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Years In Business 14
Concurrent Bets 1000+ (?)

Who we are

We are a software development company located in Romania, Bucharest, with more than 20 years of experience in technology and 13 years of experience in developing iGaming products. On January 2010 we launched Casinowebscripts.com, with the aim of being the best iGaming company that allows customers to buy casino solutions and host them on their own servers.

Our achievements


CasinoWebScripts’ website is launched along with the first 10 games and the first software version


We reached over 100 casino games in just 2 years, along with many extra features for our software.


Bitcoin: We were among the first companies to enter the cryptocurrency casino development industry.


Our RNG and games were certified by iTechLabs
We released our very first HTML5 mobile game.


We reached the milestone of 180 FLASH games and also started to offer Sweepstakes solutions.


Our RNG, Software (both frontend and backend) and games were certified by BMM Test Labs


We reached 100 HTML5 games in our portfolio.


We redeveloped our whole portfolio of games to use the best web gaming framework, PixiJS.
We completely redesigned our software.
You can check our 2022 roadmap for more details.


Release ultra premium quality games (ELITE category) with themed soundtrack, top industry graphics & animations and captivating game mechanics.
You can check our 2023 roadmap for more details.

What do we do?

We develop games and software for online gaming websites and for online casinos without asking for any monthly fees. Our teams work every single day to improve our products and come up with new ideas that make our games more enjoyable to the players and our software more useful to the operators. Constantly we release updates for each of our products.

Right now, there are 209 casino games available in our catalogue, but more than 200 games were removed when we revamped our portfolio. Some games have been removed from our catalogue, as we consider that they do not match the current requirements of a 21st century top level casino and at the moment, we have kept the best 209 games. For many years, we have developed top-quality flash games, however, flash games work only on desktop computers. Recently, the whole gaming industry has become more versatile and has moved to multiple devices, especially portable devices. Because of this, we have converted many of our games into HTML5 and now they can be played on both mobile and PC.

You can check our live demo website here.

What we don't do

We do not run any gaming operations because we love to use our creative skills to provide new games for this growing market. All our software licenses are stand-alone entities. We do not process or handle funds on behalf of our software licensees.

Why choose to work with us?

  • We charge 0% monthly fees. Other companies ask for a fixed fee per month (usually 1000-2000 EURO) plus a percentage from the profit that their games generate, no matter if you reinvested the money in marketing or you had extra expenses.

  • We offer free lifetime support and warranty, while charging no maintenance fees.

  • The estimated delivery time is 24 hours for your online casino. After you buy the casino software, you can modify the frontend design of your casino all by yourself.

  • We provide customization services for any of our products. We can modify the graphics, sounds, name of any casino game.

  • We have the best price/quality ratio offered on the market for turnkey casino software.

  • Our success is confirmed by the fact that we reinvest a large amount of our income into improving our products and releasing new games.

  • Our software backend admin panel includes over 250 pages with the best tools for casino marketing, management and security!

  • We have live demo for you to test the products, before making your purchase, so you can see exactly what you pay for.

  • We release new games every month, mobile and desktop compatible. So far we created over 135 casino games (including HTML5 and Flash)!

  • All the source code files and database will be hosted on your server and you will never depend on us for anything!

  • You can start cryptocurrency casino or real money casino with our products and you can choose any currency you wish.

  • Our casino software and games can be used to apply for any gambling license in any country!

  • We keep all your details private (including your casino URL).

  • We have been doing business at the highest level for more than 12 years.

  • Our casino software has been tested and certified by iTech Labs and BMM TestLabs. The source code, game rules, games payout algorithm and documentation have been verified and passed the requirements.

Our objectives

As we evolve, our objectives are always changing and becoming more competitive.
Our current objective is to scale up our game production and be able to release more quality titles every month.

Our technologies


PHP is one of the fastest and easiest to use web languages, having the best documentation you can find for a web language, this way making it easier for you to make changes to the code, if you buy our products with SOURCE CODE.
The maintenance costs are cheap and it can serve its purposes very well while requiring less computing resources than other programming languages.
Having a fast response time is the key. Nobody likes lazy applications. We have used and tested every single line of code from our software, to ensure maximum security for our clients. Also we would like to mention that before release, every game and feature is carefully tested by our game-testers for at least 1 month.


These two technologies represent the boundaries of gaming today. They are fast, popular and work on all devices, including mobile smartphones, tablets and of course, desktop computers.

Our certificates

Our products use a certified Random Number Generator(RNG) to provide total fairness for all players enjoying their time with our games. You can read more about it here.
In order to prove that we have all good reasons to do a long-term partnership with you, we have made sure that all the content from our website is verified, secure and valid. Please check the following certificates:


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