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Buy Cheapest Online Casino Software Solution

PLEASE NOTE: The package listed below is not available for bitcoin casinos.
If you are interested in starting a crypto-currency or bitcoin casino, please see this special offer here.

CasinoWebScripts offers you a unique casino software solution to start your online casino with a low budget, while having a strong and flexible system with 7 attractive games, for only 11500€, discounted from 15000€.
This is the lowest price you will find on the market for starting an online casino with no monthly fees.

Starting a casino business does not require only a casino software and games, but also lots of efforts and money that need to be invested in marketing.
We know all this, which is the reason we have put together this cheap casino software solution, to give you the chance to start a casino with a small investment and grow it in time.
This package contains various games, to facilitate the gambling needs of every player. We have included a 3 reel slot, a 5 reel slot, a video poker card game, a roulette, a blackjack game, a scratch card game and an arcade game, which represent some of the most played casino games worldwide.
The titles from this package cannot be replaced with other games, but you can create your own customised casino software solution, by adding to cart our "CASINO SOFTWARE" and as many games as you want, from here.
We have many other bundle packages which can represent a solution for your online casino. You can check all our promotional casino software solutions here.

Unlike many other casino software solutions providers, we do not charge you any monthly fees for using our products.
All the profit will remain yours!

The casino software solution that we proposed, brings you our top class Casino MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (this alone costs 10,000€, and it is included in this bundle package), and the following games, copyrighted with "Powered by" logo:

Quest for the Holy Grail Hi Lo arcade preview
Game type : Arcade
Release date : 11 October 2011
Last updated : 14 June 2012
Copyrighted price:700€

This game is is available with any of our online casino software solutions.

Prepare to test your strategy and logic abilities by playing Quest for the Holy Grail Hi Lo! This game introduces to you an entirely new version of the overly popular hi lo games that are played in casinos on the internet. Now, it features a captivating medieval theme, including dragons, knights, and the mystical artifact, the highly desired Holy Grail! By playing this game, you will be transported back in time, to the medieval age, and the entire playing experience will be much more engaging than if you have played a regular hi lo game. And, there is also an entertaining, joyful soundtrack, which matches perfectly the theme of the game, and will keep the players’ interest alive.
Furthermore, the rules for playing Quest for the Holy Grail Hi Lo are extremely simple. It is mainly a logic game, where you need to guess if the next number is lower or higher than the previous one. For this, you can use your instinct or calculate the probabilities, so if you are good at math or if you trust your guts, your winning chances are huge. Likewise, at the end of the race, a treasure is waiting for you and lots of prizes. By guessing all the right numbers you receive the Holy Grail.

Add this wonderful casino game to your casino solution.
American Roulette 3D  table roulette preview
Game type : Table roulette
Release date : 28 December 2011
Last updated : 11 August 2014
Copyrighted price:1,000€

The Roulette game is one of the best casino solutions for players.

If you have always wished to play the roulette in an authentic American casino, but you never had the chance, now you can finally do it by playing American roulette 3D. Now you are the master of your own casino, the wheel is only yours, and you are permitted to make all sorts of modifications, such as change the color of the table, adjust the background sounds, or zoom the whole picture for a clearer view. The game itself isn’t very intricate either, and in case you get stuck you can access the “Help” option. Extremely easy to understand, this game is definitely unique and quite catchy.
However, there is a dealer who will guide you throughout the game and will announce you when it’s time to place your bets. And, as you probably already know, the American roulette is slightly different because it features one more number, and that is “00”, meaning that you have one more chance to win the big prize! Try your luck and never give up because this roulette game is only meant to keep players engaged. The excitement, the thought of winning great cash, and above all the engaging experience will certainly make you adore the American Roulette 3D.

This great casino game can be part of your casino solution.
Super Super Hot slot3rs preview
Game type : 3 Reels Slot
Release date : 8 February 2012
Last updated : 11 December 2013
Copyrighted price:700€

Slots have always represented some of the most played casino software solutions.

Let’s heat things up with Super Super Hot, a fabulous slot game, which will appeal to you from the first second you start playing it. It is a renewed, inventive version of the first slot games that have ever appeared, and it will surely interest people who have been playing slots for a long time. Still, it is suitable for all sorts of players, and its neutral design, over-sized, funky fruits and engaging song theme, are going to make this game experience truly entertaining.
Also, it is very easy to play Super Super Hot because, being a three lines slots game, it does not present any intricate connections or tricky rules. You just need to establish your bet and the number of lines, which can be up to five, and then get ready to win the big bucks. The symbols need to form one winning combination, and you will be immediately awarded.

Available with our cheapest casino solution.
Pirates of Bonus Island II slot5rs preview
Game type : 5 Reels Slot
Release date : 1 November 2010
Last updated : 30 January 2014
Copyrighted price:1,400€

This fabulous online treasure hunt will captivate you from the first moment, and you will never want to stop playing. The Pirates of Bonus Island II is one of the most exciting and entertaining slot games, which uses a wide variety of interesting features that will appeal to all sorts of players. 

In this game are included thrilling symbols, like pirates figures, treasure chests and skulls, and they all have different values, but the most desired one remains the “wild” element. Also, the soundtrack of the game is cheerful and energizing, and it will immediately bring you into a good mood, and ready to start winning.

Likewise, the Pirates of Bonus Island II is one of the most played slot games out there, due to its convenient features, and increased gaining chances. This virtual slot machine game has five reels, 9 pay lines and 5 treasure chests that will give you the right to fifteen free spins. The players are able to activate the auto-spin option, when they no longer want to press spin themselves.

Included with our casino solution.
Rich Rick Scratch Show arcade scratch preview
Game type : Arcade scratch
Release date : 25 July 2012
Last updated : 25 July 2012
Copyrighted price:700€

Available for purchase with our cheapest casino solutions.

If you love watching contest shows, then Rich Rick Scratch Show is definitely for you. Play for fun or for money and enjoy this marvelous game of chance. The greatest thing about this game is that you don’t need any skills to play it. Given that, this is a game of chance, you only need lots of luck to win. The game is hosted by Rich Rick, the man that appears on the left side of the screen. He promises to make you as rich as he is. The game features an attractive theme and design and it’s inspired by all the contest shows out there. So, pray for luck and a good karma and just indulge in this one- of-a-kind game.
First of all, buy the ticket. The ticket opens the road to wealth. Once you have the ticket, you need to scratch it and wait for the number to be revealed. A winning combination means that you have 3 numbers of a kind, like three 50s for example. The ticket price is €15, but with only €15 you can win €6000. Given this situation, the price you pay is not that high. So, play the Rich Rick Scratch Show and wait for the money to fill your pockets.

A very popular game compatible with our starting casino solution.
Jacks Or Better videopoker card preview
Game type : Videopoker card
Release date : 20 March 2014
Last updated : 1 April 2014
Copyrighted price:700€

The Jacks or Better game is for the people who really appreciate video poker and are searching for the best gambling experience. If you are one of those individuals, then you should not miss this magnificent game.

Can be purchased with our cheapest casino solution.
BlackJack Classic HTML5 Mobile table card mobile preview
Game type : Table card mobile
Release date : 12 July 2015
Last updated : 12 July 2015
Copyrighted price:1,600€

Now it’s the perfect time to go crazy on blackjack with the new BlackJack Classic DELUXE, a terrific game, which will keep you interested and engaged on a daily basis. It brings to life the charm and fascination that characterize Las Vegas and allows you to enjoy a fabulous game from the comfort of your own home. Still, you will feel like you are in a real, luxurious casino, due to the graphic elements presented in the game, entertaining soundtrack and detailed options that will enable you to control your moves flawlessly.
Playing and winning has never been easier, especially that now you are presented all the rules from the beginning; thus, even if you are just an amateur you can still increase your gains in no time. In order to play blackjack all you have to do is place your initial bet and then “hit” or “stand” after the dealer has spread the cards. The winner is the player whose total amount of cards is closer to 21. BlackJack Classic DELUXE is probably the most sought-after game of this casino, because it presents high chances of winning big time. Wait no more, place your bet, and prepare yourself for a real challenge.

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