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Casino Software and Games Promotional Offers

Below you can find several premade packages of games. These packages contain just the games listed below.
No software is included in any of these packages. To use them, you will need to buy our software.
Since these are premade packages, their contents cannot be completely changed, while keeping the discount. We allow just 1 game from each package to be replaced with another game from our collection having an identical price.

Slots Mobile 5Reel Package

Release date : 23 August 2018
Games included : 32 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 25%
Description: The 'Mobile 5RS Slots Pack' contains a wide variety of 5 reel slot games

Silver Package

Release date : 20 November 2017
Games included : 12 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 20%
Description: A great discounted solution for any new casino, with one title from each gaming category.

Diversity Package

Release date : 5 June 2017
Games included : 15 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 30%
Description: A wide suite of popular casino games, meant to attract players from anywhere in the world. It contains games popular in Europe, Asia and America.

Intro HTML5 Games Package

Release date : 3 June 2017
Games included : 17 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 45%
Description: Mobile casino games are available for your casino. These games can be played from any devices, including mobile phones, tablets, computers and smart TV's. An internet connection is required to play the games.

Best Slots Package

Release date : 31 October 2016
Games included : 11 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 25%
Description: This package contains our best slot games.

Asian Culture Casino Package

Release date : 20 March 2016
Games included : 11 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 35%
Description: A great discounted solution for any casino wanting to have asian culture influences.

Copyright-CWS price

Scratch Games Package

Release date : 9 July 2015
Games included : 22 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 30%
Description: A great discounted solution including all of our scratch card games.

Deluxe Video Poker Games Package

Release date : 14 April 2014
Games included : 10 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 22%
Description: An attractive collection of video poker games for the big fans of this genre.

Copyright-CWS price

Golden Package

Release date : 23 July 2013
Games included : 21 SHOW GAMES
Discount : 22%
Description: The following package offers a complete set of casino games with multiple titles from each category, so that your players can enjoy the diversity of your casino. All with a great discount!


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