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    News Blog European Commission Talks about How to Reduce Gambling Risks

European Commission Talks about How to Reduce Gambling Risks

Operators who buy online casino software should know that on July 14, the European Commission adopted a new recommendation called ‘Principles for the protection of consumers and players of online gambling services and for the prevention of minors from gambling online’.

The recommendation is non-binding, which means that the principles stated in the document are only meant to encourage operators to become part of a less risky online gambling industry. The recommendation aims to protect all players who gamble at online casinos and especially those who suffer of gambling addictions or who gamble at a young age.

In order to protect players, the European Commission recommends that companies which buy online casino games and software should offer proper information about who should play at a gambling website and how they should use it. Thus, it is important for all operators to provide information about their company’s profile, age restrictions and the potential risk of gambling addiction. More than that, the terms and conditions should be concise and easy to understand by anyone.

One of the most important aspects described in the recommendation refers to underage gambling. Operators who buy online casinos are expected to take measures in order to prevent minors from accessing internet gambling sites. More than that, gambling advertising should not reach minors.

When it comes to problem gambling, the European Commission recommends that operators should allow players to enable self-exclusion and time-outs, in case they are starting to become addicted to gambling. Players should have the option to restrain themselves for at least 24 hours or even self-exclude for a period of up at least half a year. Operators from member states who buy online casinos are also encouraged to send information about players who suffer from gambling addiction for a national registry, which would be made public for all gaming companies.

The Commission also suggests that member states should provide information that would raise consumer awareness about what risks come along with playing at online casinos. Other key points that were stated in the recommendation include aspects about player registration and accounts, commercial communication and sponsorship.

The casino software developed by CasinoWebScripts.com, features all these key points and supports player self-exclusion, age verification and player notifications in case of too many hours were spent on a certain game.


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