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Casino Software Affiliate Feature for players

Introduction and payments

Each player that refers other players to the casino is rewarded with a prize equal to affiliate_revenue*(-1)*profit of referred players. EG: If player “casinoplayer611” refers 5 players to the casino and each of these players lose 100$, and the affiliate revenue is 25%, then casinoplayer611 will earn 25% * (-1) * (-500$) = 125$ If the amount is positive, the reward for current month is granted to the referring player at the beginning of next month, the reward representing the activity of the previous month. The administrator must use the page “AFFILIATES PANEL”->”SEND PAYMENTS” to send the payment rewards to the available players. If the revenue amount is negative, no reward can be distributed to the referring player. If the affiliate does not have enough active affiliated players, then he cannot receive the reward. The minimum number of active affiliated players is usually 5, but this can be changed from the AFFILIATE SETTINGS page from backend (see setting MRP Players). Active players are players that deposited a certain amount recently. The reward of the affiliate is granted in the currency of the casino and it will be added to the casino wallet account. The reward may also come with a wagering condition in order to unlock it for withdrawal. Each reward that is given to the affiliates, is recorded in the database.
Players can use the affiliate program on the casino by clicking on AFFILIATE CENTER button, from the lobby panel.

Affiliate center options

The “List affiliates” page will list all the players that the affiliate has affiliated and the revenue that he earned from each of them.

“My created bonus codes” will display all the bonus codes that the affiliate created and which he can use to share with other players. To use this feature, you must have bought the AFFILIATE BONUS CODE affiliate program add-on. Explanation of the “affiliate bonus code feature”: if playeraff42 creates the Deposit Bonus Code AFF42 that gives 50% bonus on deposit and player casinoplayer11 uses this Deposit Bonus Code to make a deposit of 100$, then casinoplayer11 will get a bonus of 50$ and playeraff42 will get a bonus of 10% * 50$ = 5$. The affiliate bonus comes with a rollover of x10. Affiliates can create Deposit Bonus Codes using any name they want (EG: an affiliate can create bonus code PLAYREG2001 and then any players using the bonus code will trigger a reward for the affiliate worth 10% from the bonus given to the player that made the deposit. The reward comes with a rollover limit of x10.

“Set affiliate nickname” will allow the affiliate to set his referral link to include a nickname instead of numerical data. EG: http://www.casino-del-mundo.com/?aff=playeraff11 instead of http://www.casino-del-mundo.com/?aff=33192

“Generate affiliate code” will allow the affiliate to generate links and banners that he can share on different websites (his casino splash page or forums) to refer players to the casino and affiliate them to his account.



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