Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Online casino script/software frequently asked questions

Q:I've opened your website but I don't know what to do in order to start my online casino. Can you help?

Answer:You can find a detailed guide here which includes information about the steps needed to start your online casino and place your order with us.

Q: What is the price for starting an online casino?

Answer: The price varies depending on your selection of games, software and add-ons. For example, a promotional package with 5 games would cost around 15 000 EURO. A complete solution with over 130 casino games and the most popular addons will cost around 200 000 EURO. For more details about prices, please check this link.

Q: Do you offer support for your products?

Answer: Yes, we offer free lifetime support, which includes assistance in using our products and fixing any issues that might appear with our products.

Q: How fast can I have the casino script installed?

Answer: Once we receive the payment in our bank account, the contract is signed and your server is ready, then we will deliver your casino products in 24 hours (for orders with less than 40 games) or in 48 hours (for orders with 40 games or more).

Q: What are the requirements to start my online casino?

Answer: To be able to run a casino website you will require a casino software (to manage your users and accounting and track the profit generated by each of your games), a payment merchant account (SKRILL/MoneyBookers, Neteller, iPayDNA, Bitcoin, etc.), an online casino license (which can be obtained on any territory) and an online web-server.

Q: What is a casino software?

Answer: The casino software is the backbone of any casino. It allows the users to register, login and manage their accounts, it displays game rules and game content, it allows users to make deposits and request withdrawals, it allows the casino owner to see user activity, game activity, statistics, edit settings, approve or deny withdrawals, generate reports and a lot more. For more details about casino software, please check this link

Q: What is a casino license and why should I have one?

Answer: Gambling licenses or casino licenses are required to maintain a legal online casino and to perform online transactions in the purpose of gambling (accept and send payments to players). The casino license can be issued by various gaming authorities from all over the world. To find out more about this, feel free to check our page about obtaining your casino license.

Q: The products that you sell are already developed? If yes, where can I test them?

Answer: Yes, our products are already developed and we have a live demo for every single product. You may check more details about our demo site here.

Q: What does the casino software management platform include?

Answer: The casino management platform includes the website and administrator panel, but no games within the listed price. You would have to choose the games you wish to buy from our casino collection.

Q: Can I purchase just a few games to start with and add more later?

Answer: You can include in your first purchase as many games as you want, and then you can buy and add more games from our product catalogue.

Q: Do your casino games come with full resell rights?

Answer: Resell rights are not included with any of our products! If you require such privileges, these would cost extra depending on the desired products! Penalty clauses are to be paid if you try to resell our products without any resell rights!

Q: Do you issue payment refunds?

Answer: Due to the nature of the products (digital products), our company does not issue any refunds.
You can read more about this in our terms and conditions page.

Advanced setup questions

Q: Can I make changes to the code and the design of the software?

Answer: You can make changes to the PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript code and graphic files, however the core PHP functions of the software and its RNG functions will be locked and you will not be able to edit them.

Q: Can I make changes to the code and the design of the games?

Answer: You can make changes to the source codes or design, only if you purchase the games with source codes.

Q: Can I install your casino software and games on any web-servers?

Answer: Yes, our products can be installed on any web-server, if the web-server follows these requirements. However, you cannot run two casinos from the same server or from separate servers at the same time, unless you already purchased a multi-site license. Each software license that we offer allows you to run only 1 casino, on just 1 web URL (EG: http://www.mycasino.com or

Q: Can I install the games on multiple casino websites?

Answer: The software license that we offer allows the products to run on a single web URL (EG: http://www.mycasino.com or For opening more casinos, you will need to purchase a multi-site license. Price varies depending on the selection of games.

Q: Your casino games support instant play, or they require to be downloaded?

Answer: The games that we have developed are available in instant-play format, being accessible through any modern web browser.

Q: Do you have any extra template designs available for our casino?

Answer: We have multiple casino templates available for sale in our templates page. A free template that can be seen on our demo site (www.casino-del-mundo.com) is included with the purchase of the software.

Q: What are the minimum server requirements?

Answer: A detailed list of the minimum server requirements can be found here.

Q: What are the minimum client CPU requirements, so that my players can play these games?

Answer: Your players will require a modern browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox). The computers should have a minimum of 4GB RAM, 1.5GHZ CPU and 128mb Graphic Card. Windows 7 or Windows 8 is recommended as operating system, but Linux can also be an option.

Q: Can I modify the payout (return to player) of a casino game?

Answer: All the payout values displayed on our website are determined using complex mathematical equations and simulation tools. In order to change the payout of a game, this can be done by adjusting the paytable prizes of the game, by changing the game rules or by modifying the number of decks in card games or reels configurations in the slot games. By performing any of these changes, the PAYOUT of the game would then need to be re-calculated, in order to make sure that the game will not pay too much or too less. You would be able to adjust the paytable multiplier values and therefore the game PAYOUT, but you will not be able to know by how much did the PAYOUT increase or decrease, without the proper tools. Our team can do "calculated" adjustments to the payout of a game if you require to do so. This can be done for free, once per game (if it is possible), in the same day of the installation, but no later than that! If you want to read more details about payout (return to player) and casino games mathematics, please check this link

Q: What languages are included with your casino software?

Answer: The default language is English, but we have other languages available on our add-ons page, for extra costs.

Q: Can you develop a custom game for me?

Answer: Yes, we offer custom development services and we can develop any game that you may want.

Q: Can you customize the casino software for me?

Answer: Yes, we can do this and charge you per hour. Please contact us to find out our hourly rate at the moment of your enquiry.

Q: Can you change the graphics of a game if I want?

Answer: Yes, we provide graphics customizations and we can change the graphics if you want. The price varies a lot depending on what graphics and how many graphics you want us to change.

Q: What money reserve do I need to be able to cover player payments in the start?

Answer: You will need a money reserve equal to 1x maximum possible win at the casino. If the paytable of a slot game has a multiplier of x1000 and the max bet per line is 2$, then you will need a money reserve of 2$ x1000 = 2000$. The bet per line values of the games can be adjusted from the backend. We can also adjust the paytable values of any game and lower the maximum possible win, but this will cause the RTP of the game to decrease.

Q: How many users can play simultaneously, if I use your software?

Answer: There is no actual limit. The software and games have been tested with over 1000 users simultaneously (which means millions of gameplays per day and millions of dollars in revenue per month), and the website was running with no delays. For better performance you should purchase a powerful dedicated server.

Q: Do you have any certifications for your products?

Answer: Yes, our products have been certified by iTech Labs and BMM TestLabs, two of the best gaming test labs in the world. Having a certified software means that:

  • the software and games were carefully tested against bugs;
  • the software and games have been tested to see if all their features work correctly as specified;
  • the games mathematics have been evaluated to ensure that they will bring a profit on long term;
  • the RNG has been tested to ensure that its outcome is unpredictable;
  • the software has been verified to have all the tools that any top casino requires to be properly managed and to meet all players' requirements on all fields;

You can read more about this and see our certifications here.

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