Top Casino Games with the Highest House Edge

16 April 2024

casino games house edgeIntroduction

When managing an online casino, selecting the right games to include in your portfolio is essential for driving traffic and maximizing revenue. It's important to understand the concept of the house edge, which represents the casino's average profit from each game.

As a casino operator looking to buy games for online casino, knowing which games have the highest house edge can be crucial for your strategy. This article will explore several popular casino games known for their substantial house edges.

From high-margin products like keno and slot machines to the strategic intricacies of American Roulette and Caribbean Stud Poker, you'll discover how these games can appeal to players while enhancing your casino's profitability.


keno games

Keno, often considered to have one of the highest house edges in the casino, is a game of chance that can be both alluring and rewarding for your online casino. With typical house edges ranging from about 20% to 40%, it represents a significant source of revenue.

This substantial house edge makes Keno one of the least favorable games for players in terms of odds, but it remains popular due to its simple gameplay and the enticing possibility of winning large payouts from small wagers.

As an iGaming operator, offering a diverse range of Keno games, such as those provided by CasinoWebScripts, can be a strategic move. Engaging titles like " Lucky Shamrock Keno" or the sleek " Hexa Keno 2" add variety and cater to different player tastes.

The glamourous " Las Vegas Keno" or the adventurous " King Kong Keno" can transport players to exciting worlds while they play. Sports fans might gravitate towards " Keno 80 Soccer Champion," while " Golden Egg Farm Keno" and " Dynasty Keno" provide charming thematic backdrops. For a touch of the mystical, " Magic Ball Keno" offers an enchanting twist.

By integrating these Keno games into your portfolio, you can provide a rich catalog of choices for players, and also capitalize on the high house edge that Keno games naturally offer.

Sic Bo

sic boSic Bo is an intriguing dice game that originated in ancient China and has spread to casinos worldwide. It's especially popular in Asia and can be found in virtually every casino in Macau as well as in many Western establishments.

Known for its varied betting options and fast-paced action, Sic Bo allows players to wager on a variety of outcomes based on the roll of three dice.

The house edge in Sic Bo can vary significantly depending on the type of bet. For example, betting on a single number can have a house edge as low as 7.87%, while specific triples can carry a staggering edge of up to 30%.

On average, most bets on the Sic Bo table fall between these two extremes, making it crucial for players to understand the odds before placing their bets.

Among the offerings in the market, " Sic Bo Deluxe Dice" by CasinoWebScripts stands out. It's tailored for the online scene, boasting an RTP (Return to Player) range of 86.50% to 97.22%.

"Sic Bo Deluxe Dice" comes with a sleek, modern design and potentially lucrative multipliers that can reach up to 180 times the player's bet. The option to add this game to a casino platform with a 0% revenue share is also a notable opportunity to increase your game variety without upfront costs.


craps futureCraps is a classic casino game known for its lively atmosphere and complex betting system.
In Craps, players bet on the outcomes of a pair of dice. You start with a "come-out" roll; betting on the "Pass Line" wins if a 7 or 11 is rolled, and loses on 2, 3, or 12. Any other number sets a "point," which players then bet to hit before a 7 rolls again.

What makes Craps particularly interesting is the wide variety of bets available, each with its own odds and house edge. The house edge in Craps can vary dramatically; it can be as low as about 1.36% for "Don't Pass" or "Don't Come" bets to over 10% for proposition bets. Bets like "Any 7" carry a much higher house edge, typically around 16.67%.

In the world of online gaming, providers such as CasinoWebScripts have developed innovative versions of this classic game, tailored to the digital experience.

" Craps of the Future" offers a futuristic take on the traditional game, while the standard " Craps Classic" version provides a more classic experience. Both have an RTP that can range from 83.33% to 99.54%.

American Roulette

american rouletteAmerican Roulette is distinctive for its wheel which includes both a zero (0) and a double zero (00), setting it apart from the single-zero format found in European Roulette.

This additional double zero significantly increases the house edge to approximately 5.26%, compared to the 2.7% house edge of its European counterpart.

American Roulette is less advantageous for players, but a potentially more profitable choice for casinos due to the higher house edge.

Here are the American Roulette games offered by CasinoWebScripts:

  • American Roulette 3D – Imperial Rose Edition:
    • A deluxe version with an opulent rose-themed design.
    • Offers a standard American Roulette gameplay with a 3D perspective.
    • RTP: 94.74%.
  • American Roulette (Premium):
    • A premium edition with a classic American Roulette layout.
    • This version focuses on providing a traditional roulette experience with enhanced graphics.
    • RTP: 94.74%.
  • Multiplayer 3D Roulette – American:
    • Allows multiple players to join and play simultaneously, adding a social element.
    • Features a 3D wheel and provides an immersive gaming experience.
    • RTP: 94.74%.

All three games uphold the RTP of 94.74%, which aligns with the expected house edge for American Roulette. Each game offers unique features, whether it’s the luxury of the Imperial Rose edition, the classic appeal of the Premium version, or the friendly atmosphere of the Multiplayer game.


Casino games with a higher house edge like Keno, American Roulette, and Casino War are important for a balanced online casino portfolio. They offer simplicity and familiarity, which attract players, while their higher house edge ensures profitability for your casino.

Providers like CasinoWebScripts enhance these games with engaging themes and innovative features, catering to diverse player preferences. While players enjoy the exciting experiences and chances for substantial payouts, your casino benefits from the steady revenue stream.

Incorporating these games with strategic promotions can maximize player retention and ensure a vibrant, dynamic online casino that appeals to both novice and seasoned players alike.

FAQ: Casino Games with the Highest House Edge

What is 'house edge'?

House edge is the mathematical advantage that a casino has over the players over time. It's expressed as a percentage, representing the portion of bets that the casino expects to keep as profit in the long run.

Why do some casino games have a higher house edge?

Certain games are designed with a higher house edge to ensure casinos make a profit. Games like Keno and American Roulette are structured to provide bigger advantages to the house compared to other games like Blackjack.

Can players still win in games with a high house edge?

Yes, players can still win in the short term. However, the high house edge means that over time, it's more likely that the casino will profit.

What are some examples of games with a high house edge?

Keno, American Roulette, and Craps typically have higher house edges. For instance, Keno can have a house edge up to 40%.

16 April 2024

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