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Monthly installments based casino solution

All of our products are available for a one-time price and 0% monthly fees. However, as an exception to this policy, we offer you the opportunity to start an online casino and pay for a part of your package in monthly installments.
This applies only to orders with total non-discounted value between 35,000 EURO and 100,000 EURO (you will need to pay at least 12,000 EURO for deposit stage 1).
The payment stages would be the following:

  • Stage 1 : 56% (51% from the value of your package as payment for the package + 5% from the value of your package as configuration fee ). After we will receive the payments, all the products from your order will be installed and hosted on your web server. The files of the products worth the remaining 49% from your order value, will have an expiration date of 10 months, after which some of them will stop working, if you will not complete the remaining payments. After completing the Stage 3 of the payment, the expiration date will be removed;
  • Stage 2 : 15% from the value of your package as payment for the package, 3 months later from the date of signing the contract. Failure to pay for Stage 2 within the agreed timeframe, will attract penalties worth 5% from Stage 2 payment, for each month of delay. If 6 months have passed since the contract was signed and Stage 2 payment has not been fully completed, several games will expire and they will stop working.
  • Stage 3 : 34% from the value of your package as payment for the package + penalties (if any), 10 months later from the date of signing the contract. After we will receive the payment, we will send you updated files which will not have an expiration date. Technical documentation for the software source code will also be sent;
  • Failure to pay the agreed amounts will cause the files to stop working.

    Overall you will be paying 5% extra from the value of the products from our website and you will not be eligible for discounts.
    IMPORTANT: This deal is available only 1 time for each customer! In order to order more games, all the monthly installments must be paid!

    The configuration fee represents the cost for the additional work that we need to perform in order to protect the files and deliver them to you multiple times, based on the payment stages.

Response time : 22min


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Sales phone: +(40)373 78 24 56

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Average response time: 22 minutes (for emails only)
If you have questions about our products, please use the contact form below to receive a detailed answer.
Our head office is located in Romania, Bucharest

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