Full Source Codes

You can find below the actual development costs and prices for getting all of our products with complete source codes access.

Actual Development Costs


Based on the average market research for casino games development costs that we did here, we concluded that the cost to develop one casino game would range between 15,000$(14,000€) and 29,000$(27,400€). These costs might seem very high, but this is because the development costs have increased by at least 25% in the last year due to global events and because casino games are very complex applications that require a lot of knowledge to be developed.

Even if we assume that the costs can be optimized somehow, it is impossible to develop a casino game for less than 12,000€ and maintain high quality standards (4k graphics, themed soundtrack, animations, etc.) to catch up with today's trends.

Time required

It would require a lot of time to reach such a rich portfolio as ours. If you need five years to release 140 games, you will lose many opportunities during your growth period, and in the end, you will spend a lot more money than if you were to buy the games from us.


Financial risks

There is also the risk that you would spend a lot of money and time, and in the end, you might not have a fully functional product. We have had customers who contacted us in the past and shared their stories where they hired their own development teams and took them almost a year to create one game.

According to our clients' feedback, that game wasn't even close to what we offer. We must also add that the game couldn't even be certified. The costs were higher, considering that an entry-level developer charges at least 2,000€/month, and most likely you don't want an entry-level to be in charge of such complex projects. Therefore you will have to pay much more for development services each month.

Team skillset

You need a frontend developer, a backend developer, a UI designer, a graphic artist, a game designer, a mathematician, a tester, and a sound artist. Finding all the right people can be very difficult and time-consuming.

So why not buy something that is already developed and save yourself from all the headache and the risks?

Real costs - games

An accurate cost for 140 games x 12,000€ would be 1.68mil€.

Real costs - software

The costs to develop a casino software with as many features as ours, test it, document it and prepare it for GLI-19, would easily exceed 300,000€ with a development time of at least 2 years.

Real costs - certification

A GLI-19 certification for RNG, 20 games, and software can cost close to 100,000€, excluding the time needed to prepare all the documentation, instructions, testing tools, par sheets, and more, for the test labs.


If we add up all the costs mentioned above, we are looking at a total value close to 2mil€.


Fully Editable Source Codes with 212 games and no domain restrictions

Includes software and 212 games. For a limited time, we offer a discount for this package. Please contact us for more details.

1x Game With Source Codes

Includes non-encrypted HTML5,JS,PHP,PSD source code and documentation. You can edit the code and image files. To buy 1x game with Source Codes, you must meet a minimum spending criteria. You cannot buy 1 game with source codes and then reskin that into 2 or 100 games.

How To Make Money Further

Launch Casino

You can launch multiple online casinos.

Resell Our Games/Casinos

You can resell our games or you can resell turnkey casinos to other entrepreneurs.

Rebrand/Redesign Our Games

You can rebrand or redesign our games with your personal touch, to make them unique and stand out. After that you can resell them, rent them out to operators or start your own unique online casino.

Become a game provider

You can become a game provider and offer the games for monthly revenue share to the operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

The complete package can be delivered in 4-6 working days after.

Depending on what you will do with our products, you might need a gambling license.

No payment methods are included. We can integrate any payment methods that you require.

We do not provide any marketing services.

Due to the fact that we are just software developers and we do not run any gambling activities, we cannot host on our servers the casino software and neither the casino games that you will use with your solution. These must be hosted on a server that is yours (or on a rented server).
Even though we do not provide web hosting, we can recommend to you a web hosting company, we can tell you exactly what you have to order from them, what to tell them and after that we can take care of the installation.
The whole process takes maximum 30 minutes of your time.