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Remote Gaming Server - Become a gaming supplier with CasinoWebScripts RGS

Our casino software can be used to operate a business-to-consumer (B2C) oriented online casino, but also to operate a business-to-business (B2B) oriented casino. In short words, you can become a casino game supplier and charge monthly fees to your operators for using your games.
The B2C model is very well known and it will not be covered in this article.
Running a B2B model requires an RGS (Remote Gaming Server) which will allow operators to integrate the games from your casino website into their B2C casinos. The integration is achieved using our REST API.

Running our casino software as an RGS will allow you, the admin (owner), to create unlimited operator accounts and for each of them to generate an API URL and KEY to be used by the operators when they integrate your games. The API comes with a very detailed manual and with our lifetime support, allowing the operators to integrate your games, very easily, in just a few days. If desired, a solution for SEAMLESS WALLET can also be implemented, but this would require that we would integrate the API of the operators into our software as well.

The Remote Gaming Server (RGS) allows the admin to view statistics grouped per operator. Each operator can also login to the backend panel to see statistics that are related only to the activity of their own players.

To achieve an integration, the operator is required to perform the following steps:

  1. retrieve the list of games from the API and add them on the operator's website;
  2. when the user wants to play a game, the operator's website must open the game of the RGS using the instructions provided in the documentation;
  3. the operator's website must send the user credentials (unique username or unique userid) so that the casino software can create a temporary wallet for the player;
  4. the operator's website must pass the amount of credit that the player must receive in his RGS temporary wallet;
  5. (OPTIONAL):After the player ends his gaming session, the operator's website must transfer back the player funds from the RGS temporary wallet to his main wallet, using the API. This process can be automatized so that if there is no activity in the RGS for 5 minutes, then the user gaming session can be terminated and the funds can be transfered back to the user's main wallet, but this would require us to integrate the operator's API. The recommended method (that does not require us to integrate the operator's API) is for the operator to create a button on his website that allows the user to transfer back all funds from the RGS temporary wallet to the main wallet.

The temporary wallet is used to reduce the amount of requests that would need to be sent between the RGS and the operator's website, this way no waiting time is added when the game is played.

The RGS comes with a few features disabled for the player frontend, such as public login, public registration, account modifications, deposit, withdrawal, affiliate center.


In order to run our software and games as an RGS, you would need to purchase the following products:

  1. Casino software (any version), from our software page ;
  2. RGS Gaming Mode add-on, from our addons page ;
  3. Casino games, from our website ;


Our software was certified as RGS (Remote Gaming Server), passing the GLI-19 requirements in 2016.


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