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28 February 2014

Backend Software Provider for Online CasinoEntrepreneurs who are looking to start an online casino usually have a wide range of questions about the backend area of the online casino software. In order to open an internet gaming site that will be easy to use and will allow you to manage various features of the games, you might want to take a look at our solutions. As a professional backend software provider for online casinos, we take pride in offering our clients an original, scalable solution that will meet their expectations.

If you do not know yet what a backend software solution is, we would like to inform you that it is basically the section of a casino management platform that allows you to edit the features of your casino and view its statistics (profit, deposits, affiliate earnings, etc.). By using the backend casino software, you will manage your casino in accordance with your own needs, in a facile manner. Like our customers, our team knows that it is important for operators to have full control over the online casino that they run.

Our complete system that our backend software provider for online casinos created for you boasts a series of features that make it different from any other casino software solution. Unlike the majority of gaming suppliers, we currently offer a no monthly fees from your revenue policy. This means that after you purchase our products and start your casino, we will not request you to transfer us a percentage from your profits.

One of the features of our backend administrator panel is that, by using it, you can change a wide range of game features, in order to make your casino eye-catching and unique. The modifications that you make to the games and casino background will then meet your requirements 100 percent, and thus make you more pleased with your online gaming business. An interesting feature of our backend administrator panel that we provide includes a multi-template system, which means that you can easily change the current website template at any time. We can customize a template especially for you, if you do not think the templates we currently offer are in accordance with your idea of a state-of-the-art casino.

Since we know that our clients come first, we are aware of the fact that you want to invest in a promising business that can generate profit in the long term. Our games use secure random number generators to offer players a fair chance at winning, but the casino software you purchase will allow you to set custom payout rate for all the games. Furthermore, our backend software comes with a solution that offers you the possibility to adjust the “hit frequency” of your games. This option lets you decide if you want your clients to be rewarded with small wins at short intervals of time, or with big wins at longer intervals. You can also set the “hit frequency” for the games that are presented in “Play for Fun” mode. This way, you will reveal more game features to your customers, like bonuses, and you will attract them to play in “Play for Real” mode. 

When it comes to the security features included in the backend software, you will be pleased to find out that our solution is secured and certified against all known web and server vulnerabilities and managed to achieve all requirements for a complete platform, based on the necessities of the top licensing jurisdictions, such as Malta and UK. In order to deny access to individuals who want to access your casino in an illicit manner, you can deny access to any IP from entering the site or your administrator panel. You can also block an IP after a certain number of failed login attempts, in order to prevent hacking.

Since we know that your clients are very important, we introduced several helpful user management options. Our solution will allow you to introduce the desired currency for your casino. Hence, your casino will cater to customers from any country that you want. You can add any currency that you prefer (USD, GBP, JPY, etc.). By using the administrator panel, you can also attract new players by offering them free credit and setting the rollover limit that needs to be wagered, so that customers can withdraw credit. You can also log-out any online user, if you suspect that the player account was accessed by an unauthorized player.

Our backend software introduced an interesting feature to online casinos, through which you can view large sets of statistics for every player that accessed your casino. This includes total deposits, biggest bet and biggest win, total time played by each player, most active players, and more. An IP login history for each of your clients can also be viewed in the administrator panel.

Games management features that can be modified in our casino backend software, offer you the possibility to adjust several features of your games and make them unique. Thus, you can adjust hit frequency, change the name of the game, set duration of spin, etc. Multiple game statistics about your games are also available, and customization allows you to change features such as the duration of a spin.

The casino backend software proposed by us is also a useful marketing tool, through which you can create agents that will bring revenue to your casino, while they keep their share of profit. A VIP Point Reward system, a deposit bonus system and a prepaid coupon system can be enabled by you in the administrator panel, in order to build customer loyalty. The possibility to give bonus freespins and bonus chips to any player is also available. Affiliate programs are also an option for your players, attracting them into working to promote your casino.

If you would like to add more useful helpful features to your casino, you can browse through our optional features developed by CasinoWebScripts.


28 February 2014

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