection tools to prevent abuse of the casino services;
  • Over 150 areas in the administrator panel for detailed tracking and management of the casino activity;
  • Possibility to backup the database from the backoffice administrator panel;
  • Allow only players over 18 years old to register (21 years for Estonian players);
  • Email change confirmation request. To prevent user account theft, we have implemented some user extra security measures: when changing his email address, the user must login to his email address and approve the changes by clicking on the confirmation link;
  • IP change authorization: The user can turn ON/OFF a feature from his account, to require email authorization to login to his account, every time his IP changes;

CasinoWebScripts Casino Software Financial Features

  • Choose the desired currency for your casino, from the backoffice administrator panel. Add any currency that you wish (R$, JPY, CAD, BTC, LTC, RON,etc). Switch from USD to EURO or POINTS system (this is suggested for websites that do not own casino license);
  • Possibility of integration with BitCoin or any other online automated payment method (Skrill/ iPayDna/ NETELLER/ ClickAndBuy/ CoinBase). This costs an additional 300 EUR / merchant, and 500 EUR for BitCoin;
  • The casino software can flag withdrawals that exceed large amounts (EG: flag withdrawals over 2000 EUR), so that your staff can verify the user account for any suspicious activity;
  • Transfer credit to players from backoffice administrator panel using "Transfer Funds to User" feature;
  • Transfer credit to agents/operators from backoffice administrator panel using "Transfer Funds to Agent" feature. Agents/Operators can login to their account after and transfer money to sub-agents or to players;
  • Detailed tracking reports with date filtering, generated by the casino software;
  • Convert to PDF entire transaction pages or generate individual PDF invoices for each transaction;
  • Convert to EXCEL entire transaction pages or generate individual EXCEL invoices for each transaction;
  • GLI-19 standards have been followed for report layouts;
  • View a list containing all the events from your casino, in a single page, organised by date: big wins, deposits, withdrawals, etc.;

CasinoWebScripts Casino Software User Management

  • View all the users that are currently logged in, through the casino software;
  • Give a free 'login bonus', with rollover, to players that are loyal and enter their account daily. The bonus is given only once per 24hours. The bonus can be given through a wheel of fortune feature or it can be a fixed amount; The bonus amount is configurable from the administrator panel;
  • Give a free 'registration bonus', with rollover, to new players. The bonus is added automatically to each new player, upon registration. The bonus amount is configurable from the administrator panel. To prevent abuse, our multi-account detection tool will automatically disable the bonus status of any users that do not follow the rules of the casino;
  • Using the backoffice administrator panel, you can give free credit bonus to new players and set rollover limit needed to wager, in order to withdraw their credit;
  • Log-out any online user (this can be done from the backoffice administrator panel), for avoiding unauthorised player account access;
  • View IP login history for each player;
  • View large set of statistics for each player (largest bet, total deposits, largest win , etc.);
  • View for how long each player played at your casino;
  • Grant users the option to close account for a custom period (eg: an user can close his account for 3 months);
  • Any player can view his gameplays statistics, to better control his expenses or to see his best winnings;
  • Players can transfer money to other users for a customizable fee (currently 0.1%);
  • Lobby feature for players to change their details and password, as well as see their balance and transactions;
  • Players can become affiliates in just a few minutes and bring new players to the casino and receive a share from their bets - available as "Optional Feature"(see section below);
  • Password reset feature to allow users to regain access to their account in case they forgot their password;
  • Users can open support tickets and they can monitor the status of each ticket from their lobby, assisted by email notifications. Operators, agents or the admin can answer the support tickets from the administrator panel;
  • Operators can send in-game messages to players, using the back office administrator panel;
  • Admin can send a mass-message to all the players of the casino, to inform them about promotions or other special deals. The players will see the message when opening any game;
  • All the actions of all the operators and agents are logged by the casino software, for security purposes;
  • You can see the legacy tree (also known as family tree) of all the agents/operators;
  • Add tags to the users based on their activity and actions at the casino. You can take advantage of the tag system to mark the VIP users, new users, veterans, suspicious users for further usage;

CasinoWebScripts Casino Software Games Management

  • Buy more games from us at any time and add them within just a few seconds. Upgrade from Copyrighted to UnCopyrighted(no-label) by only paying the price difference between the 2 versions.
  • Adjust coin sizes, change name, set duration of spin, enable fast play by default for each game, change table color, and a lot more;
  • Fullscreen gameplay with HD Graphics available for all games that are connected to the casino software;
  • Multiple game statistics and customizations available from admin panel (see the profit of each game, decide if the paylines of a slot game also pay from right to left, change duration of a spin, and more);
  • Payout data of each gameplay is calculated securely on the server. You can see workflow diagram here.
  • Monitor which games were played for the longest time;
  • Adjust apparition rate of each slot symbol for the slot games connected to the online casino software (decide how often each symbol appears - this way you can adjust how often bonus or freespin games can be given). For people that don't understand what this means, then you should know that each slot game (video slot or mechanical slot) has a distribution of symbols per reel, and the combinations of these symbols, along with the paytable values, determine together the payout of the game and the bonus frequency. By adjusting these values, the total payout of the edited game is affected, as well as the bonus frequency. Be careful with this feature; - customization available on request which requires recalculation of the game's mathematical RTP;
  • Adjust freespins rate of each slot game (decide how often to give freespins); This is achieved by adjusting the symbol distribution inside the reels of each slot game - customization available on request which requires recalculation of the game's mathematical RTP;
  • Adjust the paytable values, how many freespins each game will give, and the rewards from bonus mode for each slot game- customization available at request which requires recalculation of the game's mathematical RTP;
  • Quick Deposit options, the possibility to view all recent winners, as well as many fast menus have been added to facilitate a modern gaming experience;

CasinoWebScripts Casino Software Marketing Features

  • RNG functions implemented in the administrator panel for weekly/monthly jackpot prizes;
  • Generate affiliate link from backoffice administrator panel of the casino software, for every agent/affiliate;
  • Player affiliate system that allows any player to become an affiliate and refer new players to the casino. The affiliates can also create Deposit Bonus Codes using any name they want (EG: they can create bonus code "PLAYREG2001") and then any players using the bonus code will reward the affiliate a bonus worth 10% from the bonus given to the player that made the deposit. The reward comes with a rollover limit of x10. (The affiliate system is available only as optional feature - see below on this page);
  • Agent/subagents pyramid affiliate system. The casino owner or master agent creates agents/subagents and sets share percentage for the agent created. Then each subagent can have subagents and sets the share percentage of the subagents, and so on. The parent agent can control only his subagents and his players and players/subagents of his subagents). You can see a detailed revenue schema here;
  • Create agents from the backoffice administrator panel that will bring revenue to your casino and they will keep their share of profit;
  • Create operators from the backoffice administrator panel and give them permissions (from the PERMISSIONS PAGE) to administrate your casino and to create agents and players;
  • VIP Point Reward system. For each 10 CREDIT that the player will bet, he will receive 1 VIP POINTS. The player can redeem his points from the lobby. 100 VIP Points = 1 CREDIT. This casino software feature can be enabled/disabled from backoffice administrator panel;
  • Reward code system. Players can login to their account and redeem money/credits by entering a valid "Reward code" . Each code is unique and can be used only once. Reward codes can be created from admin panel with any value. A very good option for selling printed tokens for your casino;
  • Deposit bonus system. Players can receive an instant or late deposit bonus if they enter a valid "bonus" code when making a deposit. The "deposited" amount must be wagered 20 times for the bonus to be unlocked. The number of times that the "Deposit bonus" must be wagered is called "rollover requirement" and it can be changed from the backoffice administrator panel , for each "Deposit bonus" code;
  • Possibility to set the maximum bonus amount that each bonus code will grant;
  • Possibility to give bonus chips to any players, with or without rollover requirement, using the backoffice administrator panel;
  • Possibility to give extra freespins in the slot games to any players, using the backend administrator panel;
  • Visual interface editor for the HTML newsletter, allowing you to send attractive emails to your players or groups of players, for your marketing campaigns, informing them about the best promotions or new games. This can be done from the backoffice administrator panel;
  • Visual interface editor for the HTML email templates, allowing you to customize the structure and design of every email notification. This can be done from the backoffice administrator panel;
  • Detailed tracking statistics for signups, to determine the conversion rates of your campaigns and to see when players signed up more;
  • Detailed ranking statistics in the administrator panel to show which games were the most played and the most profitable ones;
  • Pie charts, column charts and line charts used for representations of the profit, withdrawals, deposits, transfers and many others, for a better visual overall of the casino activity;
  • Live profit evolution chart for each player;
  • Geolocation map representations of signups, to see which country brought the most players;
  • Geolocation map representations of each deposit and withdrawal, to see which country brought the most money and profits to your casino;
  • Geolocation map representations of the login locations of each user;
  • Content Management System (CMS) with visual editor, to edit the content of any HTML page;
  • SEF (Search Engine Friendly) CMS to edit the meta tags of each page and game page;
  • Add meta tags(keywords,title, description) using the CMS from the administrator panel, for any page or game page;
  • Automatically generate the sitemap of your website;
  • Optimized for Search Engines;

*The price of 10000 EUR for the software is available only when the software is purchased along with games from our collection, with a total order value of 20000 EUR. If the software is purchased alone with no games, the price is 15000 EUR.

CasinoWebScripts Software Extra Features

The features listed below are optional features, which are compatible with our software only (you need to have our software to use them).
If you are interested in any of them, you will have to pay the extra prices listed below.
Click on the checkbox_empty sign, to add a feature to your shopping cart.

  • checkbox_empty Casino Desktop Client - Users can access your casino through this personalized program. More info here- 3500€
  • checkbox_empty FACEBOOK Login - new users can register/ login with their FB accounts with one click - 300€
  • checkbox_empty Player affiliate system - players can become affiliates right away and start gaining rewards up to 20% from the loss of the affiliated players. The revenue percentage as well as other variables can be modified from the administrator panel. - 2000€
  • checkbox_empty Affiliate bonus system - affiliates can create Deposit Bonus Codes using any name they want (EG: an affiliate can create bonus code "PLAYREG2001" and then any players using the bonus code will trigger a reward for the affiliate worth 10% from the bonus given to the player that made the deposit. The reward comes with a rollover limit of x10. - 1000€
  • checkbox_empty Translate website+administrator panel to any language - price is per language - 300€
  • checkbox_empty Translate any game to any language - price is per language for 1 game - 500€
  • checkbox_empty Package of 5 extra languages for web+admin - (spanish,italian,french,german,russian) - 700€
  • checkbox_empty Payment merchant integration - we can integrate any payment merchant. EG : Skrill, NETELLER, iPayDNA, ClickAndBuy, UKASH. Price is per merchant - 300€
  • checkbox_empty Credit Card payment integration - allow users to make deposits with their credit card - 500€
  • checkbox_empty BitCoin payment method integration - accept BitCoin payments and give casino credit to players automatically. Also automatic withdrawals can be enabled - 500€
  • checkbox_empty Cryptocurrency payment method integration - (NameCoin/Dogecoin/LiteCoin/PeerCoin). Accept payments in any cryptocurrency and give casino credit to players automatically. Also automatic withdrawals can be enabled - 500€
  • checkbox_empty Multi-cryptocurrency system - allows players to deposit BitCoins/LiteCoins/etc. at your casino. All payments are converted to credits based on an exchange rate API of cryptsy. All payments must be verified and approved manually using the casino administrator panel.- 1000€
  • checkbox_empty Private Casino with splash login page - (visitors will need an username and password to access your casino) Demo here. - 300€
  • checkbox_empty Separate BANKING POOL and separate HIT FREQUENCY for each game - one time fee for all games - unlimited - 3500€
  • checkbox_empty Separate BANKING POOL and separate HIT FREQUENCY for each PC/KIOSK/USER - one time fee for adding this feature to your system - unlimited - 3500€
  • checkbox_empty Separate BANKING POOL and separate HIT FREQUENCY for each club/operator - one time fee for adding this feature to your system - unlimited - 3500€
  • checkbox_empty Generate Sweepstakes pools - addon for sweepstakes systems.Price is for 1 game - 700€
  • checkbox_empty Sweepstakes adjustments - addon for sweepstakes systems.Price is for 1 game - 500€
  • checkbox_empty Integration API - This will help you integrate our existing platform and games with your own platform. The API contains over 20 complex functions that will allow you to retrieve user balance, deposits, withdrawals, or to register a new user to the system, or to login an user to our system, or add the gameplay data to your system; can be purchased with the Casino Management Platform or it can be purchased alone - 3500€
  • checkbox_empty Soccer Sportsbook Addon - The Casino and Sportsbook platform will be both connected under the same website, your website, to allow your users to bet on soccer sportsbook events using their casino accounts. You will be able to keep track of all the tickets placed by all the players, and the odds, results and player winnings will be calculated automatically.You can read more here.- 6500€
  • checkbox_empty Raffle pick addon - Addon allowing your users to buy tickets for the raffle. One ticket will be selected every week/month and the user holding the ticket will receive a portion of the prize pool. - 1000€
  • checkbox_empty Custom translation for games and software - Custom translation for games and software- 5500€
  • checkbox_empty Auto-account creation - Users will have accounts automatically created when entering the website. They can claim the account by entering an email address - 700€

Please contact us if you are interested to buy any of these extra features.
  • Integration of our software and games with your website, so that your existing players can play casino games on your website - contact us with details of your website for a fair quote.
  • Integration with bill acceptors - contact us for more details.
  • Downloadable desktop client. More details available here.