Choosing between Starting a Real-Money or Bitcoin casino

11 March 2016

The Bitcoin casino industry has expanded tremendously in the past few years, and also managed to become a complete new arena for online gambling. Bitcoin transactions are gaining popularity with each year that passes, and operators are starting to perceive the idea of purchasing bitcoin casino software as a profitable business opportunity.

Many operators ask themselves if it is better to run a real-money casino or a bitcoin gaming site. There are advantages to both these solutions, but it is important to find the best option depending on your budget, business location and your targeted clients.

Bitcoin or real money

Characteristics of a bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casinos have appeared on the gaming market after the remarkable gaming site Satoshi Dice made its way on the online gambling scene. This popular, easy-to-understand game, allowed players to use a virtual currency to place bets online, while taking advantage of complete anonymity.

Once bitcoin started to become more popular on the internet, people from all around the world wanted to take advantage of the many benefits that this cryptocurrency comes with.

Nowadays, a multitude of virtual currencies appeared on the market, which are similar to bitcoin or which use a completely new mining technology.

The greatest advantage of using bitcoin casino software to start an online casino is that, in a multitude of jurisdictions, you will not have to obtain an online gambling license. Bitcoin casinos use virtual money transactions, which means that actual gambling activities do not take place, whereas real-money casinos require a gambling license, due to the fact that gambling activities imply making real-money transactions.

Bitcoin casino websites also offer zero transaction fees, with no transaction number limits, which is a great advantage for both players and operators. Real-money casinos usually set transaction fees and certain limits.

The fact that Bitcoin casinos do not require an online gambling license means that your games will not necessarily have to be certified, which implies that certain adjustments could be made. This would come as an advantage for the operator, but players who are not new to the gaming world could think twice before playing uncertified games.

This is why it is important to ensure players that your bitcoin casino software and games do not cheat. Like so, our company has created a provably fair system, which means that the gameplay data of each hand played can be tested by each user from his lobby, which will assure players that you are not manipulating the games.

How to run your bitcoin casino

Casino operators who are looking to start a website with bitcoin casino software can choose between offering players two solutions: to withdraw and deposit solely bitcoin, or make transactions with both bitcoin and fiat money.

You can open your online casino using our casino management software, and use it with a variety of gaming options, such as:

  • casino slots
  • table games
  • arcade games
  • lottery-style games (including bingo)

To create a bitcoin casino, you can pick your preferred games, and we will integrate them with our bitcoin casino software. Like so, you can start your bitcoin casino in a few days, without having to worry about certain legal aspects that arise when you open a real-money gaming site.

To run your bitcoin casino, you will have to create a bitcoin wallet, which will help you make transactions with players. Nowadays, there are many bitcoin payment processors, but it is important to do some research and make sure that your chosen bitcoin wallet is secure and backed up on a regular basis.

You can find out more information about bitcoin casinos by accessing our how to start bitcoin casino page.

Characteristics of a real-money casino

A casino that uses traditional currency will probably remain the most popular gaming solution for both players and operators.

Real-money casinos require obtaining an online gambling license, which is an additional cost that you do not have to worry about when you purchase bitcoin casino software.

Even so, a casino which is supported by a license will ensure players that all of your games have been tested and do not use any tweaks for modifying the games in the benefit of the operator.

If you decide to open an online casino which uses traditional currencies, you will find a larger number of casino development companies who offer this solution. This means that you can purchase a management platform from one company, and integrate games from several providers with that platform.

There is a wide variety of games that you can choose for your online casino, delivered by companies who create real-money casinos, whereas you will definitely find less bitcoin casino software developers which create online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.

How to run your real-money online casino

If you want to start a casino that will allow you to send and receive real money, you will first have to obtain a gambling license, choose your preferred casino games, and leave the rest to us.

Once you have your legal aspects in place, you can access our casino games list and purchase as many games as you want.

These games will have to be integrated with our casino management platform, which provides all the required tools that will help you run and manage your online gaming site.

Choosing a website template for your online casino is another important aspect that you have to think of, since the appearance of the website could attract players or draw them away. An easy-to-use, professional-looking gaming site will attract both mass-market players and high rollers.

Another step that you have to take would be to get a web server and a web domain. You can rent one from a web hosting company, but you have to make sure that this company is serious and can respond fast if any problems arise.


Opening a real-money casino will most certainly remain a traditional method to offer games to players who like to feel secure and enjoy the classic ways of online gambling.

On the other hand, bitcoin casinos are starting to become more popular with each day that passes, and the new generation of gaming enthusiasts is starting to respond great to these casino solutions.

In the years to come, gaming websites that use bitcoin casino software could even become mainstream, due to the large number of users that prefer using cryptocurrencies instead of real money.

It is important to think about the pros and cons of both these solutions, but it is up to you to decide which variant works best, depending on your budget and expectations. 

11 March 2016

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