CasinoWebScripts Releases VIP Table Games Collection

6 June 2024

vip table games casinowebscriptsCasinoWebScripts Releases Six VIP Table Games

CasinoWebScripts’ casino game developers have just launched six new VIP table games that are essential for enhancing your online casino’s game portfolio.

These high RTP casino games—Baccarat VIP, War of Cards VIP, Blackjack VIP, Blackjack VIP Surrender, Blackjack VIP Faceup, and Blackjack VIP Ultimate—are designed for players who look for an exclusive gaming experience.

With high Return to Player (RTP) rates ranging from 96.54% to an impressive 99.64%, these games promise entertainment and significant potential returns for your players.

Integrating these VIP table games means offering a diverse selection that caters to the sophisticated tastes of your clients. The high RTP percentages ensure that players are more likely to enjoy extended play sessions, which can drive higher revenues for your casino.

By adding CasinoWebScripts' VIP card games to your portfolio, you can attract a broader audience, increase player engagement, and ultimately boost your profitability.

Discover our latest casino games for sale in this article and contact us for a custom casino game software solution.

Baccarat VIP 3D

baccarat vip 3dCasinoWebScripts introduces Baccarat VIP 3D, an exciting mobile table card game that brings the elegance of high-stakes gambling to your fingertips. Baccarat, a favorite in the most luxurious casinos worldwide, offers a thrilling experience without the need for complex strategies or skills.

This Italian-origin game is simple and purely chance-based—perfect for players seeking an easy yet exhilarating game.

Baccarat VIP 3D features stunning graphics and a user-friendly interface designed to maximize player enjoyment. Players can place their bets on the Player, Banker, or a Tie, while enjoying the high stakes and quick gameplay that Baccarat is known for.

The high RTP rate of 99% ensures players have a fair chance of winning, while encouraging longer play sessions.

This game is available in multiple languages and supports any currency. The mobile-friendly design ensures that players can enjoy Baccarat VIP 3D on the go. Enhance your casino’s portfolio with Baccarat VIP 3D and offer your players a premium, high-return gaming experience.

War of Cards VIP 3D

war of cards vip 3dIntroducing War of Cards VIP 3D by CasinoWebScripts, a thrilling mobile table card game based on the classic game of War. This game stands out for its simplicity and high player engagement, which makes it a perfect addition to your casino. Unlike many card games, War of Cards gives players a better-than-average chance to beat the dealer, winning over 50% of the time.

Played with a standard 52-card deck, the game’s card rankings are similar to those in poker, with aces as the high cards. War of Cards VIP 3D features an intuitive interface, vibrant graphics, and a smooth gameplay experience that keeps players coming back for more. The game offers a high RTP rate of 97.12%, ensuring that players feel rewarded and encouraged to play longer sessions.

Available in multiple languages and supporting various currencies, this game is designed to appeal to a global audience. The mobile-friendly design ensures that your players can enjoy War of Cards VIP 3D anywhere, anytime, maximizing their gaming experience.

Enhance your casino’s portfolio with this engaging and profitable game. Offer your players an exciting chance to challenge the dealer in a fast-paced, easy-to-understand card game.

BlackJack 21 VIP 3D

blackjack 21 vip 3d BlackJack 21 VIP 3D by CasinoWebScripts is a standout addition to any online casino gaming platform.

It offers the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas right from the comfort of your home. With its stunning graphics, entertaining soundtrack, and user-friendly gameplay, this game keeps players engaged every day.

BlackJack 21 VIP 3D boasts a high RTP rate of 99.64%, that gives players a great chance to win big. The rules are simple: place your initial bet, then decide whether to "hit" or "stand" after the dealer deals the cards. The goal is to get your card total as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. Even beginners can easily get started and increase their winnings.

This game is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, compatible with any device running a modern browser. It supports multiple currencies and uses a certified GLI-19 RNG for fair play and it ensures a reliable and secure gaming experience.

By adding BlackJack 21 VIP 3D to your casino, you can enhance your casino's game portfolio with a top-performing, high-return blackjack game that players will love.

BlackJack 21 Surrender VIP 3D

blackjack surrender vip 3d Now is the perfect time to dive into the excitement of blackjack with the new BlackJack 21 Surrender VIP 3D, a high RTP casino game. This table game captures the charm and fascination of Las Vegas. It allows players enjoy a high-quality gaming experience from the comfort of their own home.

The realistic graphics, entertaining soundtrack, and detailed gameplay options make players feel like they’re in a real, luxurious casino.

BlackJack 21 Surrender VIP 3D stands out with its high RTP rate of 98.43%, which offers players excellent chances of winning. The game is easy to play: simply place your initial bet and decide whether to “hit” or “stand” after the dealer deals the cards.

The winner is the player whose card total is closest to 21 without going over. Even beginners can get started quickly, thanks to the clear rules provided from the start.

This game is available for both desktop and mobile platforms, as it’s compatible with any device running a modern browser. With support for multiple currencies and a certified GLI-19 RNG for fair play, BlackJack 21 Surrender VIP 3D provides a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.

BlackJack 21 Faceup VIP 3D

blackjack faceup vip 3d BlackJack 21 Faceup VIP 3D is an engaging high RTP casino game variation of classic blackjack. It offers players a unique twist by dealing both the player’s and the dealer’s cards face-up.

This variant, also known as Double Exposure Blackjack, provides an interesting strategic challenge as all cards are visible throughout the game.


  1. Objective: Just like traditional blackjack, the goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it.
  2. Card Dealing: Both the player’s and dealer’s cards are dealt face-up, giving players full visibility of the dealer’s hand.
  3. Payouts: Blackjack pays even money (1:1) instead of the usual 3:2. This rule helps balance the advantage gained by seeing the dealer's cards.
  4. Dealer Rules: The dealer wins all ties, except when the player has a natural blackjack.
  5. Doubling Down: Players can double down only on hard totals of 9, 10, or 11.
  6. Splitting: Splitting is allowed, and some variations may allow multiple splits.
  7. Surrender: Players have the option to surrender and forfeit half their bet to avoid larger losses.

With a high RTP rate of 99.61%, BlackJack 21 Faceup VIP 3D is designed to attract players looking for better odds and a transparent gaming experience.

This game is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, and it ensures compatibility with any device that runs a modern browser. It also supports multiple currencies and uses a certified GLI-19 RNG for fair play.

Blackjack Ultimate VIP 3D

blackjack ultimate vip 3d Blackjack Ultimate VIP 3D is an exciting variant of the classic blackjack game, which features an infinite deck setup with up to 63 decks. This game offers a distinctive and engaging experience, perfect for any online casino.

Basic Rules:

The objective is to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. Face cards are worth 10 points, Aces can be worth 1 or 11 points, and other cards are worth their face value. Players receive two cards face up, while the dealer gets one face up and one face down.

Players can choose to "hit" (take another card) or "stand" (keep their current hand), aiming to beat the dealer’s hand without busting.

Natural Blackjack, achieving 21 with the first two cards, pays 2:1. The dealer must draw cards until reaching a hand value of 17 or higher and must stand on any 17 or more. The player wins if their hand is closer to 21 than the dealer's without busting. Standard winning hands pay 1:1.

Differences from Classic Blackjack:

  • No Insurance or Splits: These options are not available in Blackjack Ultimate.
  • Payouts for Natural Blackjack: Pays 2:1 instead of the traditional 3:2.
  • Immediate Win on 21: The game ends immediately if the player hits 21.
  • Dealer Drawing Rules: The dealer continues to draw cards until they beat the player or bust.

Blackjack Ultimate VIP 3D is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, so players can access it on any modern devices. It also supports multiple currencies and uses a certified GLI-19 RNG for fair play.


Incorporating high RTP casino games like those from CasinoWebScripts is essential for any modern online casino operator.

These games, including Baccarat VIP, War of Cards VIP, Blackjack VIP, Blackjack VIP Surrender, Blackjack VIP Faceup, and Blackjack VIP Ultimate, offer engaging gameplay, fair chances of winning, and exceptional player retention.

Their availability across multiple platforms and support for various currencies ensures a broad appeal. Contact us today for a personalized solution to enhance your casino’s portfolio and attract a diverse player base. Our expert team is ready to help you deliver a premium gaming experience.

FAQ: VIP Card Games Collection

1. What is the RTP of the new VIP table games by CasinoWebScripts?

  • The Return to Player (RTP) rates for our new VIP table games range from 96.54% to 99.64%, ensuring fair play and a higher chance of winning for players.

2. Are these VIP card games available on mobile devices?

  • Yes, all our VIP games are fully compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms. They can be played on any device running a modern browser.

3. What are some key features of these VIP games?

  • Our VIP table card games feature high RTP rates, stunning graphics, user-friendly interfaces, and support for multiple currencies. They are designed to offer a premium gaming experience with provably fair technology.

4. Can these games be customized to fit my casino’s needs?

  • Absolutely! We offer custom development options to tailor the games to your specific requirements. Contact us for more details and to discuss personalized solutions for your casino.

5. How do I get started with integrating these games into my online casino?

  • To get started, simply reach out to our team for a consultation. We will guide you through the process of integrating these high RTP games into your casino, ensuring a seamless and successful addition to your gaming portfolio.
6 June 2024

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