Digital Trends to Consider When You Open an Online Casino

2 August 2016

The moment you decide to start your online casino, you will have to get ahead of other operators who target the same users from a specific location. Even if there are plenty of online casinos which offer a variety of solutions, players will always be looking for new ways of entertainment. However, the diversity of games is not the only element that players take into consideration when they choose an online casino.

When you open an online casino, it is important to focus on delivering a unique experience to users, but you also have to understand the latest technologies and trends that will allow your business to successfully grow in this competitive market. Here are some of the digital trends that you should consider in the near future. Future tech

Simple yet attractive web design

The times when cluttered websites, full of promotions, animations, pictures and excess of information were all over the internet, are gone. Nowadays, users want to easily find what they are looking for, without having to lose time while browsing.

A website that clearly shows exactly what players are looking for, with striking visuals which are not too complex, will help players spend more time playing games rather than searching. Like so, be mindful of making your website captivating, with a visible search bar and distinguishable game categories.

In 2016, some of the most noticeable casino design trends include:

  • Large background images
  • Large website width
  • Clear and user-friendly fonts
  • Professionally-designed games photos
  • Integration of social logins and standard registration
  • Video background

Mobile solution available

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is one of the most important aspects that you should consider when you open an online casino. With each year that goes by, people are starting to massively use their smartphones or tablets for everything – from shopping to booking vacations, from playing games to reading books.

Just think about how easy it is for players to access their online casino accounts from any location with a stable internet connection. Online casino operators should make mobile solutions a priority, and think about purchasing mobile casino games which are optimized for being accessed on smartphones or tablets.

Advertising on social media

Yes, social media remains one of the best ways to advertise your business. Besides the fact that you can create free accounts that will redirect users to your website, you can also take advantage of target advertising, thanks to the promoted posts that social networks such as Facebook provide.

Starting an online casino and promoting it by using traditional methods such as TV adverts can sometimes prove to be useful, but by using promoted posts on social networks, you can target exactly the audience that is interested in playing online casino games. With that in mind, you will even save a good part of your budget, taking into consideration that traditional marketing can prove to be much more expensive than using social media for advertising.

Offering good quality content on your blog

If you are looking to open an online casino, you might ask yourself ‘How will a blog help me reach casino players?’. Well, updating content on your website will help make your website more SEO-friendly, and will help you improve your Google rankings, which will make it easier for users to find your website while searching for online casinos.  

Therefore, you can update your blog by offering players information which is useful, concise and entertaining, such as:

  • Latest promotions
  • Ways to get new bonuses
  • How to win while playing your games
  • Learn new games skills
  • Videos of bonuses and special game features
  • Stories about users who won the jackpot
  • Gambling stories

Personal branding

When you start an online casino and design your personal brand-focused website, consider making it easier for users to make sure that your website can be trusted. Like so, you can add some credibility by publishing interviews that you have given regarding your business, press releases, or even achievements.

Always make sure that users will get the feeling that they can make human connection with other people, even if your business runs online. Choose a photo of a real person on your contact page, to assure people that there are real humans behind your organization. This will help people make the decision to play at your casino easier.

2 August 2016

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