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CasinoWebScripts - About our company

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Who we are?

Our adventure in the world of online gaming started long time ago, in 2003. We originally focused on developing only interactive games and custom applications. In 2009 we realized that the field of online casinos is in need of some help and 1 year later, we decided to launch CasinoWebScripts.com on January 2010.
Our 13 years of experience in the online casino gaming industry and our portfolio of over 200 games, represent a strong argument when saying that we provide only top quality products.

What do we do?

To give you a quick answer, we develop games and software for online gaming websites and for online casinos, without asking for any monthly fees. Our teams work every single day to improve our products and come with new ideas that make our games more enjoyable. Constantly we release updates for each of our products. In less than 4 years, we have achieved more than anybody would have expected. We spent many weekends and nights to get to this level and we managed to create over 200 online games, single player and multiplayer, with attractive graphics and innovative features. Some games have been removed from our catalogue, as we consider that they do not match the current requirements of a 21st century top level casino. Right now there are only 190 casino games available in our catalogue, but more than 60 games have been removed so far.
For many years, we have developed top quality flash games, however flash games work only on desktop computers. Recently, the whole gaming industry has become more versatile and has moved to multiple devices, especially portable devices. Because of this, we have converted many of our games into HTML5 and now they can be played on both mobile and PC.

You can check our live demo website here.

To have a better understanding of the products and services that we offer, you can also check our presentation video below:

What we don't do

We do not run any gaming operation, because we love to use our creativity skills to provide new games for this growing market. All our software licenses are stand-alone entities. We do not process or handle funds on behalf of our software licensees.

Why work with us?

Reasons to choose CasinoWebScripts:

  • 1 With us, you get the best value that your money can buy. We have the best price/quality ratio offered on the market.
  • 2 We are doing business at the highest level for more than 13 years, since 2010
  • 3 We have live demo for you to test the products, before making your purchase, so that you can see exactly what you are paying for.
  • 4 Our software has been tested and certified by iTech Labs and BMM TestLabs .
    The certificate can be verified on their website here. The source code, game rules, games payout algorithm and documentation have been verified and passed the requirements.
  • 5 Our success is confirmed by the fact that we reinvest a lot of our income into improving our current products and releasing new games periodically. We don't just release new games all the time, but we also try to improve our old games with new features and extra graphics.
  • 6 We charge 0% monthly fees. Other companies ask for setup fee + a fixed monthly fee (usually 1000-2000 EURO) plus a percentage from the profit that their games generate, no matter if you reinvested all the profit in marketing or you had other expenses.
  • 7 We offer free lifetime support (some conditions apply) and we charge no maintenance fees.
  • 8 The estimated delivery time is 24 hours for our products.
  • 9 We provide customization services for any of our products. We can modify the graphics, name, sounds of any game.
  • 10 If you choose us, you only pay for the desired games. We do not constrain you to buy any games you do not like! If you want, you can even start your casino with just a few games!
  • 11 We release new games every month. In 10 years, we created more than 250 casino games! At this moment we sell over 100 HTML5 games that provide a solid performance on any mobile or desktop device! Many so called "HTML5" games developed by other companies will open on mobile, but they will not have the same great graphics and performance as our games!
  • 12 All the games will be privately hosted on your server and you will never depend on us for anything!
  • 13 You can start bitcoin or real money casino with our products! If you start a bitcoin casino and you want to switch to real money casino, you pay only 500 EURO for integrating a payment option.
  • 14 Our software and games can be used to apply for any gambling license in any country, because it has been GLI-19 certified!
  • 15 We keep all your details private, including your casino URL!
  • 16 We offer monthly promotions and loyalty discounts for different products that we sell.
  • 17 Upon buying our products, you will receive our "Online Casino Marketing eBook" containing a considerable amount of valuable information to manage and promote your casino.

Our team

Casinowebscripts is a multinational company, with the head office in Romania, Bucharest. Our company is composed of teams and individuals from all over the world.
Most of the people that are currently part of our staff have been with us since the beginning. They have contributed tremendously to the ascension of CasinoWebScripts and we are grateful to each of them. We couldn't have done it without you, guys!
Our graphics design team is composed of experienced designers that are proficient in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS and 3D STUDIO MAX. They are responsible for every graphic, effect and animations you see in each game.
Our development team is made of several developers, proficient in PHP, JAVASCRIPT, HTML5, sound editing and video editing. They are the true architects of our software, and they are responsible for the logic and security of each of our applications.

Our objectives

As we evolve, our objectives are always changing and becoming more competitive. Our current objective is to create a large variety of casino games, that cannot be found everywhere.

Our technologies


You might wonder why we selected PHP as our main server language. The answer is simple: PHP is one of the fastest and easiest to use web languages, having the best documentation you can find for a web language, this way making it easier for you to make changes to the code, if you buy our products with SOURCE CODE.
The maintenance costs are cheap and it can serve its purposes very well while requiring less resources than other languages.
In this world of online gaming, having a fast response time is the key. Nobody likes lazy applications. Some people might say that PHP is not secure. We have used and tested every single line of code from our software, to ensure maximum security for our clients. Also we would like to mention that before release, every game and feature is carefully tested by our game-testers for at least 1 month.


These two technologies represent the boundaries of gaming today. They are fast, popular and work on all devices, including mobile smartphones, tablets and of course desktop computers.


Our certificates

Our products use a certified Random Number Generator(RNG) to provide total fairness for all players enjoying their time with our games. You can read more about it here.
In order to prove that we have all good reasons to do a long-term partnership with you, we have made sure that all the content from our website is verified, secure and valid. Please check the following certificates:



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