CasinoWebScripts Releases New Scratch Card Games Bundle

30 August 2021

scratch card games

Some of the easiest casino games that you can play online include scratch card games. Popular among novices and experienced players, the scratch card games developed by CasinoWebScripts are designed with eye-catching graphics and intuitive gameplay.

CasinoWebScripts’ team presents the latest scratch card games bundle that operators can purchase for their casinos. The games can be used for a variety of casino solutions, including bitcoin casino, real-money casino, sweepstakes, custom land-based solutions and more.

Here are the latest scratch card game titles that you can find in our online casino store:

Chinese Fortune

chinese fortune

Chinese Fortune has been designed to resemble a painting with some of the most representative elements of the Chinese culture. The prizes that lay under the scratch card are guarded by Chinese dragons, while a beautiful lady encourages players to discover the highest prizes they can get. A cheerful tune in the background was added to boost players’ mood. The Autoplay option allows players to quickly play game rounds without having to scratch the cards manually.

Red Riding Hood Adventures

red riding hood

The mysteries of the forest are discovered by the player along with the renowned character from Grimm Brothers’ story. The background presents an adult version of the fairy tale – Red Riding Hood is all grown up now, and she’s looking to take revenge on the big bad wolf. Under each red hood on the scratch card, players will find some predefined values. The lucky ones will win mesmerizing prizes.

Scratch Upon a Christmas

scratch upon a christmas

How many days ‘til Christmas now? Holiday-themed games are some of the most popular and requested ones. This is why our team created this cheerful scratch game – players can enjoy the magic of Christmas any time of the year. The background presents Santa with his gift-packed bag, jolly Christmas decorations and lovely gifts. A Christmas-themed song plays in the background while players scratch the gifts on the ticket to see if they got lucky.

Double Diamonds

double diamonds

What’s classier and more ostentatious than diamonds? Well, Double Diamonds, of course! We’ve created this scratch card game for operators who know that their customers are looking to find glitz and glamour while playing casino games. An elegant scratch card game, with eye-catching graphics, Double Diamonds bring an extra oomph to players who love to shine. Discover fantastic prizes by scratching the ticket.

Jungle Kingdom Scratch Party

jungle kingdom scratch party

Join the king of the jungle in its quest of finding the fortune that has been hidden by its ancestors. The background of Jungle Kingdom Scratch Party reveals a lost temple, deep in the jungle, conquered long ago by the mighty lion. Look into its eyes for good luck and find out if the King will be generous enough to offer some of its gifts. A bit of mystery, a bit of adrenaline, great prizes are all packed inside this easy-to-play scratch card game.

DJ Scratch Party

dj scratch party

Feeling live having a night out in the club? DJ Scratch Party is a great way to start the night. This scratch card game is designed with graphics that reveal people having fun while dancing and partying. The background music is a lounge tune, perfect to have a drink to before the real party starts. The scratch ticket reveals 9 disco balls. Players will surely be up all night to get lucky and try to discover as many values that match as possible.

Crazy Monkey Scratch 2

monkey scratch 2

Well, those cheeky monkeys are usually up to no good, but in Crazy Monkey Scratch 2, you’ll see a friend in that little rascal in the left part of the screen. Scratch the 8 bananas on the ticket and see how many values are matched. Easy to play, easy to win. A game for players who prefer cartoon-style games, with happy colours and a pleasant background tune.

Ultimate Soccer Scratch 2

ultimate soccer scratch

Soccer AND online casino fan? Well, Ultimate Soccer Scratch 2 is the perfect game for you. We all know how much excitement soccer games can bring, and this scratch card game will make players feel as much excitement as they would while scoring a goal. The sharp graphics of the game include a championship cup, a soccer stadium, and players on the field. The ticket was created to resemble a soccer field, but with 9 soccer balls that players will scratch to see if the ticket was a winner.

Pirate’s Treasure Hunt 2

pirate treasure hunt

Pirate games are some of the most requested ones by operators who want to buy online casino games. Well, they’re fun, fierce and always looking to find more and more treasures. Pirate’s Treasure Hunt 2 has been created with graphics that reveal a mighty pirate on an island filled with treasures. Players have to play by the pirate’s rules and scratch the treasure chests. Is he generous enough? The only way to find out is to buy more tickets and scratch, scratch, scratch.

All of CasinoWebScripts’ newly developed scratch card games can be used for custom casino solutions. Our company works on developing real-money casinos, sweepstakes businesses, bitcoin casinos, land-based solutions and more, depending on customers’ requests.

30 August 2021

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