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Minimum server requirements for casino software

In order for our products to be able to run smoothly on your website, the following server configuration is mandatory:

Operating system
Linux (CentOS7, CentOS8 or Ubuntu)
Windows Server is compatible, but not recommended unless you have very powerful hardware
Web Services
-Apache 2.4 or newer with mod_lsapi (or mod_php), mod_rewrite, mod_deflate;
-IMPORTANT: Apache MPM Prefork must be used for Thread Safety (do not use MPM Worker);
-PHP 8.1 or PHP 8.2;
-MySQL 5.7 (or MySQL 8);
-SSL certificate for HTTPS connection (if not using CloudFlare);
PHP Extensions
- mysqli
- PHP OpCache
- Source Guardian Loader 13 (for PHP 8.1) or Source Guardian Loader 14 (for PHP 8.2)
NOTE: SourceGuardian 13 and 14 is available through cPanel and EasyApache;

(tutorial for manual installation of SG can be found here)
Additional server settings
-PHP short_open_tag=On
-MYSQL Strict mode must be turned Off (sql_mode="")
SSL Certificate
You will need to have installed a SSL certificate for your web domain.

We recommend you start with one of the following VPS (virtual private server) hardware configuration:

Component Requirement
Processor Minimum: 2x 1.5Ghz (for up to 100 active players/sec = 10,000 new players monthly)
Recommended: 4x 2.4Ghz (for up to 600 active players/sec = 60,000 new players monthly)
Memory Minimum: 2GB RAM (for up to 100 active players / sec = 10,000 new players monthly)
Recommended: 16GB RAM (for up to 600 active players/sec = 60,000 new players monthly)
Available Disk Space Minimum: 20GB SSD
Recommended: 60GB SSD
(more disk space is recommended to be able to store all database transactions)
Operating System Compatible: Linux
Recommended: CentOS 7

The response time of the games is the most important asset of any successful online gaming business. The players cannot tolerate waiting "for the games to think". That is why, when we designed our platform, our goal was to make this as fast and efficient as possible. The casino performance is strongly influenced by efficient coding and a reliable server hardware performance.

Our software and code are optimized at maximum, using efficient algorithms and coding techniques, ensuring the fastest delivery rate of the game results to the game and player.

The casino performance is affected by the amount of users playing at the same time and the power of the server hardware. Since the code and software are both optimized, it is now the job of the server to have a good amount of resources from the hardware, to keep up with the requests.

On top of the recommendations for the hardware mentioned above, we also recommend using CloudFlare for static content caching and OpCache, Varnish + APC for dynamic content caching, alongside with constant monitoring and tweaking of the Apache settings. Apache mod_lsapi should also be used over SUPHP and PHP-FPM should be disabled. The values of the server should be carefully modified by the hosting company after monitoring your server load, based on the number of active players. Modifying some settings to be too large, could cause the server to run out of memory. Modifying some settings to be too low, could cause a slow response time for all the players.
We advise you to rent a server which is placed in a secure datacenter, in order to avoid any problems caused by power loss or internet downtime. The servers should be located in a country which is closer to the area from which most of your players are located.

The average cost for a starter VPS configuration (up to 10,000 new players monthly) would be 60-80 EUR per month.

The average cost for a Dedicated Server to support a casino with millions of gameplays each month would be at least 400 EUR per month.


With only 4GB of RAM (60€/month for server costs) our platform managed to handle over 150 concurrent bets (150 bets placed in the same moment), with a response time shorter than 0.3 seconds, which equals to 13 million gameplays per day and 400million gameplays per month. With a house edge of 1% and an average bet of 0.1€ that is still a profit of 400,000€/month.

With 32GB of RAM and some server fine-tuning (400€/month for server costs), one of our clients managed to handle over 600 concurrent bets, with a server response time of 0.3 seconds for each requests. Of course, if we wanted to go for a longer response time, our tests could've handled even more users. A gameplay round, in general, with animations and effects takes around 1 seconds to finish. Only when Fast-Play is enabled, then each gameplay will take around 0.3 seconds.
Based on how well the server's memory is managed and how well the settings are tweaked, a casino can easily handle 1500+ concurrent, without reaching its hardware capacity limit.


A top social casino has around 6 million users monthly, according to statistics gathered by statista.com.
According to statistics from casino.org, a player loses around 38$ in average, at slot games. Which means that each player plays around 400 gameplays in order to lose that money. Assuming that each user plays in average 400 gameplays, that means 1200 gameplays/second, in average.

A careful monitoring of the response time, server uptime and server resources will ensure a pleasant experience to your players and will tell you when it's time to upgrade to better hardware.

We recommend that your server is monitored in the first few weeks of activity (by the hosting company) to ensure that there are no memory limitations or connection limitations put in place by the hosting company that could cause the games to respond slower. More specifically, depending on the number of users that you will have, you may need to have more RAM, more CPUs and/or a larger value for the apache "workers" and "children" settings.


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