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Notice to Users

IMPORTANT! These terms and conditions govern your use of this website and products. You should read them carefully prior to purchasing and using any product from this website. You should only purchase from this website if you have read, understood and agreed with these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions represent a legally binding agreement between you and . These terms and conditions are not static and we reserve the right to update them or amend them from time-to-time. Any such updates or amends will be posted here in the form of an update to these terms and conditions but will also be announced on the website. You should regularly check and review these terms and conditions as your continuing use of the website will be taken by us as your continuing agreement to them. You should print out and retain a copy of these terms and conditions and retain them for your records.

You should also read our privacy policy: this is a separate set of terms and conditions that sets out how we intend to use the personal details that you supply to us. By accepting these terms and conditions you also accept our privacy policy. From time-to-time there may also apply special or additional terms and conditions relating to individual games or promotions. These terms and conditions will be notified to you at the appropriate times and locations and they will be deemed to form part of the legally binding agreement between us that is represented by these terms and conditions.

We have written these terms and conditions in what we hope you will find to be simple English. If there is any part of them that you do not understand you should contact our Customer Services team. Their contact details are available under the contact page. They will answer any queries or complaints that you may have either about these terms and conditions, our privacy policy, or any other aspect of your use of the website.

It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms and conditions.
We reserve the right, from time to time, and at our sole discretion, to change or update these terms and conditions.
All changes to these terms and conditions will be published on this website. Upon publication, each change will become effective and you will be deemed to be aware of and bound by them. You should therefore review these terms and conditions regularly to ensure that you are up-to-date with all the current terms and conditions.

Your action of purchasing, using and continuing to use this website will be an indication of your acceptance of our then current terms and conditions. If you do not understand or accept all of these terms and conditions then you should call our Customer Services team whose contact details are set out below.

We do not assume any responsibility for how you will be using our product. We do not assume any responsibility for your future actions, that is if you will allow underage gambling, or if you decide to run a gambling website without any valid casino gambling licence, or if you decide to make changes to the games and software for any purpose. Please note that in order to run a legitimate casino and have no problems with the law you will need to own a gambling licence.

Before making a purchase you will have to supply us with all the personal information requested.
We may ask for information such as your name, company name, email address, address.
Prior to making any purchase you will be asked to sign a payment agreement, a legal business contract and provide valid payment and billing details.
After purchasing a product from our website you will receive download details that are available 72 hours after approval has been made.

Our software comes ready with a very user friendly installation wizard and also with installation instructions. This means that you do not require any advanced skills to install the software. You will need a web domain, a web server, a MySQL Database and a ftp client to upload the software. If you cannot manage to install or don't have the time to install the software our staff can help you out for a small fee. Our demo website,, is online for testing all the features that we sell, but no real money are involved on this website.

General Exclusion of Loss. We will not be responsible or liable to you for any other loss or damage that you or any third party may suffer as a result of using this software.
PLEASE NOTE : We do not assume any responsibility for any problems caused by our software such as bankruptcy or negative profit (we made this decision because casino admins can easily edit the database and change values and then blame it on us and we have no proof of what really happened - however, the games have been tested and none of them conducted to a negative profit).
No Warranties Made by . Your use of the software is at your sole risk. If you become aware that the website generally or any game in particular contains any error, or is incomplete, you must inform our Customer Services and everything will be fixed ASAP without any charges.

We do not issue any refunds. We used to allow refunds, but some people thought that they can simply ask for refunds at any time after purchasing any of our products and then keep a copy of the product and get their money back. That is not possible.
To increase buyer credibility, we offer legal business contracts that need to be signed by both parts before any purchase, protecting both buyer and seller from any loss or scam.
To avoid any financial complications, refunds and scams, we decided to create fully functional demos to all of our games and software so that anyone interested in our products can fully test everything before the purchase. Our support team is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so before making a purchase and receiving the products please make sure you have everything clarified about the product you will buy.
If you are pleased with our products then simply contact us to proceed to the next step. After you will receive the product you paid for, then no refund is possible.

You are not allowed to resell the software unless you have purchased a resellers licence from us. The reseller licence obligates you to send us updates on your sales when we will ask and have a minimum product sell price.
PLEASE NOTE: Currently there are no authorized resellers of our products. Buying our products from other parts than our website, would mean that you will buy a cloned/pirated product and that can attract fees of up to 300000 EUR, so please contact us first if somebody pretends that they can sell you our products. We have all rights for our products as they were developed by our team from scratch.

Any modifications brought to this software will be made under your own risk, but you will still not have the rights to resell this software if you do not own a reseller licence.
We assume no responsibility for the damages or misfunction caused by the changes you will make to the software.
Any modifications brought to this software, that were not made by Casinowebscripts, and that will cause damage, will not be the responsibility of Casinowebscripts to investigate or fix.

Our software demos are available just for testing. No real money are used and no real money will ever be used. The demos will help you make an idea of how the software works.

These terms and conditions shall be governed in accordance with the laws and any disputes related to these terms and conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the court.
If, for any reason, a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of these terms and conditions, or portion thereof, unenforceable, invalid, or unlawful, then the remainder of these terms and conditions shall continue in full force and effect and will be read to give maximum effect to the intention of the parties as reflected by their plain language.
These terms and conditions constitute the entire understanding between you and us respecting use of the website and software, and supersede all prior or contemporaneous understandings regarding such subject matter. No amendment to or modification of these terms and conditions will be binding unless made by an authorized representative of ours acting in his or her official capacity. No third party constitutes an authorized representative of ours for this purpose.

You may contact us at any time using the details set out in the contact page should you have questions or need assistance. To provide a better service and for your protection, conversations may be recorded and/or monitored by designated staff.
Any complaints should also be directed to our Customer Services team. If you have any complaint or issue relating to this website or the services offered by it, you should in the first instance contact our Customer Services team. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you may contact us at any time.
Our Customer Services team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We assume no responsibility for how our software is used on 3rd party websites, that are not property of; our clients may modify our products since they have access to source codes and may use them however they want, while respecting the license and contract terms.

Any issues or problems detected in the functionality of the software/games shall be communicated directly to our Customer Services team, through email or through our web contact form. Our team will do its best to fix any of the issues in the shortest time possible. If the issues are the result of modifications that Casinowebscripts team did NOT make to the files, then it will not be the responsibility of our team to fix the issues.
Any issues or problems detected in the games or software will be taken in consideration only if the problem can be replicated in one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Mobile.

Issues or bugs reported inside any game or software feature developed by our company, will be fixed by our team ASAP, free of charge.
Updates that our team has made to a game can be synchronised with your copy of the game, for a fee of 50 EURO per game. You must own a compatible software version for the update to be compatible. Contact us for more details!