Social Casino

You can create a traditional Social Casino, with many features and make money without any legal concerns. Players will buy Coins to play and unlock access to various games, earn achievements, unlock avatars and more. However, players cannot cash out any of their coins. Works great for AppStore and Google Play, since our games are mobile compatible.


This solution is best suited for targetting players from Social Networks, App Store or Google Play.

How it works

Players buy Coin packages using their Credit Card, Crypto, eWallet (Skrill) and play your games to unlock content, earn achievements and gain a spot on the leaderboard. Nothing motivates gamers more than a spot in the hall of fame. Players cannot exchange their coins to real money.

Legally speaking, there is no need of a gambling license, due to the fact that players cannot cash out anything from the platform.
For more details on this matter, please contact us.

Key Features for Sweepstakes/Social Casino

The features marked with * are optional and not included in the basic software version.
However, we have packages premade for Sweepstakes with all these features included. To access our packages, please click here.

Virtual Currency

Choose between popular currencies (GC, SC, EC, FC) or invent your own currency.

*Daily Rewards

Give daily rewards to users for logging in

*Returning Player Special Rewards

Reward players that come back after 30 days of inactivity, with special Coins amount, free spins or tournament tickets

*Spin and Win

Users can Spin daily a prize wheel (coming soon)

Coin rewards for various actions

Register Account, Verify email, Invite Friend, Verify Phone Number, Verify Identity, Social Media Share

*Coin rewards for in-game achievements

Users get coins when completing various achievemnets - Hit 5 of a kind, get 21 in blackjack, trigger a bonus round and more

Leaderboards for every game

Display leaderboards for every game

*Global Leaderboards with Prizes (contests)

Reward the players that record the most winnings with automatic prizes

*Free/Paid Slot Tournaments

Create slot tournaments where players can participate for free, or let them spend their Coins to join in.

Rank Based Access

Players gain XP and levels by playing the games. Only after reaching a certain level they can play certain games.

*Loyalty Programs

Reward VIP players with redeemable codes containing free coins or free spins. Lock the codes to be redeemed only by certain VIP levels.

*VIP CashBack

Players earn 1 VIP point for every 100 Coins played.These VIP Points can be redeemed in the VIP Shop for merchandise, credit packages, or free spins, adding a tangible reward for their gaming activities.

*Loyalty Programs

This feature allows players to receive a percentage of their losses back as a bonus once per week, based on their VIP Level.

*Invite Friend

Players get free coins for every friend that they invite, if their friend creates an account.

*Advanced Affiliate Program

Any player can become an affiliate simply from their lobby. All they have to do is to share their Affiliate URL and start earning. Advanced statistics, campaign tracking, premade banner codes and more features are included.

*Advanced Redeemable Codes

Do limited prize giveaways that reward players with Coins or Free Spins

*Newsletter/Social Media Bonuses

Create one-time redeemable codes or limited redeemable codes and share them via Newsletter for those who actively watch your website

*Deposit Bonus Codes

Create Bonus codes for users to use when making a purchase, to gain more Coins

Progressive Jackpots

All the slot games that we offer include Jackpots.

Social Awareness

Allow your users to share your website and get rewarded (coming soon)

Social Share of Winnings

Allow your users to share a replay of their winnings on social media for everyone to see (coming soon)

*Chat System

Allow your users to express themselves directly on your website. This feature uses a 3rd party Chat System.

Player Avatar

Players can set any avatar that they want. Other users can click on their avatar to see various statistics about their profile.

*Various Payment Methods

Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Crypto, Ewallet

*Prize Redeem

Based on the type of casino that you will open, players can exchange their Coins into real money, merchandise or Crypto.

In-Depth Reports

See advanced revenue reports, which games were the most profitable and more.

*Comfortable KYC

Users will be prompted to do ID Verification (KYC) only when they want to Redeem. This is split in 2 stages: Stage1 - Data Verification KYC and Stage 2 - Selfie+PhotoID KYC

*Advanced Risk Detection

We use our 3rd party API integration to verify users that possess a high fraud risk and set limitations for them

*Advanced GeoFencing

Since the model is legal only for players located in the USA, we are using 3rd party API to determine if any visitors use USA VPN to gain access to the games and we limit their access.

Advanced Admin Panel

Our admin panel has all the features that you can think of. Over 270 pages are available to help you manage your casino.

Reporting and Analytics

Get critical information related to the activity of your casino and your players.

Live Support Integration

We can integrate 3rd party Live Chat support such as ZenDesk so that your operators can offer live support to players.

*Largest Variety of Games with 0% GGR

We offer the largest variety of games with 0% GGR (you pay fixed monthly fee): Slots, Scratch Cards, Keno, Bingo, Card games, Roulette, Arcade games, Racing games, Dice Games, Table Games and many more.

GLI-19 Certified RNG

Our games use an RNG that passed GLI-19 certification by BMM TestLabs.

No License Needed

Choose the way you will operate, from 3 popular models. More details are listed below


Very few providers offer their games to social casinos, due to the fact that it is very difficult to calculate a GGR% correctly.
We offer our games to social casinos.
Our company, in general, charges no GGR% and you can get access to our games for a fixed monthly fee or by buying the games.
For game prices, please click here.
For list of available games click here.

Demo Access

Please note that any of our demo templates can be used with this solution.

Contact us for admin panel access!
Demo access

Frequently Asked Questions

Your solution can be live in 24 hours after receiving the payment.

No gambling license is necessary, however, we recommend consulting with a lawfirm, due to the fact that the legislation can always change.

For this solution, we recommend using SKRILL, PAYPAL and CREDIT CARD as payment methods to offer to your players. For Credit Card payments, we can give you some recommendations, however, you are free to use any payment merchant that you prefer.

We do not provide any marketing services.

Due to the fact that we are just software developers and we do not run any gambling activities, we cannot host on our servers the casino software and neither the casino games that you will use with your solution. These must be hosted on a server that is yours (or on a rented server).
Even though we do not provide web hosting, we can recommend to you a web hosting company, we can tell you exactly what you have to order from them, what to tell them and after that we can take care of the installation.
The whole process takes maximum 30 minutes of your time.