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Downloadable client vs. Instant Play

There are many differences between downloadable play mode and instant play mode. Most differences turn the scales in the favor of instant play mode. We have put together some of the most important aspects of the two gaming modes.
1) Back when flash wasn't as half as evolved as now, the only way to get high quality graphics and animations was using desktop software. Now thanks to Adobe Flash technology and popularity, we can create top quality games that can be played directly on the website, without user having to download anything.

2) Some people say that flash is not secure. The logic and result output of our games is calculated inside the webserver, technique which is 100% secure, even more secure than downloadable clients. We use flash only for interactivity, animations and graphics.

3) Most online users are afraid of downloading additional files in order to play the casino (like the downloadable client), but with instant play no files are required to be downloaded.

4) The casino users will not need to download client updates from time to time, since everything is updated for all the users at once on the website.

5) Shorter time until the visitors can actually play. They just have to sign-up, make a deposit and go to the games page on the website. Remember, we are living in the century of speed and every second matters.

6) Users can play from any PC. Let's say that you are on a friend's PC or on your business PC and you want to play a few casino games fast. If you want to play at a casino that has only downloadable client, then you would have to take time to install the software, play the games and then uninstall, as you do not want to leave tracks that you played games at work. But if you are playing at a casino that allows instant play, then nobody will ever know what you did.

7) Users can play your games the second they visit your website. This can be a great advantage to catch their attention and maybe convince them to sign-up.


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