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    News Blog British Gaming Insiders Give Opinion about Gambling Advertising in UK

British Gaming Insiders Give Opinion about Gambling Advertising in UK

A new report called “Betting on Digital”, released by marketing firm IgnitionOne and polling organization ComRes, revealed results regarding the public perception of online gaming in the country, and especially online gambling advertising. Thus, operators who want to buy slot games and open online casinos in UK should know that according to the British public, only one in five advertising techniques manage to reach the right audience.

The report has revealed the opinion of the British public on what drives them to visit online casinos, and if online gambling companies’ behavior regarding advertising is affecting the industry in the right direction. Polling organization ComRes has interviewed 2,000 British residents, 604 of which are active gamblers or have gambled in the past. More than that, 11 marketing specialists that work in the gambling sector were also polled.

Entrepreneurs who buy slot games for online casinos should know that the interviewees said that the most important aspect about gaming advertising is targeting the right audience. Only 21 percent of the marketers interviewed believe that online gambling advertising manages to target the right audience.

Marketers also explained that TV advertising is one of the most competitive and expensive marketing tools, and there is no sure way of saying how many online gamblers come to online casinos after viewing a gambling-related TV commercial. Even so, casino operators who buy slots games should know that TV is still perceived as one of the advertising methods that brings significant web traffic.

Besides TV commercials and online advertising, people also said they are most likely to access an online gambling site if they find about it via social media (46 percent) or word of mouth (26 percent). Furthermore, 46 percent of the interviewees explained that the brand name is an important factor that would make them select the gambling site.

When it comes to what players believe about gaming advertising, the majority of them said that they are driven to online gambling sites by both TV commercials and online advertising. Operators who buy slot games for online gaming sites might like to know that there are also other important aspects that drive players to an internet casino. Like so, 73 percent of the players that were polled prefer easy user experience, 69 percent said that the quality of the game is an essential criterion, and 65 percent are attracted by regular discounts.

On the other hand, 45 percent of the public said that they would access an online gambling site if they knew the gaming company contributes financially to research, treatment of problem gambling and education.

Entrepreneurs who buy slot games should also take into consideration that 50 percent of the respondents who have gambled in the past said imposing limits on spending would most likely drive them to a gaming site.

In conclusion, Simon Haynes, managing director of IgnitionOne, said he believes that innovative digital marketing from online channels should be explored more by online gambling marketers, and by using the right technology, ROI from online channels can be achieved. 


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