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Autumn-themed Casino Games by CasinoWebScripts

Autumn has already come into force, which means that it is time for players to start taking a look at autumn-themed online casino games. This season, CasinoWebScripts presents three casino games that are perfect for gaming enthusiasts who enjoy autumn events and celebrations.

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Oktoberfest Beer Bash

Oktoberfest Beer Bash Oktoberfest Beer Bash is inspired from the renowned festival that takes places in Germany each year during autumn. This event has become popular in different places around to the world, and why wouldn’t it? Lots of beer, delicious food and people dancing and celebrating in the streets. Our team at CasinoWebScripts has developed a unique, mobile-compatible slot with all the elements that remind us of the cheerful event. Operators who want to buy online casino games should know that Oktoberfest Beer Bash has been developed in HTML5 technology, which makes it compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

When you first open the game, you will discover colorful graphics, which include symbols such as beer pints, beer barrels, German sausages, cuckoo clocks, Bavarian cottages, lovely girls wearing traditional outfits and cheerful music players. All the symbols are vividly animated, including the expanding wild that shows a pint of beer getting filled up. When the reels start spinning, players will get the chance to win a jackpot, freespins or the Beer Bash bonus, which invites players to fill their own pints of beer.

Halloween Magic Treat

Halloween Magic Treat Halloween Magic Treat is a video poker game perfect for those who are looking to have some real fun on the Halloween night. Even so, this game can be played any day of the year, and is especially created for players who like to relieve the Halloween experience as much as they want. Operators who buy online casino games and players will be delighted by the realistic, spooky sound effects of this game, which match perfectly with the creepy background. A haunted house, a spooky owl, pumpkins that seem to be alive and a witch flying on a broom are all part of the scenery.

When it comes to the rules of this game, the main thing to know is that the Joker is flexible, which means that players can change the value of the Joker before the cards are dealt. This can be done by choosing the card symbol on the right, in the haunted house.

Halloween Day

Halloween Day Our collection of online casino games could not have been complete without a Halloween-themed scratch card. Halloween Day is the perfect game for players who are looking to place bets online, but prefer not to learn all the rules of skill-based games like poker. Instead, gaming enthusiasts can sit back, relax and get the chance to win something without investing a lot of effort. Just like with any traditional scratch card, players simply need to buy tickets and scratch them in order to reveal winnings. Halloween Day is fun and the play-for-free option is great for getting a feel of the game.


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